What is your Favorite song? next week is song title week in 365 daily challenge

Hello again

As you already know I am writing my 365 daily challenge, one verse daily for a year. As these posts here on my blog very often has a tendency to be about myself, I wanna shift the focus next week, and maybe the week after as well, depending on how many responds to this post.

Next week I have chosen to call “Remake of a song title week” where I write a verse based on the song titel of your favorite song off all times, if you have more than one and can´t make up your mind you share all of them. Feel free to add a youtube link as well to the post. The wonderful thing with this is that you will give me something to write about, I will maybe get a new favorite song, and I will also get to know more about your taste in music. Lets call it my tribute to you all and to all the great artists that have inspired so many millions of listeners throughout the years

I can´t wait to get the responses back from you, and dive into some new music, and into some new perspectives when it comes to topics:)


Peace Love and Unity


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47 Responses to What is your Favorite song? next week is song title week in 365 daily challenge

  1. Kira says:

    Favorite song of mine is “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you:) that will be a good one:)

    • MesAyah says:

      And I really like that song too

    • WOW I know i am delayed, but I have to comment on this one, considering my love for music! I have so many favs that its difficult to just pick one, but I will give you a few of my top hip hop tracks:

      Immortal Technique – Crimes of the heart
      Nujabes ft Cise Starr – Lady Brown
      K Dilla ft Common – So far to go
      Immortal Technique – Eyes in the Sky
      Nas & Damien Marley – Patience
      Hasan Salaam – Suga

      Enjoy 🙂

      • Kira says:

        Your not the only one delayed it seems…
        I’m going to check out all those songs!
        Some of other favorites: (In no particular order):

        The Cliks – Dirty King

        Devil Doll – Liquor Store

        Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home

        John Mayer – Gravity

        Amos Lee – Windows Are Rolled Down

        Kurt Vile – Society Is My Friend



      • Definitely about to check them out 🙂 Thanks for the list!

  2. my favorite song is Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac.

  3. Josh The Younger says:

    I usually have a hard time picking my favorite in a category. This isn’t the case with my favorite song. No contest for me: Coldplay’s The Scientist. This is my favorite live version of the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7OQSl4FdJE

  4. cobbies69 says:

    John Lennon – Imagine or his Xmas song. But as a guitar player I nominate – Sense of Direction by Climax Blues Band. Fab guitar playing… It can be found on you tube, http://youtu.be/-ttt4y_hSVI enjoy…

  5. Hi MesAyah My favourite songs are Green and Grey by New Model Army, Ballad of the Dwight Fry By Alice Cooper, Screamager by Therapy? and Firestarter by Prodigy. I could probably throw a few more in the mix but I think I have given you enough to work with, I am a slut when it comes to music! lol

  6. dragonkatet says:

    Entirely too hard to pick just one, so I’ll post three of my hundreds of “favorites” and you can choose which one (if any) to use:
    * “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel
    * “The Four of Us Are Dying” by Nine Inch Nails
    * “Brand New Day” by Sting

  7. thoughtofvg says:

    well, i have many songs i love, but at the moment the song i listen to the most is ‘Postcard’ by steven wilson

  8. Jim Chapman says:

    First one that came to mind is ‘Between the Minds’ by Jack Savoretti.

  9. David says:

    welllll…at the moment…it’s polyphony by soundpool…or nothing much to lose by My bloody valentine:))) both on youtube…:)

  10. Shawn Bird says:

    One of my fav’s is Every Now and Then, apparently by Art Garfunkle, though popularly recorded by Garth Brooks. There’s a link here: http://shawnbird.com/2012/04/15/every-now-and-then/

