365 daily challenge summary week 33

Hello again my lovely readers

It is that time a week again where I sum up the week we have had

And first I wanna say thank you to all of those who have pushed like on my facebook, we are growing towards that single release. 900 and It is there:)

Here is this weeks verses:


Day 231 20th of June 2012

Topic: Serendipity

I was looking for the needle in a haystack
didn´t get the farmers daughter, but I got my payback
underneath the surface was a perfect fitted straw hat
with a million dollar pay check and the contract
for an inner city top flat
Sometimes the luck just hides behind the corner
and sometimes that luck can turn around and send you to the coroner
So don´t hang your luck to dry out in the corridor
don´t chase it either, it will come when you at least expect to find her
I prefer to chase whatever feels right
Never end up with that dream, but the serendipity keeps my dreams tight
I do fight for what I believe to be the right cause
And always end up with more than the applause
I always try to get back to the moment where I was
The moment around that pause
that led me to the place I searched, but I have never found my Oz

Day 230 19th of June 2012

Topic: Small talk

the conversation breaker
the pityful creators
of oneliners and small talk, can someone come help us
the weather forecast, is a friend in need
the neighbours behavoir could be a topic indeed
or the 25th time you tell the story about that dream
you had in highschool, 20 years ago, that made you pea in your sleep
is such a crowd pleaser, when the tension is at its highest peak
the uhms and yes´es are fairly dressed in a nerveous message
followed by the so´s and what about´s in a closed up pressence
let me present, the world as its best efforts
when you enter a room, and you think someone passed away
and you carefully ask, is everything okay?
and the person looks at you and say
No, don´t you see that it rains today!
that makes me think about the importance of our beeing
if that is the specter that we are seeing
Life must really not be worth living

Day 229 18th of June 2012

Topic: Parenting

I´m gonna talk of the importance of the role as a parent
to stay coherent and don´t fade away to something transparent
the reasons why should stand out so apparent
give love so there is no chance of creating a child that is aberrant
or even errant in this world without a goal
you have created a new soul,
and you have the chance to mold it to something beautiful and unfold
all the layers in its mind to the perfection of pure gold
The goal must not be to have a child that do as its told to
but creating a mind that expands beyond you
the most inspired student grows through
the teachings from their teacher, and the teacher wants them to
the day your child comes home with and argument and a reason why
should be the day you go to bed at night with a great big smile
cause that means you learned your kid to question the existing
If so, go in to the bedroom, kiss his  or her forehead goodnight saying:
This is where it gets interesting, sleep tight and hold on for the ride

Day 228 17th of June 2012

Topic: Battery

It is fully charged up
the meter rose above the alkaline spot
it feels a bit dirty, knowing it has just been bought
for the service of a human beeing that would put it in the slot
for his own entertainment, tainted by the thought
troubles it a lot
that the men use the power that he has fought
for so long
It doesn´t think its ignorance, just think that they forgot
mass consuming , the friends for a lifetime just float
Its father was drained in front of its eyes to power up a remote
with the final words ringing in the ears, there is still hope
don´t let em take your powers, your so much more than a robot
but they used that quote as a slogan and wrote it on its troath
Branded with a new name, now its friends where leaving fast
the family it had was already members of the past
So the suicide mission, was ready for ignition
took a fully sized radio to the grave, spilling lead from its veins releasing total demolition

Day 227 16th of June 2012

Topic: Yesterdays Heroes

The heroes of the past, that took charge when their land was taken
there was no time to be mistaken,
they fought for the forsaken
women and children, and the peace that they where chasing
They where raised up as heroes
given the golden arrow
and the war cross, worn across their chest through the marrow
the heroes of Telemark, carried tehir names on a banner
while the afghan or the partisan was not treathed in that manner
it seems that the deeds carried out during our own occupation
carries a different explanation
than when citizens with the same target seek the same confrontation
when their homeland beeing occupied for a more valid declaratian
“we need to fight down these evil deeds
and the people supporting them must be savaging beasts”
What ever happened to supporting heroes that just wanted to be free?

Day 226 15th of June 2012

Topic: Neverending Story

Its the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning
swimming in the ocean and pretending theres a limit
gimmick of a false pretense
prayer of a breathing consequence
layers of steap and gleaming mountains, leading to the fence
but as we all know its nonexsistent
our exsistence is buildt on a distant image of beeing life-resistant
But exsistence doesn´t end with our own terminated fiction
It is a never ending story
where we live our life, bathing in our own glory
on the verge of beeing gory
but some common sense was left in us, memento mori
We recented this story before
but we have learned to follow of it, what life was for
We see our life as a the core someone elses storyboard
remembered for our efforts at least until the next war

Day 225 14th of June 2012

Topic: Finding light without the sun

The inner light just glimmers bright
the sinners fight the images of grimmer sight
darkness in disguise,
flickers with its frightened eyes, blinking in the dimmer night
searching for the shining knight
lightning strikes the sword as he search for life in all the sites
a crack in the mirror reflects that light and he recites
the words of God as hope and belief change colours into black and white
the memories he writes down on the back of his palm, feels like
the truth and light
so he follows them blindly cause the guidance of the sun, is not in his line of sight
He is the limelight on his own stage as he fight against his stage fright
he performs his doctrined lines                                                                                             with clinical precision and an open mind
in front of an absent audience, Finding himself on stage applauding them
while the crackling sounds from the lights turns his mind into the state of rem

Thank you






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5 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 33

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    “Parenting” shows a soulful wisdom way beyond youth…

  2. galaxybureau says:

    Great stuff

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  4. dlkoch says:

    Beautiful site, keep it going. I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. Place picture on your site. Select six others to award.

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