The asking and the doing

There comes a time, it just pops up every now and then, where I have to do the thing I dislike the most as an artist. I love making music, I love sharing it with you, If I could spend my life writing rhymes all day I would have the feeling I could live forever.

But as mentioned sometimes you have to do stuff you don´t like, things that are not very creative and can feel a little bit intrusive as well, but I will try to make it as painful as possible. It is time for marketing and promotion, and me asking your for a little favour.

As you may see in the top corner at the right on my blog, there is a facebook social plugin where you can push like. It would make me very happy if you did exactly that, but it doesn´t stop there, since you now are an army of 3200 individuals I also want you to share the page on you own wall and invite your friends as well. That means if you give me 1 follower that is 3200 new individuals.

You may now ask the reasonable question WIIFM Whats in it for me? And I understand why, and I have three fairly good reasons: On my facebook page you can follow the 365 daily challenge on a daily basis instead of waiting for the week summary, and the moment you like my page, there are some tracks out there for you absolutely free, and last but not least, when I reach 900 likes on Facebook, I will release a new exclusive single called footsteps as a free download.

Hope this is not asking to much and that I haven´t caused to much trouble for you

Have a wonderful evening, morning or day depending on where you are in the world


Peace MesAyah

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17 Responses to The asking and the doing

  1. Well, first of all, thank you for telling me to have a wonderful morning 🙂

    Secondly, I’m afraid I don’t use Facebook! Otherwise I certainly WOULD promote you! I think its very brave and genuine of you to ask your readers to support your art, in an upfront way like you did. Kudos, take care. Sorry I can’t help out..

    • MesAyah says:

      You are welcome Terah.

      And you are the first person in a long time I have talked to without Facebook, it is weird how influenced people are by it actually.

      Asking for that is and will always be the hardest part for an artist, I basicly just want to create, but without this, no one will ever hear of me as well, so I know it must be done, but yeah, its not easy

  2. dirtyterry says:

    Follow my blog.

  3. --Rick says:

    Done. Love the blog and think others will as well once they find it. Best of luck to you and your endeavors.

  4. magicallymad says:

    Done, I think you already follow my blog but if not, there is alot of misery spattered with alot of silliness & beauty. If you like Sergio Flores & oryxes, that is. XO, keep on rockin’ it!

  5. galaxybureau says:

    Reblogged this on galaxybureau.

  6. roseshadows says:

    Good luck, self promotion is a hard task sometimes so best wishes.

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  8. Lindy Lee says:

    So sorry to report, I do not participate in FaceBook but will remain a loyal follower on WordPress…

  9. atothewr says:

    Always glad to help out an artist who’s trying to promote themselves. Keep it up. I know it’s tough.

  10. Thanks for the follow. I’d love to see more poetry here. =)

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