  11. DebE says:

    Gosh, this is hard. I have too many to tease apart … So I shall list:
    “Cemetary Gates” by Pantera
    “Knife Party” by Deftones
    “Now” by Days of the New
    “Bálban” by Vad Fruttik
    “Dead Man’s Ballet” by Sixx A.M.
    “St Andrew’s Hall” by Blind Melon (from the album ‘Nico’, as opposed to “St Andrew’s Fall” off ‘Soup’ – similar, but not as good).
    Saying “Hallilujah” by Jeff Buckley seems so cliche, but he did an awesome job of that song (and every song he ever performed).
    This week I have been blown away by Lightning Bolt” by Joel Plaskett (new, but I suspect I’ll still love it many years from now) – it is, literally, a turn-on.
    My favourite band is Our Lady Peace, but picking one fave song is impossible … but I am loving “If This Is It” off their latest album, ‘Curve’.

    Yeah … I’m sure I’m doing a ton of other songs an injustice by not mentioning them here … but, I suppose I had better stop … oh, and I can already think of bands I haven’t mentioned, and I haven’t given a single New Zealand song … ooooh… But. Must. Stop.

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you so much for providing me with so many titles and letting me dig into so many new songs, I will have a listening extravaganza afterwards

  12. Lucia Rose says:

    My 2 favorite songs of all time are Wildflowers by Tom Petty and Moondance by Van Morrison.
    Can’t wait to read your next post! You have such great writing!

  13. Angela Holden says:

    Hi MesAyah,

    It’s not really a song, but a pice by Fazil Say, the Turkish pianist and composer. It’s called Paganini Variations.

  14. atirahjewel says:

    Ultimate fav is “Under Pressure” Queen and David Bowie, “Stairway To Heaven” “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” Led Zepplin, and (throwing in some Japanese stuff) “Zetsubou ni Sayonara” Kagerou “Au Revior” Malice Mizer and “Filth in the Beauty” the GazettE. Hope there’s not too many songs.

  15. atirahjewel says:

    Oops, forgot “Aladin Sane” “Lady Grinning Soul” and “The Man Who Sold The World” and “This Is Not America” by David Bowie (I can go on and on whe it comes to Bowie lol)

  16. ninawanjiku says:

    I’m a big big girl by Emilia
    Killing me softly by Lauryn Hill
    Whats love got to do with it By Tina Turner
    Forever Young By JayZ
    when your gone By Avril Lavigne

    cant wait to see what u do with this
    First two are on my blog 🙂

  17. expressionistaura says:

    I somehow have my heart filled when I listen to (Breakaway) by Kelly Clarkson. So its my number 🙂

  18. Sweetback feat. Aya – Lover

    and Sade, Kind of Sorrow

  19. That should have read *King

  20. 2 songs that I’m stuck on right now are:
    Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UVNT4wvIGY
    I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1-4u9W-bns

    And this is just 1 of my many all-time favorite songs:
    Nutshell (Alice in Chains) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=046zw4me_Q4

  21. beautybystyle says:

    little late her but two (of many) favorites is Fields of gold-Sting. Janis Joplin-peace of my heart.

    Nice blog btw, keep up the good work! beautybystyle.com

  22. simon7banksS says:

    First, The Spanish Lady (Irish traditional)
    Second, Long Black Veil (country/western)
    Third, Lord of the Dance (Christian)

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  24. MesAyah says:

    Reblogged this on MesAyah – Life through the mic and commented:

    i need your favorite songs again

  25. Jim Creston says:

    My favorite right now is Vedder’s cover of Hard Sun.

  26. I’m loving “let me down”, “I forgive you” by Kelly Clarkson right now. I also really like “Wanted you more” and “as you turn away” by Lady Antebellum.

  27. Narelle T. says:

    Right now the song that just ran through my head is beautiful surprise by india arie
    And light to dark by Jesse boykins III

  28. cidmayhem says:

    Here’s 5 songs that have nothing to do with each other. Eclectic is king:

    Starving Your Friends – Envy on the Coast
    Variations on the Coocoo – John Fahey
    Ephemeral – Pelican
    With the Fresh Style – Angerfist
    There Ya Go (feat. John Popper) – Beats Antique

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