365 daily challenge summary week 26.

Good evening!

I am now halfway through my challenge, 6 months of writings, 182 days, 182 verses are to be read for those who want to read them all at http://www.mesayah.com . Thank you for the support so far and hope you will continue this journey with me.

Day 182 2nd of May 2012

Topic: Transistions

Found myself on this mad mission
re-arranged and added weight on my shoulder pads, Bad religion
like a magician I disapeared in a flare and delivered my submission
granted myself three wishes and started this major transition
pictures of an exhibition
lectures of mass destruction, and a search for recognition
but one piece of the puzzle was always missing
so I moved the pieces around, trying to find a definition
searching at all the wrong places like a theoretician in a lotus position
or a musician actiing in the role of a statistician
The end result is all wrong
when you try to force the meaning of a picture that is all gone
or search deeper when the answer has been there all along
just to see if you can improve the meaning of a song
something needs to stay in its original state
then you build on the plates,
that you place your mind in, before you sit and wait
for the next time to feed your mind change

Day 181 1st of May 2012

Topic: Different Lifestyles

Pete was the tidy and neat one
while Barry was the definition where men got he word pig from
They lived seperate lives, but their paths crossed on occasions
same occupations, met at meetings and at Christmas celebrations
While Pete would enjoy a nice glass of wine with some cheese to top it off
Barry would use friday nights with dark stouts, porkchops
and fried mozzarella sticks with butter on top
Pete would often feel the need to move around, use his mind and be creative
while Barry just loved lying around. reduce his mind by drinking to much and beeing lazy
Barry didn´t see the point of think things over and thought that all artists was a bit crazy
except for Van Halen and ACDC, those groups where amazing
He just missed the days in his basement and often think about the days he was wasted
Pete on the other hand was more of a progressive man
mixed with some classical tunes, and lyrics got his upper hand
ELO, Bach, Zimmerman and Pink Floyd
He use his time to question Freud and try to master life as self emplyed
But even though their lifestyle crash
at every meeting or party, they seem to match and rid of their differences
barriers get invisible
and they just enjoy spending time together, that makes human kind beautiful

Day 180 30th of April 2012

Topic: Dome

The top of it all, the beautiful dome
flies over the skyline, like a masterful throne
its a mask of its own,
disguising the facts where the masters has roamed
the shape of a cone, hidden inside a rectangular zone
Inside of this building, you glance at the ceiling
paintings of a masterpiece, revealing truthful feelings
of servants kneeling for the message, powerful meanings
I´ve been dreaming of the healing of my soul, so appealing
the dome fought the barriers of love and reflection
coded the message and pointed  the direction
for the role I was holding in my hand, my own confession
spoke it in an upward angle, call it an ejection of a perfected mind
ejaculated the words, and projected the words inside
the ceiling reacted from its inner eye
and created a beautiful light, transending through a minute of silence

Day 179 29th of April 2012

Topic: Phelix the rapping tortilla

Felix was dyslexic from the start.
and on top of that not exactly smart
spelled his name with a ph
lonely child of a burrito DA
that divorced his tortilla dad on the relapse, so his life was on delay
his girl Shaniqua was a home schooled fillet
so his affiliates was never very behaved
but it started long before that
when Felix was left with a letter from his dad
“Never loose focus and track,
the meaning of life for a tortilla is to wrap”
So Felix pulled out his dad´s collection of Old School on 8 tracks
before he moved on to the next, West Coast gangsta rap
Half of that collection was devouvered over blunts in the parking loit
He started busting moves, writing lines and acting cool
starting hanging out with dangerous fillets, Shaniqua and her crew
I mean what else could he do
this was the dream his father told him to persue
Felix just released album number two
“Stret dreems from a phycotic killers point of vue”

Day 178 28th of April 2012

Topic: Floating

Barely over the surface
the body searches
for oxygen, and start to get nerveous
the “you can never hurt us”
agreement between body and mind get impious
the bridges are about to be burned out, rigorous
the water swallow the flames, tainted by the angel dust
try to keep his head up
the waves rock him with a Lullaby, eyes wide shut
the rest follows as it penetrate the spinal cap
bubbles in his spinal tap
the final clap
can be heard from hell and back
that is when his lungs collapse
the final gasps
detached from the life he had
see it in flash
close his eyes as he floats in the waterline

