365 daily challenge summary week 30

Hello again my fabulous readers!

This week has been a, excuse my expression, HOOT :). I have had so much fun diving into your music like a mad man finding a lot of good music, with well over 70 suggestions there was a lot to pick from, and I am happy to announce that I am repeating ” remake of a songtitle” every month up until the final day in November, and maybe add even more off them if I feel like it:) If you want to I can keep at it at least one more week this time since its a new month next week already, but only if you really want me to.

The tracks that I have chosen this week are as follows

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

Van Morrison – Moondance

Coldplay – The Scientist

Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

Climax Blues band – Sense of Direction

Peter Gabriel – In your Eyes

Sixx A.M – Dead Man´s Ballet

So hope you will enjoy the read:

Day 210 30th of May 2012

Topic: Dead man´s Ballet

The arias won´t play any more
the overfilled veins that carried him over the floor
that made him fly into the skies with nothing else to ask for
nothing left to adore
the pressure put on his soul
from the family that carried him into this hell hole
a human heroin
seduced by its vixens
his addiction drove him on the ledge of his sixth sense
with no control over his commonsense
his knees bent from preachers, twisted in a need ,so dense
but always with a wrecked smile to give of the false pretense
one of the devils rejects
he was dead before he even stepped into these regions
where he danced with the legions
the dark and vicious creatures
that infected this individual with the words of beeing perfect

Day 209 29th of may 2012

Topic : In your eyes

Love, the reflections of a true one
you sparkle of it in the battles that us won
While you and I are long gone
carried with the silence of the sun,
I feel complete, in your eyes, i need none
but you, dance inside the barrell of a gun
i spark the bullet that will rescue me from
the truth in your eyes, and the life that we have begun
I would never run away from you, but i get lost on these roads
Your eyes are showing me the true course
that i would follow until the last kiss is sought for
I have fought for your heart since it was caught
for the first time, It beats in my hand wrought
to fit inside, brought it back into your eyes
The iris have removed the lies
that lied inside and I only see the reflections of true love

Day 208 28th of May 2012

Topic: Sense of Directions

With my eyes closed I follow the roads that speaks softly
I sense myself to the direction, knowing the price could be costly
awfully aware, insightful but impared
knowing that the rightful heir to my throne, is mentally unprepared
trying to lead towards the right path with the knowledge that we´ve shared
the spoken truth from my heart should show him that I´ve cared
the moments of despair
to go against the the stares
now I am moving towards the light befre the message is declared
Before I could even admit that I am scared
So I keep on these roads with my eyes closed
With just a sense of direction left before my sentences are exposed
expiration date is real close, While I lie here in these clothes
aching in my body for my orders to be imposed
The light spark on the face of my eyelids
I take the hand of self as I open the lid to my mind grid
and seek for the direction of my own kids

Day 207 27th of May 2012

Topic: Rhiannon

Rhiannon used to ring like a  bell through the night
but the energy of the bell stopped, and thoughts started to fight
men used to love her,
craving to be her lover
Now she is spending late nights on the corners
craving for the attention that used to haunt her
the beauty is still hidden in her eye sockets
its not like she´s carrying any stones in her pockets
but gravity has played its years and she is just standing there
used to take em by the wind, blowing through her angel hair
but the heaven that she promised, is no longer present
and the stars finally sparkle clearer than her pressence
so the starless nights are shining brightly
they won over her best words, she turned into a night beast
Will she ever win, Will she ever win
Rhiannon fought her self image, threw away her manikin
Dreams on rewind, dreams on rewind
Love used to be a state of mind

Day 206 26th of May 2012

Topic: The scientist

I be cooking up something in hells kitchen
mixing visions with ambitions
and in addition to a clinical percision
I spark the ignition in a star collision
Waiting for the lightning to strike my igniter
added all the personalities I love in a woman to like her
both personal and physical from all the thoughts that ive transfered
refer to all the good thing i would prefer
added the wit and boldness of a free spirit
let her inherit the kindness and warmth that i merit
an inner urge to be married
but not to quick
I wanna play around with the feeling of lust for a bit
I let her eyes sparkle of life
So when I eventually propuse with the line, Do you wanna be my wife
I Could now the answer before it comes out her mouth
I have created a masterpiece of a woman
now the only trick i need, is to act like a true man
the moment I wake her up with the spark from my hand

Day 205 25th of May 2012

Topic: “Moondance”

I flirt with the sun in a beautiful moondance
move rythmic behind it and cover myself with a quick glance
the earth is covered with a glear light
while I with romance blow a kiss to the sunbeams, all night
moved towards the light even though it went to bed ages ago
move so slow as i try to let go of my golden glow
the energylevel in my quick steps
I can feel the gamma light brush my surface as i rep
my moves, the groove and the emotions intersepts
my legs just melt when It shows its brightness and intelect
we move together like kinetic pantomime
a modern expression between the moon and the sun
Tuch eachother in the sky, fire in our eyes
could die with this emotion that I feel inside
the atmosphere stops excisting around us
sorrounded by stardust
we melt together on heaven tonight

Day 204 24th of May 2012

Topic: “Ring of Fire”

I was in a dark spot, flames around my limbs
moving up around me, licking on my skin
penetrate the shells of a mind that´s paper thin
I would never dare to win, Some saw this as a sin
my role as an harlequin was played out even before i could begin
tried to fight my way out of it, but the circle moved closer
Not much room to move within, suffocated by closure
sorrounded by posers
a modern day moses
people pretended to be followers
I´ve divided rivers in their mind for all the good causes
but when I turned my back, they started worshipping flying horses
mad fables of lies and torture
crossing fingers for good fortune
that crush every hope I have inside
as minister of the mind and a good life


Peace Love and Harmony





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11 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 30

  1. adurnablue says:

    Brilliance at it’s best…. spoken through the mind of a mad man…long live the lyrically crazed! !:)

  2. evea192 says:

    Some good songs sung by some of the best bands out there.

  3. That is an amazing and eclectic playlist to work from.

  4. Nice! Love Day 206 “The Scientist”
    “an inner urge to be married / but not too quick / I wanna play around with the feeling of lust for a bit” <~~ You said a wise mouthful. Many people want the benefits of single life and married life, and that's usually just not the way it works (unless you have an open relationship, but that has its own issues)! Enjoyed the read!

  5. DebE says:

    Nice work. I enjoyed your interpretations of these.

  6. Tandi says:

    Interesting & creative interpretations…keep up the good work.

  7. Fabulous, Fabulous!!! I love Rhianon – would love to see Ms Nicks cover this version!! My favourite is Ring of Fire – simply fabulous! 🙂

  8. Lucia Rose says:

    I’m so happy with what you did with the song Moondance! Definitely one of my favorite songs, and especially in the first few lines you caught the jazzy rhythm. Very well done! Can’t wait to see more! =]

  9. simon7banks says:

    I loved Rhiannon too – but also especially the first two lines of “Sense of Directions” and the imagery of “Ring of Fire”.

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