365 daily challenge summary week 32

Hello again it is that time a week

I am now finished with week 32, and my second week of remake of a songtitle, that means it´s just 20 more weeks left of the challenge, wich feels a bit crazy. In this weeks challenge I have taken upon the following songs:

Fugees – Killing me softly

Sade – King of Sorrow

Gotye – Somebody that I used to know

Jack Savoretti – Between the sheets

Amos Lee – Windows are rolled down

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven

Johnny Cash – Long black vail

hope you enjoy them

Day 224 13th of June 2012

Topic: Long black veil

My mama was a proud soul
she could fold my clothes, and love it so
beacause her baby gonna wear em, and mama just loved that show
I loved seeing the joy in her eyes
but her eyes also functioned as her disguise
she would hide all the pain she wore inside her iris
the cancer ridden insides just brushed off her eyelids
the bride in a black veil, just smiled to her child
cause her sons smile took away the pain in her own life
through the dense cloth
her eyes fought a batlle with her dark thoughts
the sight off her child playing football in his white shorts
would just loosen up the intense fire in her lounges cause
those moments would give her the force to keep on
and she knew that her son would gain the force when she was gone
and from that day on, I have always remember the place where a smile comes from

Day223 12th of June 2012

Topic: Stairway to heaven

I am only one step closer
for each step I take I get one step bolder
stopped looking over my shoulder
cause nothing from my past can overthrow the things i rule over
I look over to my kingdom, let it come
while I kiss heaven from above
no fear intact, no fiber in me will doubt this
I have taken the scenic route and shouted
death in the white eye, even though I gave it many chances
to dance with me, but the devil refused to let go, and I enhanced it
and infiltrated the devils head with words of magic
No tricks allowed though so I just fantasised the real world, real quick
and he belived in it
I was reckless with my words as I spoke the stairway upwards
With obscure and endured phrases, I injured the dusted ruptures
in the staircase, so my road leading downwards changed
and took me to a safer place

Day 222 11th of June 2012

Topic: Windows are rolled down

I have sung the final curtain
hung out to dry, the melodies rungs over the uncertain
the windows are rolled down now, but not hurten
the outlook of an urban world scared by the social murder
Safe inside these four walls
sorrounded by the safety of these four chords
that plays the melodies of affordable records
performed by the overlords moving towards the great rewards
playing the ballad of the dead
balance it from the top of my head
challenges that advances over the pages left unread
Felt mislead by the voices that hid underneath my bed
instead of facing them I rolled down the windows of my dread
A judge in my life, caught with the fear of the undead
wont face it, the pace is up race through a million stages
but I just sit inside my own head and let the world pass pacy

Day 221 10th of June 2012

Topic: Between the minds

There´s the battle of the braincells
dedication in between the sheets of the shells
they ask and quell over the frail or noble
over the derailed thoughts I posses and rule over
A teachers heart, trapped inside a narcissistic mind
I am partially designed
to give nutrition to other flowers to shine
But the uprise of a poet and the self centered I
that want´s to paint the picture of a beatiful uprise
want to cause riots in their minds, and take the shine for it
while the voices of an angel plays the violin to seduce me with
A center stage performance
with orbits of a third eye developing because of this
Leave the world amazed, a wordsmith and legandary myth
while the teachers heart
make children start spelling absolutely beautiful
until they know it by heart

Day 220 9th of June 2012

Topic: Somebody that I used to know

History of break ups, faces slightly fading
aching of the brain, but the heart is still managing
puppetry master, in the life of a manikin
words hurt in wrong places, head pain savaging
swords slice thoughts with their own hard cavallary
Paid a huge amount of feelings from my lost love salary
a hierarchy of changes, on showreel at the gallary
produced and squeezed through a mangler at the factory
But I put it in  perspective, you didn´t get the chance to see the best of me
you where selective in your mind, but didn´t see my mastery
you could have been my Mallory, but ended up as a Valerie
You didn´t have to cut me off, life time quackery
No one will remember you, like the movie reference I just planted
The love you never granted
the songs we never planted
I am glad our seed never turned into a flower
The face I wake up next to every day, makes you fade in that matter

Day 219 8th of June 2012

Topic: King of sorrow

Crowned at the throne of sadness
the madness took charge, and he couldn’t manage
a savage of the thought pattern burning inside
He is stearing the ride towards the flaring light
Lust, passion crush and passing,
collision course, crashing in the good old fashion
cuts, bloodstrips, moodswings, fresh wrists action
twisted in a way that sorrow call passion
Stacking the mindsets on top of eachother
Matching each pattern towards one another
Blocking out the tears though
no fear coming through, mental state has a no show
A one lane on red light manic show solo
With the grim reaper as both the sponsor and loge
the promopackage was filled with dead eyes
Underlined with conveks letters in bold size

Day 218 7th of June 2012

Topic: Killing me softly

Whispers in the distance
the killer moves slowly, whispering moments of circumstance
Beating you down with his words
on the edge of the absurd
hitting you back into the squared curfew
the curves and angles rises as the knife slides through
penetrating your skin, twist and turns burning
but non lethal, featured rips hurting
the stabs are slow but repeated
blood is heated, rushing, but not  defeated
Find myself seated on a throne, king’s men retreated
for a second, before the voices returned
Stabwounds that I have forcefully learned
from, I come to short in the debate know, the tides never turned
stopped beeing concerned
the meating was adjourned
I was killed slowly off as an artist by the voices that i heard



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7 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 32

  1. beenan81 says:

    New to your blog, but thoroughly enjoyed your efforts:0)

  2. acwocw says:

    Mr. Mesayah,
    i love rap, hip hop, rapping, writing lyrics, free styling and recording and now that i ahve come across you blog i take this as a sign that i should put my songs on my blog. your an amazing lyricist.
    keep it up. acwocw

  3. Nice job on The Fugees, Killing Me Softly. That’s one of my all-time favorites!

  4. RevuGuru.com says:

    I agree – that’s all!

  5. MesAyah says:

    Reblogged this on MesAyah – Life through the mic and commented:

    Just wanted to share this with you again, I just randomly came over it, this is from the remake of a songtitle section of last years book “Diary of a poet – A 365 daily challenge” I only remmbered the between the sheets poem in this one. Here everything rhymes, while all my new stuff seldomly do, but hope you enjoy this as well, feels like decades ago

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