Since I´ve had over a thousand new readers since last time I posted this, I feel its in its place to re-post this. This is sdtill my first official Video, I am still very proud of the result and the message in this video

hope you new followers enjoy this

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart


After almost 2 years on the web and broadcast now, this video has reached and touched 7000 souls all around the world, it is with great pride I share my first music video with you again.

Sometimes the message is more important than the artist, and that is the case right here, therefore I chose to produce the video myself  as a short movie, with actors and a storyline, instead of beeing in it myself. So please share this message further on, and help ridding the world of abuse and torture. Thank you to all involved that made this possible, and all the destiny´s I have met on the way as a result for this. You are all in my heart.

From the bottom of my heart

Peace, Love and Unity


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9 Responses to

  1. Awesome…very powerful!

  2. annedearle says:

    Strong stuff. very interesting

  3. This is very good. 🙂 But ouch! 😦

  4. Dvido says:

    yo I’m connecting with you on many levels of the spirit. your 365 challenge is inspiring and music sounds great! Peace brother.

  5. Hark, Zeke says:

    I love this beat!

  6. very harrowing video, love the music…

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