Book MesAyah to your town, venue or privat party

Good evening

I am writing you today because I wanna offer my services to you. I know there are a lot of different people on my blog and I now that some of you would be very interested in this.

With that in mind I am now informing you that I am available for a nice little private session tour around the world. It does not matter how big your venues are, If it is a festival, or a spoken word night, a concert, or even a nice little private party with some live entertainment. I will come to your town, spend a nice evening with you filled with poetry and music and entertain the crap out of you, before I will be on my way again. It is just as much a social Inquiry as a music Inquiry.


If you want to experience this please send the inquires to: and we will take it from there:

Here are some live footages from earlier years:

Hope to hear from you soon



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