The Results are in!

I must say I was pretty suprised when I saw the results for the poll, I did not expect CD´s to be up there on second place after Itunes, but it warms my heart that it is.  Thank you All for voting.

Poll Results

Itunes 44 22%
Cd 39 20%
radio, podcasts etc 27 14%
other services 24 12%
Free download 19 10%
Vinyl, preferrably in a chair with lyrics in my hands 18 9%
Spotify 12 6%
E-music 9 5%
Amazon 5 3%
7digital 0 0%

It shows me that Itunes and podcasts are very much alive nowadays for you guys, and that Amazon and e-music , and 7digital has lost their promotional campaign against you guys:) and is something I should not even bother to care about. I am glad to see so many sharing my joy of owning vinyl!

Now that I see the numbers there is no excuse of not buying my music on Itunes, the only excuse must be that you hate my music and follow me for my challenge:) hehe

Links to my music on Itunes are as followed:

Running away:








Paradise of Paradigms:

1. Intro

2. Earthmovers



5. Alien Encounters

6. Paradise







Bridge over beloved waters:








Life in Soulitude:


1. Free your soul

2. Perfect World

3. Masquerade

4. I scream the individuals dreams

5. Hello Morning goodbye fright


And if you are in love with the CD format as so many of you are, I have dropped the prices on hardcopies to the minimum here:

Life in Souitude and Paradise of Paradigms:

Free downloads are found on my website as soon as you sign up for my newsletter

I am not on Vinyl yet, since it is so expensive to manufacture

Again thank you so much for participatinmg on the poll


Peace Love and harmony


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10 Responses to The Results are in!

  1. thoughtofvg says:

    It would be a great day if vinyls came up as the most popular, but that’s still a nice percentage there preferring them.

  2. galaxybureau says:

    Reblogged this on galaxybureau.

  3. I am surprised with the CD count. I would love vinyl to make a come back as well.

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    As for this follower, hatred of music is not understandable, as all music is appreciated over here.
    However, the time element, is definitely an issue. Your rap lyrics are outstanding, meaningful, poignant & full of rhythm just in the reading of them– maybe not immediately but eventually I do get around to at least the reading of every one of yours, collected & saved on my email; may not always comment but do always read. Your talent is a real winner…

  5. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Just checked out some of your songs. And although I’m not really into this type of music personally, I do have a pretty good ear for talent across genres, and you have a really good voice. If only I heard you about 12 years ago when I worked for Virgin, I could’ve perhaps hooked you up, if not with them, then with the contacts I used to have at other labels. But I’m sure you’ll do fine, as your voice and lyrics are very good, and it seems to me, it’s all about exposure now. Best of luck

    • MesAyah says:

      I thank you for those kind words. It must have been very interesting times working for Virgin around the millenium, what type of genres did you work with back then? You ære very right, there is a lot to dø with exposure agree the dø it yourself marketing really exploded last year, But i must admit having å record label marketing and promoting for me would be nice, so i could focuse just on music

      • hobgoblin2011 says:

        I was responsible for local interests and that was a broad title. I didn’t have a particular genre I was responsible for, but I would get paid to go to shows and if there was any unsigned bands I thought were decent I should talk with them and collect band info and any tapes they might have and send them in. I sent a bunch in, and a couple I really thought would get signed, one artist was a hardcore band and the other a pop female vocalist. The hardcore band just didn’t fit into their lineup at the time and while the female vocalist never was signed, I do believe she signed up with a canadian lable, Kathryn something, can’t remember her last name, but she was kind of like Fiona Apple mixed with Kate Bush.

        Then I’d have to set up all promotional activities for bands, primarily the lesser knowns, as they needed the promotion more than established bands, and we’d do events at clubs, record stores get the word out.

        Then if a band was coming in to town, I’d work with the Regional rep to set up radio, promo spots and then to go to the show and assist the bands with questions they might have with the area, arranging particular things they might like. Which I had thought I’d get all these crazy requests but outside of the typical where are the best places for chicken wings, pizza and what is good type questions they never asked outlandish things. A couple bands disappointed me though, won’t name them, but they were kind of arrogant. And if Mick Jagger was available, as he was, there was no reason for anyone else to be difficult.

        Overall it was a fun experience, I met a lot of bands and then, you meet reps from other labels as well, and we were encouraged to trade promo material to get the word out, which was neat. I also hosted a radio show for 4 years back then and it was all about airing unsigned bands, and you can imagine they amount of albums etc.. that would get sent in for me to hopefully play.

        The marketing part, I can say, is something that, while a different time, I can’t recall any of the artists ever saying that they really enjoyed. I’m assuming with Twitter, FB and the like nowadays it’s probably not as much an issue, but it certainly does take an artist away from what they really want to do, and that’s write, record and play their music.

  6. Nader Nazemi says:

    Great Blog.
    I will be following you.

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