365 Daily Challenge summary week 25

Hello again

It has been a long long week with hosting of three Theatrecourses in a row and work together with the writing, but I feel I keep my mind at work and is really happy with what I have produced this week.

As I mentioned last week I was interviewed on radio in Norway last week, for you Norwegians that follows me, here is the interview.

Here is This weeks verses:

Day 175 25th of April 2012

Topic: Baby Boom

The growth of a nation
a league of extraordinary babies, lead the invasion
their facing a massive obstacle, cruel intension
the baby diary chronicles, mutual evasion
I am leaving in a spaceship
cant race against what humanity are facing
the baby boom, from mamas womb
make evil meet its final doom
the message of Love, should be engraved into my primal tomb
We build a strike-force of love, and start with the babies
seduction of the ladies, persuation of Hades
brother of Zeus, Dionysis take charge and spread love across Euphrates
The black thick blood that sorrounds it
is removed by the purity of a babies mind, beauty is all around it
The baby boom of hope
its a long long road
but the profound silence while we wait, shows that we are home
and it all starts with a beginning

Day 174 24th of April 2012

Topic: The unworthy surface of a servant

His neck is bent but not from heavy lifting
more of the weight thats passes through his head, and the thoughts that are drifting
away from the real world, used to be a real man, no a tag shows him where to stand
went to the land of the free, the self made man
but the self righteous hand slapped him back to the flocks of the damned
Damn, the spine in his back shortens down one by one just as he stands there
the grand life, the life with no excuses
is now filled with daily excuses to explain to his family what a true excuse is
Please, he says
just give me this chance to prove there is fruit in these baskets
I picket them from the tree of hope, we gonna work our way passed this
the face of an angel can be so beautiful and magic
but even the angels face will fade away, if the magic is painted past it
He falls further back, he kisses the back of his knecaps
cause his back is so far bent, with no spine left, that his shouldercaps
rest merely on his chest
He has begged for mercy for too long
and this song of mercy will just keep on playing, until the last tone

Day 173 23rd of April 2012

Topic: Todays Heroes

The heroes of today lies inside the mind of us all
they represent so much more than just a picture on the wall
the integrate their thoughts in all of our actions
the satisfaction of a lost cause that cause the attraction
provoke a reaction
from a massive mass of distractions
and there they are, in the center of events
venting out the sane patterns when the rest is ready to resent
both the case and the sake of what the people represent
and use the time that we spent, to find a sollution to prevent
more damage
todays heroes seems to prevent the savage
of innocent lives and manage to manipulate minds
to believe the same path
to breath in the peaceful and exhale their wrath
todays heroes seems to prevent the world to crash
by keeping all the burned memories left in the ash

Day 172 22nd of April 2012

Topic: Fasade of a perfect face

Always on top, not a spot is misplaced here
saying all the right things, so the obvious can dissapear
the despear on the inside, can´t ever appear on the surface
It remains floating in the atmosphere, a puppeteer versus catharsis
a mouth filled with a white string of perfection, straight and resurfaced
Only a trained eye, can see the nerveous
look that he is covering up
he´s been bottling the problems, and refuses to let em out
It will take the faith away for so many, that can´t face the doubt
He really wanna scream and shout, loudly but the situation doesn´t allow that
He goes all in, with his mind left all out
His life sorrounds the high hopes
the backside of the medal is the suffication of his throat by a thight rope
strangled by the risk of letting go of the right choice
fearing the consequence for the life hoax
he put a spell on with the narrow roads followed by steap slopes
where he could control the outcome of his lost folks
so with a firm grip he lets go of the ghosts
that he hides in the closet

Day 171 21th of April 2012

Topic: Back on my feet

I’ve seen the bottom of the lake twice
made the roll of the dice while I balanced on a knife blade
the edges cut the side of my feet, so I managed to see life from shaven angles
saw the shape of the angels, with blood dripping from their wings
dipped it in the barrell of hope, where I got my survival skills
sent chills down my spine, while I tried to cope with my issues
it was a missuse of my mind, and the truth had a dispute
with my common sense, I let it believe I was heaven sent
battling the little men, that chatted in my troubled head
Went from hell and back
made my troops ready for the final attack
found myself virtually attached
to my past, and didn’t manage to make the last leap of faith
I have ressurected twice over this sake
without, bending my mental health over the edge to a mental case
and master the dismantled waste
The victory always taste better when its self fought
so I ought to teach the rest of my survival skills to my last thoughts

Day 170 20th of April 2012

Topic: The Subconsciousness

Layers filled with secrets
parts of a mental path, with truth hidden beneath it
There is no such thing as just leave it
It picks up everything it sees that we don´t even notice
The touch of familiar face, ridng on the unknown
you try to put the picture straight, but got nothing to hang it on
emotions that are left alone
barely breathing above the surface, try to drink its nourishments
from the experience that comes along, poking you with constant encouragement
begging you to take a deep dive towards the centre
enter the state of mind that allows you to converse with your mentor
the presentor of your thoughts, the truth about your soul, your own personal venter
the one true inventor in your life
the one who created the mind and what moves around inside
built up over time
for your own satisfaction if you are ready to dive in
there is nothing as pretty as the subconscious mind

Day 169 19th of April

Topic: Through the mind of a movie director

He see the frame and it is beautiful
narcissist on the stage and his thought patterns are full
So he pulls the string that keep his mind attached to the brainstem
meditate in a deep state to arrange the conciousness inside the next slate
rated one of the best to spot images in a frame, he takes the image to the next stage
got a dream and a vision for the mid section
want to redeem himself in the movie create kathatrsis for the dream chasers
and then suddenly stop and rewind to debate on it later
ain´t satisfied with himself before the lights are beeing faded
down, and the audience are dead silent
sitting there with the crowd, is almost to violent
for the creator, but then he hear the violins he left in the introduction
and the beauty of a moved mind touches the emotions and create a reaction
and he believes it can be related to and old friend, satisfaction
a fraction and joy, then on to the next one
more images in the head that needs a name and an action
so He finds himself back to create magic once again

Peace and Love


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6 Responses to 365 Daily Challenge summary week 25

  1. Abby Rae says:

    Far beyond fond of The Subconsciousness, Today’s Heroes & Baby Boom!

  2. I love Baby Boom the most. “We build a strike-force of love, and start with the babies
    seduction of the ladies, persuation of Hades brother of Zeus, Dionysis take charge and spread love across Euphrates” a touch of greek mythology, blended with biblical lore. This is great.

  3. srtorris says:

    Dude, I like that “Baby Boom”. You are really lyrical w/what you do. I can see the picture you paint and it’s cool. And besides, you look Old Skool and that’s always a plus. Keep doing what you do.

  4. Casey B says:

    ‘Today’s Heroes’ is my favourite of these poems. Your work has something about it, so I’ve gifted you with an award at my blog:


    Best wishes,


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