365 daily challenge week 23

Hello again


I will keep it brief this time, since i have spoken with you so much already this week, so with nothing further, here is the summary of week 23:


Day 161 11th of April 2012

Topic: Onomatopoeia

I have a dream, or a wish if you prefer it
I wanna replace all my words,into sounds that represent my feelings
can you imagine instead of asking through a profound sentence
I could just lay down the premiss with a rumble or a roar to catch the essence
Instead of writing about my state of mind, or my present mood
i could exhange it with a loud HA HA or a hiss, maybe a purr or even a hoot
a rip rap followed by a large boom
would set the tone for my next move
as I roll over to my text mood
and ressurect with a swish groove
the root of it all would melt down to an emotion
i could sense the commotion over a burp a pom pom a slap or a slam, just as a notion
for closure i would use a huge blast
to emphasize the wild struck story of my past
I would be second to last, passed with a fast
movement borrowed from the questions you ask
and I with leave the next box open with a rumbling clap

Day 160 10th of April 2012

Topic: Hmpfff

Wasn´t even intrested in listening to him
just words in a line that didn´t make any sense to me
I was going to make him pay for even mentioning these evil deeds
so a cold shoulder in his face and a sound slapped in his face, so he knew what he recieved
then I played him off with a moment of grief
started crying, so his silence should be playing in the air tonight, Just for me
And no But´s thrown in my direction, please
I will eat it up raw, just so you will no that I´m displeased
And would you belive, this started with a simple hmpfff
but he couldn´t keep his mouth shut, and had to follow up, with a what´s up
Like he didn´t now already, this is no way to treat a lady
And now I can see his lips move rapidly, but his voice is slowly fading
And no baby, baby talk either
and don´t wanna be called names when there is war bubbling in the ether
that is what you get when you wake up an eternal sleeper
from her sleeping beauty dreams
please just leave me be, or else the hmpff i threw your way is the last thing you will feel from me

Day 159 9th of April

Topic: Hallucination

Experience of the greatest hallucinations without hallucinogenics
a transmeditative state of flowing images that are authentic
to the once you experienced intoxicated, but with much pressence in it
and without the risk of paranoia or schizofrenic
outcomes, or any need for paramedics
you just sit in a relaxed state, and let the mind build the premiss
I’ve seen my body move dimensions
I felt the fall of a decade lifted off my shoulder, with transending ascensions
and felt the tension just release itself like it was lifted by angels
i have lifted my gifts up afterwards, never used it to become the greatest
but dreams and ideas are created the seconds after, cause my mind is refreshed
So you might call this controlled hallucinations, images compressed
that sourrounds around my interests
and build it in correlations to my common sense
to evolve and develop the common self
and evoke and provoke the dominant thoughts on the oblivious shelf

Day 158 8th of April 2012

 Topic: Integration

Imitation of a perfect world when it comes to this issue
the missuse of power, combined with the power of its own use
as long as the truth is not told, they can keep on writing lies on a tissue
and hand it out in portions, as long as it can please you
Integration is so important to understand eachother
but please don’t use it as a reason to turn it into laws towards others
don’t let the power of a spreadsheet take hold of your own thoughts and matter
and please don’t be bothered to even throw a race card
as soon as the situation alledge you to belive its suitable, that is just retarded
there is no situation that calls for those kind of action, it will only keep you parted
from your own point of view according to your so called opponent
you will never understand unless you manage to release from this
if you have thoughts of recent towards it,
or even a little sense of doubt in your mind, you will never see the end of the discussion
permission of a point of view is worth millions
please accept the law is not one of them
please accept our difference, is at least on its way to take a closer step
to integrate eachother outside a system, and inside the human game
in more humane ways

Day 157 7th of April 2012

Topic: Food Issues

We transformed Food issues into problems
and no one seems to solve em
eating to survive is just a myth now, for most of the modern
society, eating is a systematic habit, either controlled in portions with no variety
or as a forced fed ritual from birth, for breakfest, lunch and dinner, no charity
Eat your peas or the devil will haunt you in your sleep!
You will learn to like this, i know i did, after hating it for decades, come on please
and this goes on an on until food is an issue related to bad habits
so you either start to eat a lot of junk just to please yourself as a master of your status
or you hardly eat a thing, to prove your mother wrong, you can manage just fine
so you vandalize your own body, the lack of nutricion grinds your body down
getting fixatewd on giving your body the daily fix
food can control you just like a drug can, and it happens real quick
it lies in the pattern of your childhood, you want what you once had, and what you don´t know you wont miss
the end of the line is: Food is good for you, no matter what way you put it
but the sideeffects of it, can vary a bit
eat a lot of fat, and you be fat as a pig
stick to just vegetables, and your body will be aching and shit
beacause you loos out a lot of vitamins you would normally get
and there is no pill in the world to replace it with
Variety is the key, variety is my plea
by eating balanced meals between, fat, carbs, sugar and greens
your body will probably respond just right and accordingly

