Labelmate Delario out with New Video – Another Monday

Good evening


My fellow labelmate and friend from Bonsaiety Records, Delario, released a new fresh video from the mixtape he did together with CHB called Don´t Fuck up the cypher.

The track is Called Another Monday and here you can see it

Tell me What you think and check out more of his music on spotify or Bonsaiety´s Homepage.



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3 Responses to Labelmate Delario out with New Video – Another Monday

  1. I had to share this song on the Unboxed Life Facebook page. I love what the lyrics have to say about us as people and the things we see as normal. Thanks for the song MesAyah.

  2. srtorris says:

    This is the biz. It’s good to hear some music w/substance instead of the inundation of crap we get fed on the regular. Your boy did his thing.

  3. Jewels Pleiadian Ufo Blog says:

    Awesome Video !! Awesome Lyrics.

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