365 daily challenge summary week 36


What a week it has been, my daughter is beautiful and healthy and we are back home adjusting to our new life:) I was lucky to be able to write all the verses on time this week, with writing an early verse the day we went to the hospital, then beeing not allowed to stay the first night at the hospital, and then writing the morning on saturday again before leaving for the hospital again. So it is a complete week here as well, and it was remake of a songtitle week again:) ad these are the tracks I re wrote this week

Nine Inch Nail – The four of us are dying

Sting – Fields of Gold

Deftones – Knife Party

Tom Petty – Wildflowers

Nas and Damian Marley – Patience

Jewell – Pieces of You

David Bowie – The Man who sold the world


Day 252 11th of July 2012

Topic: The Man who sold the world

With a million dollar grin, he sold the soul of us all
He shook hands with the ministers that thaught they took the fall
he lured in messages of greed and redeemed his dream for their ears
discouraged by the visions the bowed down for their peer
He encouraged the men in position to sit and listen through the fear
that he spread amongst the crowd with a message of a revelation in the clear
He told them he had a prize to save em
and little did they know how much he betrayed them
To build a shield off mass defence to prevent mass destruction
he sent the field of offences to prevent the massive reduction
in numbers from the revealed truth to help the master of seduction
commit a crime that would send us all to a tragic corrotion
a decompression of all matter, but we sold our rights to excist
to this man who promised us a life long kiss
with the earth that we love
but he sold the world as we know it for a price of his own

Day 251 10th of July 2012

Topic: Pieces of You

I stole one piece of your heart, then you gave me ther rest of it
Then you punctured my lungue with your beauty, now You breathe in the air I breathe
I see life through your eyes
we undertsand our disguises
Even if we misplace our shadows, we always now where our life is
joint together piece by piece
you make it easy to breath and beeing the person that you need
I wrote the lyrics in your spine
the day I told you you where mine
and returned the favour, once we opened that shrine
If I had a dime for every time the pieces of Love was for
I would be a millionare, but The Words is what I am breathing for
My core of emotions, strapped on a chain
like a chord of relations strapped to my brain
our kneecaps are kissable, cause we bend around corners
to meet eachother halfway there inside every border
our bodyparts match perfect
the way I painted it at the beginning when It pictured a person
and that person was you

Day 250 9th of July 2012

Topic: Patience

So many decades and milleniums
past from the descendents of man by millions
if you only take a milligram
of that knowledge and serve it to our children
we will have a groundbase to build towards a world led by brilliance
Men and women erasing the word civilians
cause the suffering kept knowledge away from the idea of beeing brilliant
be cartain every one around is ready and resiliant
We just need to trust our instincts and build patience
a cadence of instruments are arranged to fight for the innocence
we all share and carry inside us, and we can breath in its fragrence
we are no longer patients of mother earth, but the actual faces
the smell of glory for mankind, not a teritorial demand
that burns inside their nostrals, for the victory in hand
We been following the spoken words, now its time to write past it
and patiencly build the wisdom, just like our men in the past did

Day 249 8th of July 2012

Topic: Wildflowers

She ran away where the wilflowers grew
thought she would find the emotions that she knew
she belonged to someone bright and new
Someone she believed could say: I belong to you!
But the wildflowers rose no more, the lover didn´t catch her
the branches that grew larger,
intertwining with the flower
was pulled down by the rain instead of getting harder
But even though her lover ran
she stay commited to the wildflowers and their command
cause even though she was left alone, she was far away from worry
it encouraged her to fade away and let the wildflowers set her free
Cause even though the love she lost left her bitter for the cause
She was where the wildflowers grew and free was what she was
So her journey turned to something good even though her affection wasn´t returned
The wildflowers stayed faithfull to her sympathy when her desires burned

Day 248 7th of July 2012

Topic: Knife Party

Was the victim of flowered flesh lust bearers
floating around my sphere to let their weapon carress
their thighs waiting for a moment of peace to adress
the blade to a chest
or the best way to bless the blade with agression
seemed obsessed by the reflection
when the blade shone in the light of their suggestions
Act in the role as a magician
when the blade dissapears and leave pulls out a red flower
Rode by the suggestion of their power
the act in abbrution to their sole role to empower
themselves as ruler of good and evil by pulling the lever
And we could float in here forever
in this state we are all anaemic, completely severed
from the chase that we endeavored
from the state of beeing whole again

Day 247 6th of July 2012

Topic: Fields of gold

harvested through the moon cycle,
gold was left in a crop circle
images of mayans, slaught by the hand of men
that left messages of higher intelligence through them
lured ignorance to believe it as truth
let a white picked fence decide the meaning of the news
but know it is blowing in the wind
the fields of gold that just brush through your limbs
and put a dollar sign on knowledge
but the lack of science in these fields narrows the plot
when a crop circle experience can´t be buried as facts
but every artifact of it are beeing sould to the first bidder
that rid the world of the real thinker
sunk into a matter of something realer
the dark grimey one that creates power to the people
and leave a blank spot over the fields that got gold written in the sequal

Day 246 5th of July 2012

Topic: The four of us are dying

it was the circle of his friends that, pull out the circuit quick
standing in a circle with guilt ridden from the limbs
he was the first of the four ,the first to let go,
from the sentence they called for a time ago
it started as a dare, but led up to something bigger
fingers on the trigger as their consequence grew vigor
vigerous minds pulled through the challenges
but he was the first one who fell through and couldn´t manage it
as their stood there on his death bed
they knew what this lead to, the death sentence that haunted their inner self
that at the end would lead to their stinging death
probably pinpointed out from the images they get
But they couldn´t pull out of it, it had gone to far
they used to joke about if they died, they would be a create a funny images of stars
on heavens skyline, so the bypassed the fear and got ready, no way to deny it
They just looked at eachother and agreed: The four of us are dying




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  1. Yeah, great post. Thanks for sharing

  2. Julie Israel says:

    Beautiful work!

    I was stopping by to say I’ve tagged you for a Lovely Blog Award (though really it’s more of a creative prompt!) If you’d like to participate I write about it here: http://julieisrael.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/late-night-post/ Cheers!

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