365 daily Challenge summary week 28

Hello again,

we are moving closer and closer towards the 365 days, I thank you for still beeing here supporting me and sharing your love, it means a lot, I hope I can give you some poetic satisfaction this week as well, A lot of good topics given. Enjoy the read

Day 196 16th of May 2012

Topic: Disease

Sane ridden, brain toxen by the infection
rode in on a death horse, stimulated injections
pains off, but the bacterias still here
writing dna morse code in my bloodveins, clear
try to touch my heartbeat, but the beat his hard to follow
some weak punches fading to a suckerpunch as I swallow
hallow in my eyesockets, bonemarrow of dust
try to, clinch to, the life support i lust
must not, dose off if I only could adjust
my seating in this bed i bet the energy would go up
Just no light at the end of the tunnel
Life long eyesight seen through a funnel
I can breath through it barely
Nearly alive, dead inside, my peers seem to fear me
The care I share with them seem to frighten them extremely
I think it is their instincts that pray for me to go cleanly

Day 195 15th of May 2012

Topic: Painkillers

savoiuors in a box
the sneaky fox,
painted with a black shade, resemblance of an ox
relieve the devil in a shock, leave heaven on the rocks
critical for survival, but perfect bate for the hawks
gargoyle in the scenery, fight against the clock
charcoal from the fire, but the fire never stopped
garboil over the cause
its hard to be the boss,
when the voice whisper ruthless messages across
drew lines inside a timeframe, resurrection of the cross
erasing connectors in my braincells, its like moving your body through the moss
So I take four, the peer pressure is too strong
the pain win over reason, Every second feels too long
every bed I ever slept on
was made perfectly for me before the pain was even dreamt of

Day 194 14th of May 2012

Topic: Library

Keep the secrets hidden between both covers
on isles of thought just waiting to be discovered
a shower of bliss another risk of beeing recovered
if you only bother to take the time to uncover them
Spend hours breathing in the air of  a paperback
letters printed in shapes, that takes you beyond where every sentence crack
the joy of watching where the sentence match
inside a letter stack, where different writers face the same attack
while you attach to it and manage to connect the dots
It´s sad to see that era fade
Now the internet persuade you in the same way,
but just for seconds, The depth is still hidden,
wiki aint the same as knowledge, that view is just sickened
It gives you brief info, but nothing to grasp upon
You can copy and paste a view, but got nothing to base it on
Let the library live on
and be the cave of knowledge that you dive into

Day 193 13th of May 2012

Topic: Wet

It was the most disguisting kiss, lips moist that drip
of compasion as they let the tongue slip through the glitch
slobber on my cheeks as I try getting her to quit
but she is already heading for my lips
she moves them circular like its suppose to mean something
all I can think of is the spit she leaves as my tonsils go swimming
trying to escape, cause i am getting wet
and the sounds that se make will keep me awake
on dark an evil nights how much longer will this take
now she let her tounge out, a crossover of a commodo and a snake
then she leaves it with a shake and I am about to break
God, please let this end now, My face is soaked and my lips starting to ache
It is almost like my message is opaque
I feel that my entire future is at stake
if she sticks around any longer i will drown on her face
So please just come in a save me from the disgrace

day192 12th of may 2012

topic: Pain

A life full of prospects, not much to complain about
Brian was never the object of life acting out
he would just go about his day, call it life around the scenic route
no screams or shouts, not even a sad memory that left him in any doubt
but when it first struck, he was crushed like a spider
life was a symbol of mistrust and divided
his mind into to parts, one with disgust ans the other was misguided
he didn´t have any knowledge of how to rid these thoughts, was to nearsighted
so he turned to angeldust to escape the pain, but the pain just grew wider
and the suffering just kept on entering his mind and turned him narrow minded
At night he prayed for a better life
that he could have made his mind prepared for this by keeping it open
so he could have seen what happened around himself, instead of ignoring what was spoken
then he would have felt so broken
could have challenged himself as a token of selfrespect
now he flies away at night, with no hope for what is left

Day 191 11th of May 2012

Topic: The Ocean

At the bottom of the mountains, millions of dreams lie
kept under sea level, we wanna keep our feet dry
soak em in the waterline, knee height
a nihilist drowning in the reply
of what he has rejected since the day he started swimming
in the ocean, his ears ringing with the voice of no beginning
start to dive deeper down
just to have look around
expanding what he knows just by examening the crown
wants to go further, but he can´t understand the message sent
he has refused the faith in anything, and now he face it with resent
the puzzle doen´t fit this piece, so he goes back up just to vent
thinking about all the years that he spent
denying himself, putting faith with religion, and nothing else
the tidal waves  brush in over his head
and release him from thoughts that made him misread the message in the first place

Day 190 10th of May 2012

Topic: Fame

Spotlight to the head, flash lights gleam to the star
headshakes on questions, won´t take you very far
an injected emotion , bent beyond mars
assimilated image of a life behind bars
don´t let it infect you,
keep the message clean, from where you started off to
a similar dream shared between soulmates
often, the dents of a lifetime are solved on the golden gate
try to polish your surface, but never scratch over your face
no wax should be needed on the mirror that you face
and share that message good, before it eats up your entire grace
before your fans will start beliving what your saying as faith
Cause followers can do that, and if you inject them with a bad apple
the wicked witch will haunt you down and make you pay back in battle
So don´t let it go to you head
remember where you make you bed, and make it proper



Peace and Love


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16 Responses to 365 daily Challenge summary week 28

  1. adam bujons says:

    A well written season in words – and even if t sounded a bit bleak there it all comes together for a flaming finale – decay!

  2. simonhlilly says:

    Day 196 is an intense flow of luscious sound!

  3. jpbohannon says:

    I thought may 13th, “wet” was interesting. There was action and thought rather than mere thought.
    It’s my preference in a poem.

  4. galaxybureau says:

    Reblogged this on galaxybureau.

  5. Lindy Lee says:

    All good– “Library”, personal favorite…

  6. I really enjoyed your poetry, but “wet” really spoke to me. The line:

    “if she sticks around any longer i will drown on her face”

    Is so evocative. Really solid stuff. You recently subscribed to my blog, Teachers & Twits. I really appreciate it. I am not strictly a poet — I am working on a fiction manuscript right now — but I hope you’ll stick around for a while. I’ll be back. 😉 Nice to meet you.

  7. clintonspel says:

    i nominated for sunshine award!!! i hope you accept it 🙂 visit here for more info http://clintonspel.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/the-sunshine-award/

  8. fightersofie says:

    Really like your music! Like how you write too!

  9. fightersofie says:

    Yes from Norway. When I exercise I do often listen to rap/hip-hop. Have to download something from you now. Keep up the good work.

    • MesAyah says:

      Cool. From Norway myself. Oslo. Good to strike å nerve at a Norwegian as well. If you go to my website there ære Some free downloads. Some ære free If you sign up. The newest track you have to purchase though

  10. I really like ‘Fame’,it’s so witty!

  11. thebloggerssoliloquy says:

    Stiil cant believe all of these rhyme. Quality

  12. Really enjoyed Wet. Lovely disgusting imagery! Couldn’t help but think of my dog’s kisses. Probably very similar.

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