MesAyah release new single “Running Away” 8th of June

Good morning

I am happy to announce that I will release my second official single this summer, In collaberation with Allis Meta, The producer that will co-produce my album, I move into the world of electronics and comes out of the shadows packed with emotions. On this Allis Meta produced track, we have worked together to catch the feeling of Running Away from something, someone that are chasing you. It can be both a concrete or an abstract chase, with the main factor being the feeling you have inside yourself while running from it. I deliver the lyrics while Allis Meta provides the music and the chorus with the following bridge. This is a new type of sound inside of Hip-hop, crossing genres once more by only leaving the rap part inside the garden of its culture.

This is also the first track that has been made completely after one of the verses in the 365 daily challenge, day 108 verse with the same name, Running away.

while you are waiting you can listen to my last single here: Bridge over beloved waters

If you wanna support me and buy it, search for the same name on iTunes, 7digital, amazon

Check all my verses and music here: MesAyah Homepage

I am really looking forward to share this track with you

Peace Love and Unity



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10 Responses to MesAyah release new single “Running Away” 8th of June

  1. Lindy Lee says:


  2. galaxybureau says:

    Reblogged this on galaxybureau.

  3. E A M Harris says:

    Congratulations. I wish you luck with it.

  4. evea192 says:

    Went to your home page, listened to your video “Perfect World” and i must say. I am really impressed. Your music is soulful and has a meaning to it. Well done.

  5. tinmaddog says:

    Keep up the wonderful work. You bring light to the world with your art. Because of this, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can find the details here
    Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Good luck with that

  7. I’ll look for it! congratulations!

  8. Blank Canvas says:

    Looking Forward! And all the best, man!

  9. Purplering says:

    I’m honored to be followed by you. You took the 365 days challenge and have your own album. Congratulations.

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