365 Daily challenge summary week 29

Hello again

It feels good to conversate with you on such regular basis, today it is yet again the summary of the last week, for you who have liked my facebook page have followed the verses on a daily basis, but for the rest of you, here is the summary of week 29. Hope you will enjoy the read this week as well:


Day 203 23rd of May 2012

Topic: Beeing quiet

Systematicly placed in the back corner
eyes moving rapidly back and forward
always in control of the situation around him
so he could sit in silence and just try to blend in
with no commotion, a chameleon in every situation
afraid of any environmental changes
His slogan is: only speak if you are spoken to
speak the truth, cause the lies will always get back at you
and sit thight, eyes towards the ground when they speak
it will sound right and feel good when they leave
so you can be left with your daydreaming
solving mysteries in your head, while the others are mainstreaming
He will try to find the meaning of us
while the others will be leaning over girls, that conveniently blush
he has never had a crush, that doesn´t follow his theme
but he has just imaginately solved the plank constant in a dream

Day 202 22nd of May 2012

Topic: Flake

Alone, cold enhanced by a million
everyone keeps telling it: “You are all different
No one looks the way like you do” snow flake civilian
make it feel more like a reptilian
with no familiarities to grasp upon, one amongst a trillion
If we are all special, it also means we are all worth nothing
cause every aspect has an oposite, like hating and loving
without knowing both of them, they are just brushing
the surface of a true cause, crushing truth to the ground with its huge paws
so live by your own laws, the flake outlaws
fighting for a new purpose for the true false
retrospective visions catch him wishing for a new suit
out on the lookout for a new recruit
make his debut as a raindrop,
infiltrate the scene and make em all stop
Believing the same idioitic thoughts
freeing all heavenly dropdowns from its cubical box

Day 201 21th of May 2012

Topic: Down at the deep

In the water a face looks up
With the kingdom perfectly placed in the back
Could see her deep eyes gleam as they met mine
It is amazing how a thought moves in time
behind the stories you can find in a well hidden shrine
her beautiful face, just shines through the surface
almost perfect
but the person looking up, ain´t the same that I was searching
Found myself nursing behind the wrong curtains
the wrecked home, that I was placed in with a purpose
all of the sudden lost its sense and turned in to a circus
But the sun never shined through it
The dark matter had her sorrounded, but she wouldn´t admit it
I comitted to that deep dark bottomless pit
put could split the patterns, she was dealing with
But i could just leave these matters omit
so I still struggle with her problems, down at the deep

Day 200 20th of May 2012

Topic: War of the Words

Riot from brigades
serenade of sirens
renegade of thoughts, hope and admire
aspire of good, migrant of evil
self thought ripped raw, eyes of an upheavel
appealing to the eye
revealing in the sky
wires beeing drawn, connecting to the mind
Calling all stations, reflections through time
every section of it screams out, thoughts are not a crime
Could´ve been admitted to a sick ward
If I didn´t call the station every second with my bricked words
I´m not denying it though
I´m not gonna be hiding this so
stay on the ride, then let go
before letting it show
Building every aspect of an empire, Overlord
Hold the course
No remorse, win it through my vocal chord
I am caught in a crossfire
so my thoughts fire
the last bullets I have in silence

Day 199 19th of May 2012

Topic: Sneakers women and flowers

A pair of sneakers can be worth a thousand kisses
Just for saying that those kisses must be won back with roses
While women and sneakers kind of tickle the same urges
one that you purchase, when it suddenly emerges
where the shape and weight of it colours the surface when all of them merges
and lead you to believe the path is right, when the two roads diverges
and off course I am talking about sneakers at this point
If you thought this was about women you are doing something wrong
Women are something that you invest your time in
let the lust bring to mind that you must conversate lightly to be interesting
The time consumed and invested in this, may lead to, you investigating
the shape and the weight while you holde her in your arms
and that will colour the life that you have, the surface painted so far
From time to time, you will balance the sneakers and women different
then the roses come along and make up for all the indifference
and win back the interest
remember roses are a sign of intelligence
as long as you use it good and try to be considerate
Both the women and sneakers will be in your life for ever

Day 198 18th may 2012

Topic: Dictators and Freeloaders

Let the knife slice through,
a piece of  melon while the  crowd hums to
the national anthem, played by a brass crew
all hail the leader, Master Wang Chu
all with the freeloaders praise,
Letting genocide happen,  cause they benefit on the free trade
bathing in velvet, silk, and suede
As they persuade another poor soul, to dignify himself Rulers of the parade
Everything for their master
A human disaster
People praying for a change, While pastors pray it goes faster
In  the shadows of their leader, they dictate orders
so they can apper stronger and they can supress them longer
Just beacause of one man
they can impose more power than they actually can
So get those fists of your knees
and kiss both of those cheeks
the dignity fades from the lips of a dying man

Day 197 17th of May 2012

Topic: Wrinkles

Saw the surface switch
glitches in a perfect picture
mismatch, dispatched from real life fixtures
the features aren´t suppose to be like this
The perfect kiss aren´t performed by perfect lips
dents and ditches gives character to a lifetime
vented over burning bridges painted with a lifeline
adds emotions to the face of an object
the commtion that race over a subject
days of acceptance while trying to adept
A surface adds curiousity, when you don´t know what to expect
so much experience in a wrinkle, live life
be curious and explore, balance on the edge of a knife
the most glorious, grandious memories are self absorbed
and all of the stories can be traced back to the beginning of a newborn
live long and prosperous, but most of all, live it and be strong





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13 Responses to 365 Daily challenge summary week 29

  1. MesAyah I really like the theme of your 365 daily challenge. I have been trying to challenge myself similarly in writing a poem a day but sometimes I’m just plain uninspired. I absolutely loved “Beeing Quiet” as it pretty much describes me in all social settings lol. I also enjoyed “Wrinkles”. So much truth in that one. Keep it up!

    • MesAyah says:

      My advice to you that I have learned through this Challenge, even when you have no inspiration what so ever, you force out that verse, you go on autopilot and sit for hours just trying to rhyme on the topic, and all of the sudden it is there. I am glad you enjoyed those two, those are maybe my personal favorites this week as well

  2. “Dictators and Freeloaders” and “Sneakers women and flowers” were my favorites. Nice writing

  3. Lindy Lee says:

    Your style is full to the top with philosophical metaphor, imagery, respect, consideration & of course, rhythm. Thank you for allowing this follower to follow you…

  4. quantumdna says:

    “…but he has just imaginately solved the plank constant in a dream” – I’m sending you an intercontinental high five! ;D
    Will check out more of your writing soon, really enjoying it but definitely want to take my time to try and understand the essences of it 😉 superb, keep it up!

    • MesAyah says:


      It needed a fellow with the name of quantodna to catch that line:) Glad you did, and glad You liket it, and I recieve that intercontinental high five with great pleasure:)

  5. blsmadden says:

    This is pretty mad 🙂 Did enjoy reading, and couldn’t help but hear it with a good beat in my head..

  6. mektige matryoshka says:

    Nice writings you do. And very interesting and inspiring project you´ve got here.

  7. dlkoch says:

    Really enjoyed your homepage and your verses! Especially Beeing quiet because I work with juvenile delinquents and Dictators and Freeloaders because I am disgusted with our current set of politicians, maybe you should read my “End of Days” poem. Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m still kind of new to this.

  8. niaaeryn says:

    I loved Beeing Quiet…reminds me of someone I know put into words…awesome:)

  9. thelighttraveler says:

    I seriously resonate with the last stanza. =) Thanks for following my travel blog!

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