Day 177 27th of April 2012

Topic: infinite loops

curly, winding, intertwininig with the end result that is far behind it
connected with the intricate confinement
the infinite loops that we move our minds with
ongoing journey and we kind og like it, as long as it stay in perfect alignment
the assignment is not to chase the infinite answer
the loops doesn´t consist of freedom or the cure of cancer
they twirl around a subject of praise, like an enhancer
that makes the journey more pleasent, a ride for the human advancer
we hop on and hope for the best
let ourselves be carried away and move along with the rest
every corner can not be a test
so we feast upon our own achievements and leave it to rest
we rest upon the sake that it is infinite
and we rest upon the fact that we are merely an instrument
to make the cycle go around, and we caress that single insident
and in that simple manner we have found our enquivalent
and we move towards the light until it fades out

Day 176 26th of April 2012

Topic: Topics

I attack em from every angle, mangle them down
grind them through a meatgrinder, before I spit em out
every thought produced is a 100 percent fat
The meat is placed in between the scenes agian, and colour the facts
I can attack
and solve the everyday problem
Make the story of a cucumber, something to stumble over
and fall in love with the emotions that he stole and brought forward
I will try to catch your eye, with some cathcher in the rye
with topics published for the adults
but catching interest from the adolescent mind
While I write poetry inside the frames of a struggling rappers lines
Try to move sides all the time
so I can get the angle right, to handle all kinds
A self spoken, self taken role as a mind mover
my muse is on my shoulder, but I am done trying to persue her
so instead I persuade
with my suede words, on every topic that are known to man


Peace love and harmony


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16 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 26.

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Transitions is spot on!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I did enjoy your writing (by eye) but my ears are a little too old for the music. Good luck.

  3. Really enjoyed Transitions and Floating

  4. dpbowman says:

    “searching at all the wrong places like a theoretician in a lotus position
    or a musician actiing in the role of a statistician
    The end result is all wrong” – Just let it flow. Well done!
    ~Regards, Dan

  5. You have set yourself a worthy goal, which you are beautifully accomplishing. Thanks for following.

  6. greencheata says:

    Great rhymes, Great blog! Enjoyed reading through it all.

  7. Catie Eliza says:

    I have read these words with great interest. :] You’re so cool. :] xx

  8. Dvido says:

    yo, you exude inspiration! big ups on with your 365 challenge and much respect for already knocking out half!!

  9. simon7banks says:

    Love the first one. Really inspired.

    Personally I’d go for dark stouts over wine any day.

  10. these lines really hit hard with me:
    “one piece of the puzzle was always missing
    so I moved the pieces around, trying to find a definition
    searching at all the wrong places like a theoretician in a lotus position
    or a musician actiing in the role of a statistician
    The end result is all wrong”
    we can’t force something that’s just not going to fit. we can’t fit puzzle pieces together that don’t match, no matter how much we switch things around. We’ll just get stuck (like just about anyone in a lotus position, haha). You’ve got great imagery and an excellent voice. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff in my news feed 😀

    Have a great day


    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you, I am glad that you where catching were I was going with this, and we always seem to be on the lookout for change and on something different that we get stuck in something that is not ourselves.

      I will keep on feeding your news feed:)

  11. Woah this is crazy stuff! Stay motivated!!! I really enjoyed these 🙂

  12. Ocean Ofelia says:

    The Rapping Tortilla…..Fantastic. Indeed, tortillas are born to wrap.

  13. I especially liked ” Different Lifestyles ” and ” Phelix, the rapping tortilla “. You certainly do write with vibrancy ! Your words are almost electric. I don’t know how popular he is in Norway, but I think your work has a real ” Tom Waits ” edge to it. I’ve always enjoyed Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen. All three were poets who began exploring music as a tool to express their words. I think your imagery is very vivid, in that way, though your music may be different from theirs. Great stuff !

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