a little sunday poll: how do you listen to your music

I must admit myself that I prefer somethin in between number 1 and 2

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22 Responses to a little sunday poll: how do you listen to your music

  1. Pete Armetta says:

    I have CDs but I mainly search youtube and make playlists, which by the way have WAY too much on them haha Nice poll!

    • MesAyah says:

      Haha yeah Thats the problem with playlists. You always put too much on them, an can never decide on a song you want to hear.

      • Pete Armetta says:

        Resort random without looking at the results, and walk away hoping tunes you haven’t heard in awhile will play and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 🙂 Well, that’s how I do it haha

  2. Richard Wiseman says:

    I listen to my old vinyl, my cassettes, especially the compilations made for me over the years, and I also listen to CD’s, have an MP3 player and I also listen to music online and via the radio; so really I do it all, but in the end nothing beats listening to old Motown vinyl!

  3. I’m a really big fan of I Heart Radio, Panadora, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and other associated legal and illegal avenues.

  4. I have over 3200 songs and most are downloaded on to my I-pod that is hooked up to my stero and surround sound. I can take my I-pod and hook it up to my head phones for the treadmill. I have my cd’s but the I-pod is so much easier and hooked up to the right stero sounds great. I love music and have it on constantly. I don’t think I could get through my exercise or housework without it!. I can take the I-pod where ever I go also when I want. The I-pod is a great invention! Now I buy more songs off I-tunes, than cd’s because it is easy and you get just the songs you want. and don’t have to store all the cd’s.
    I enjoy your site and appreciation of music! Thank You!

  5. Kira says:

    I actually use several different methods, CDs, iTunes, and Pandora. I like using Pandora to discover new bands. Well, new to me anyway!

  6. We have a great little radio station called CKUA in Alberta and on the Internet. When I travel, I turn it on and it brings the most wonderful and eclectic music into my life. When I am out of range or cannot fire up my laptop, I listen to my I-Pod on my car stereo. I still own over 300 vinyl albums, some 8-Track tapes, and CD’s, but radio with real DJ’s who know something about music and are not just talking heads is my favourite.

  7. msdewilde says:

    I have kids. No way am I letting them near my old vinyl or for that matter my CDs. Their CDs are scattered all over the house. I can see two of them, one face up, the other face down, from where I sit. Thus, we are an iTunes house.

  8. jadieighties says:

    I’m an old dog trapped in a puppy body, so I love vinyls, cds, and other obsolete electronics when I get my jams going. I also listen to my music at volumes certain to make me deaf by age 45… if all I can snag is a laptop, I’m a Grooveshark kinda gal. I need to get over myself and listen to Coldplay alone in my bed. Great Poll. 🙂

  9. Soleboundlyrics says:

    iTunes , cds and tapes. Yes tapes. Lol.

  10. Mostly use Mixcloud these days..awesome app 🙂

  11. Holly says:

    I LOVE my CD collection. A CD collection is properly personal and i love the fact you have to listen to the songs in a certain order that someone picked for a reason. Thanks for the follow also 🙂

    • MesAyah says:

      I agree with you 100 percent there. Only I have vinyl for that purpose. call me all fasion but there is something about the album format on vinyl that just strike me as beautiful. You feel that you actually making an effort to listen to the album.

  12. Love the interesting background on your blog!

  13. atothewr says:

    Up to five years ago I still had a portable CD player. i’m still not up to Itunes, but I do have an MP3 player I use when I run. I still remember when CD’s first came out. Amazing how far we’ve come.

    • MesAyah says:

      Hehe I still have one, but just for the memories attached to it:)

      The music format has gone through something amazing the last 10 years. Everything is so easy now, which has its good and bad sides

      • atothewr says:

        So agree with that. It is happening to the writing side as well. I guess that’s progress.

        Nice blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

      • MesAyah says:

        Off course:) By the way, Kiss is entering the stage here in Norway in about 2 hours:)

      • atothewr says:

        Is it cool in Norway? It is literally Hotter than Hell down here. Calling for 107 in my town today.

        Are you going to see KISS? I bet it would be a blast.

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