Day 156 6th of April 2012

Topic: Women with Strollers at weird places

Found myself at the turkish market
just started to shop, when I heard this rattle at the back
In the middle of the isle to women has bumped strollers
they have no space to pass, and now the have picked up some followers
its like watching a duell at dawn
people are drawn to the attention, and the tension that´s going on
they both ask the other one to move
but they both refuse the offer, so now it is time for the next move
if you have been inside a turkish market, you now the sense of space in those places
and if you have a stroller, you are most certain to bump into some of the shelves that you are facing
A line has started to form behind both competators
the lines fly towards eachothers faces, to the excitement of the spectators
in retrospect, I think we could stay here for ages
with food suppliers coming in to feed the ones that are stuck in here, just to get the basics
cause now the crowd has grown so large, it seems impossible to back out
a lot of screams and shouts, as the tiring match are on the verge into the dark night
and if they haven´t started backing out yet
I bet they are still fighting over who was there first and who should have turned left

Day 155 5th of April 2012

Topic: Empty Shadows

A reflection of his life in a vision
he saw the image of himself on a wall, but nothing was within him
the houses that sorrounds him, cast shadows of the damned
but the mirror of himself wasnt reflected in the sand
he tries to touch it with the wrath of his hand
but the density escapes like his universe is banned
like his nursery crime is fading and his true lies will expand
His life is played back and forth, he sees himself become a man
but the journey has been greedy, he has taken to much land
more than he can handle
he has mangled down his life, and now he has lit the last candle
that will ever cast a shadow, and even that one is forsaken
he has awaken to late, and now its time to meet his maker
with a soul that is seethrough and without a single right move taken
he is shaken by what he sees
eaten alive by the streets
so he falls down on his knees and starts to plea, starts to plea
All he ever wanted was to follow his needs
but got lost inside his deeds
and the seeds of his soul stopped growing




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21 Responses to 365 daily challenge week 23

  1. I find your writing interesting, thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  2. I am glad I stumbled onto your blog. Your creativity inspires me to start writing poetry again. (I attempted a spring-indpired haiku today on my own blog.)
    Thank you for sharing such a personal part of yourself with us.

  3. Kéhindè says:

    Beautiful, especially Onomatopoeia – captures how I feel a majority of the time when words just won’t suffice. Thank you

  4. I’ve Been sooo enjoying your work! Marvelous ! Thank you again dear.

  5. kaycee says:

    Onomatopoeia is a strong contender as one of my best poems

  6. Thanks for the visit and liking my post
    Great writing
    All the best, Jenny

  7. Katya says:

    Beautiful… lyrical and moving… i mean touching… grooving. Thanks 4 inspiration tonight. Im gonna go write.

  8. MarinaSofia says:

    Had to laugh at the Women with Strollers image – have often struggled with that myself (both on the receiving and the giving end). And the Onomatopoeia poem has a great sound to it!

  9. Abby Rae says:

    Hahaha! Onomatopoeia…I remember first hearing this word in grade school and I still love the way it rolls of the tongue (as does your poem!) Great writing!

  10. noelihebuzor says:

    All he ever wanted was to follow his needs
    but got lost inside his deeds
    and the seeds of his soul stopped growing

  11. Lindy Lee says:

    Excellent work, Mesayah. You’re one of the best. Thank you for being here on WordPress…

    • MesAyah says:

      It is an honour for me to be able to share these poems for you, I feel grateful every morning when I wake up, knowing that you feel this strong for my poems

      Thank You

  12. I enjoy reading all of your poems and have to respect you and the poetry challenge you have set yourself and seem to be sticking to without losing the quality of your writing. This time I particularly enjoyed “Onomatopoeia” though I love “Hallucination” too. Your dedication to purpose keeps me thinking maybe I will stop procrastinating. 😉 K

  13. simon7banks says:

    I liked the last one particularly.

  14. meiro says:

    Enjoy reading your work.

  15. Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the same subjects you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would enjoy your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

  16. love this poem man, and how you are challenging yourself to write everyday. prolific! and thanks for following me. peace

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