365 daily challenge summary week 27


Another week has passed we are now done with week 27 and it is getting closer and closer to Summer. I got a lot of good topics from fans and friends this week so I have enjoyed it very much, feel free to give me some topics as well.

On a different note: Tonight I have directed my first short movie, so that will be out in August, So I am on my way of releaseing a book, a movie and an album in 2012, one down and two to go:)

But here are the verses from the past week:

Day 189 9th of May 2012

Topic: Chaos

The instant beep sound that plays hide and seek with my eardrums
mirrored in a room, kept down on the floor by the images of redrum
have fled from, so much, for so long, my entire body feels numb
the sum of a million impressions gone wrong, and hopes that never come
the noise level of a hum, that refuse to go away
the intense heartbeat, and stream of thought that just wanna stay
I try to breath, While I whese after air that smells fresh enough
but every molecule feel chewed up and spat out, graspy and rough
try to think clear thoughts, but it stops in the noise filter
the blood rushes through the veins to the brain, a blood spiller
the chaos that sorrounds the single ground pillar
makes me wobble between the choices in my life, are Gods iller
than my own actions, when the freed mind and freed will recieves no satisfaction
that should really be the question to ask a chaotic mind
Breath deep and live free should be tattoed in my spine
but everything is clogged up beacause of the lack of time
life is now just and illusion left behind the metaphors for tomorrows sunshine

Day 188 8th of May 2012

Topic: Mouse trap

It is all a big human mouse trap
tempted to have a sneakpeak of the cheese before the chord snaps
tricked into dreaming of an affordable lifestyle
like all the values are hidden inside
a perfected image and fashionable hairstyle
sorrounded by the moneycraving gurgoyles
examples and romours on posters and billboards
the ones who managed to squeese the cheese out of what they could kill for
the utterless pain of not quite getting there
drives so many people to the wreckage of their atmosphere
with no balance at all, beeing called out as an amateur
that is how the mose trap works, people crave of just getting there
Men and women are beeing beheaded daily by this wet dream
a sexual stream of selfishness, victims of a hexed theme
All we should want as humans is to survive to live the truth with
our own experience and usage of our own good

Day 187 7th of May 2012

Topic: Dancing

Two variations of a step
long lost passion found while they rep
could´ve hidden two windmills in a threshold, get
emotions that will leave your body like a wreck
it´s an easy two step program, directed through a foxtrot
dance hall swipe  floors like a dance move freeze shot
rythms in the room makes you eavesdrop
let the secrets force moves, flowing like a beatbox
on to the rythm, we go on to the rythm over to a party rock move
it´s easy like one two
gone through the groove
correct the spine through each move, almost like you compute
the essence of a step to hit the drum on its squareroot
If we leave it with a helicopter
chopper through the crowd
electric boogie as a transistion like moving on clouds
leave it all proud, self esteem hit the roof top
body stop moving, but the groove will never do that

Day 186 6th of May 2012

Topic: Rainy days

Look over the horizon
water drips down, drops over my face and I kind a like em
sounds over a mizen, torn cloth, ripped raw, new day arisen
water from a cloud, ordered me out loud
clinched in a downfall, followed by a crowd
left me drenched in the center, spoke sentences avowed
dark thoughts rinsed out, open messages allowed
no premise for the demolition of a mind, no time for solace
left in aweless for the throne, rearrange the image of a flawless role
more or less, ordered by the stress that hit your window
no windshield wipers to clean of the watered down lingo
aftermath is left out, you are left in limbo
dreaming that the rain would solo on your cymbal
The baggage that you pack and carry on days like these
picked up and sent through the mindsets overseas
kept the keys to unlock the ravelled stories of its needs
rain will always pentrate the surface of a plea

Day 185 5th of May 2012

Topic: Being smart

Being smart is something that you learn to master
Being smart is something you should crave after
no matter what form it appers in
as long as you are smart from within
the knowledge will grow as long as its happening
You can be street smart, or book smart, logical or practical
the actual sense of it all,
you can see the bigger picture from a cornerstone that is very small
either it is how to survive under huge pressure
or the length and weight of an object and how its measured
It can be that you see entire human beeings when you greet them
or you can understand and reason why they act in certain ways when you meet them
Being smart is not something definite
you can expand beyound every barrier and continue towards indefinite
learn anything you put your mind to, and the more you gather, the more it gets relevant
and the voice that speaks to your mind with sound more and more eloquent

Day 184 4th of May 2012

Topic: Twilight zone

I cast a shadow on the lights and let the truth reveal itself
layers of a rite, that is hidden in the dimension of the self
time and space, bent backwards, then thrown forward in an attempt to help
the understanding of a ourselves
examine the spaces between the sheets and the space inside yourself
the link between science and superstition, a fifth element hidden
some call that religion, I would call it natures precision
from a neutral position, the laws of psysics, meets the untold, and unfold the collision
of dark matter, anti matter, creation of life, more to life, in between the scenes of what you can´t envision
a grey zone of knowledge fills up the black and white
what a magical sight, when someone understands that they can´t be right
cause the right and wrong don´t excist in the matters put under these lights
its a delight to examine these unfolded secrets
where science fails, and beliefs just leaves you sleepless
you just wanna dive in and reach for the answers
but you have to crawl on your knees, and reach between the sheets, in order to recieve them

Day 183 3rd of May 2012

Topic: Theatre

Dionysos spills some fertility in my bloodveins
performing rituals inside my brain
while I perform them on stage and let the stains dry
I fight my pathos by projecting far, letting parts of myself
through the filter as I scream I wanna bleed love
I wanna hold my beating  heart in my hand and feed lust and let it show
then shove all my problems into the caracters i know
I want to live for the feeling
of beeing, all alone when the curtain calls revealing the scenery
entering the stage with the sound of the audiience breathing
waiting for that first line performed from my lips
I can hear the needles and pins fall thats how silent and anticipated this is
I have prepared all my limbs, releaved myself around the hips
Ready to pick
the words from my stomache and deliver them convincingly
It is funny how these caracters can bring out the best in me

Peace Love and Unity



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10 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 27

  1. cloudborne says:


  2. such talent and energy! Great work! mouse trap and dancing are really good!

  3. emvireo says:

    don’t know if you know this, but one of my favorites. maybe you can find some inspiration from a place off to the side, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPebVnhR_D0&feature=related

  4. The Hobbler says:

    You, as one of my followers, are cordially invited to my darker and a little more personal blog: http://nothobblingnow.wordpress.com/

  5. Lindy Lee says:

    Imaginative, thoughtful, dependably, individually stylistic writing…

  6. J says:

    Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog. I love the rhythm in your work; if practically grabs you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I really like this, especially “Rainy Days” and “Being Smart”

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