365 daily challenge summary week 35


Another week another opportunity to read some verses, next week we are back with Remake of a songtitle week again since it is a new month, that means new opportunities:) If you are new to this blog and have no Idea what I am talking about please check this link and you will see what it is all about: https://mesayah.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/what-is-your-favorite-song-next-week-is-song-title-week-in-365-daily-challenge/

I have as you all know also released the single Footsteps for free this week and have appreciated everyone’s feedback and streaming of that track:


Back to this weeks verses, here they are:

Day 245 4th of July 2012

Topic: Inner beauty

She shared a heart so big her body was bursting
she was cursed with the  the burning
desire to to help those that where hurting
spent her entire life searching with a thirsty desire
she would admire
most especially those with a special inner fire
despised no one, helped her enemies, except her self, the solo in the choir
Her voice was spoken for others, her inneer voice was silenced by the tiger
got no love left to share prior to the one others would require
a modern day friar Tuck, Robin Hood character
but without a Marion to carry her over the worst barriers
her entire heart was carrying and crying for the souls in the barricades
her loved was paraphrased as genuin care while her emotions tore open hearts like a hurricane
The inner beauty of this girl, overcomed the surface
her purpose was greater than her person and inner soul service
searched for the needy to help that was her purpose
a complete circle of love versus the feeling of beeing worthless
so she fulfilled her life sentence with a beauty so big

Day 244 3rd of July 2012

Topic: Indian Summer

The summer heat waves put at rest
so I adress the downfall with a blessing of no regrets
and better yet,
couldn´t care about the weather prognoses
posess the dream of a day itself, not its portraits
if I should wish for something regardless
it would be that fall could caress me without its darkness
an Indian summer that kiss my body
an easy breeze, re-heating me calmly
then its not the hunger for the sun, but the urge for it
the need of having vitamins to reach through the winter mist
I can reach deep ithin, if i need to
But then I need the extra strength to keep away from see-through
I can see who dreams of licking the sun
and who is actually in a need of rest from the darkness from
winter cold nights
and that is what the Indian summer would help em to keep it right

Day 243 2nd of July 2012

Topic: Whining

Pain in the backbone, voice left in High pitch
Want even accept, that the left side of my leg itch
so much problems, so few sollutions
People getting mad at me, calling them illutions
I call them a fusion
of inner city movement and a critical confusion
When I am slowly moving
from point a to point b, I struggle with my movement
cant even manouver, my legs to bring me forward
So I stop and whine, cause my legs wont cross me over
Tired and exhausted
Try to work a pause in
but they keep on pushing me, while I move with caution
My sound gets protracted, I tell em bout the options
I cry out for help, but they don´t seem to soften
This is the last time, I voluntarily crossing
the cross walk from my home over to my office

Day 242 1st of July 2012

Topic: Childhood

Memories from a childhood dream
when life was just what it seemed
all the ideas was growing from start
and everything created was the beginning a different part
combined them together, then we called them memories
and ev everything that happened in between, felt like a century
we had all the time in the world for our own search for the remedy
every experiment and experience was always complimentary
fun was something you had, not something you bought
time was something you embraced, not something you fought
Visions and dreams was something you expanded not narrowed down
Being childish and creative happened automaticly and all around
not something that was seen as amazing and profound
just something that grow in all of us from the moment we make a sound
but we seem to forget that when we grow old, I kept my inner child alive
and always base my poetry on the memories I have

Day 241 30th of June 2012

Topic: Snoring microphone

with a crazed Distortion, the snoring calls out, out of proportions
this microphone sounds like a peaking portion
of a snare drum crashing with a barriton person
mangling the bass , crashing and burning with clarinets emerging
and searching its way through the bursting waves of a guitar lick
at the same time as the drum kicks
while someone picks up a trombone that can´t be fixed
and peaks out sounds of a crying wolf, howling at the same time
in the same recording line
Doubled up with multiple tracks combined
thats how this snoring microphone sounds
Then it exhales
and the new sound waves of a hollow howl derails
and sends off the peakmeter to another scale
my eardrums are pealed off and sets sail towards a new trail
of thought,
While the microphone keeps on sleeping and telling new tales

Day 240 29th of June 2012

Topic :  Hypochondria

For every newsflash that flash in front his eyesight
about diseases and hundred ways to die by
he touches his body with a feeling he could catch that
any muscle aching could be where a lump start
or the couch he got could be the birth of a longue collapse
he starts fantasising, creating stories of how he lived his life wrong
He plays the song of regret with his fret, sat ringside for so long
with every image created of him on the death bed
he silently regress that this time it could be his last breath and end up dead
the same breath is getting shorter, he starts to feel a numbness in his legs
the fear interfer with the sanity in his head and his mind begs
him to stop this instant, but his brain refuses to let go
So this is what we live for
could I pray for an encore
cause this was too short, I have so much more to dream of
He falls asleep exhausted by these thought patterns
knocked to the floor for all the wrong matters

day 239 28th of June 2012

Topic: Wounded knee

The method of the war was divide and destroy
the conquer part was already accomplished and deployed
The landmarks and the peace
the rested in these bad lands and Black Hills
was tried tricked out the sleeves of the Lakotas
but they refused to obey orders
Too much pride inside their hearts to be placed inside a border
Thats when the U.S Cavalry decided to fight for their medal of honour
when they entered the camp to dissarm the Native “Soldiers”
The bloodiest battle startet when the deaf Black Coyote
refused to give his gun up
Wich really upset Major Withsyde and Colonel Forsyth
They started firing, men, women and children was gunned down
150 of them where killed at that time
the eastimate rose to the double
A slaughter of Women and children, where none caused any trouble
At least twenty of those soldiers that fired, recieved the medal of Honour
but there is only dishonour in those acts


Peace Love and Harmony


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5 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 35

  1. MesAyah says:

    And happy 4th of July to all Americans that follows me, I have been celebrating with the American part of my family today here in Norway

  2. Peace, love, and harmony back at you. Take care.

  3. Ian Moone says:

    Great post, loving footsteps

  4. awbw says:

    Dear sir, I much enjoyed that song

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