“Words from a writer” -the importance of an image

I am writing you tonight to share some thoughts and ideas I have when it comes to my own and others writing. I have through the 365 challenge of mine moved further and further away from beeing a musician, and closer and closer towards becoming a lyricist/writer. Even though I have always been a very focused on good lyrics in my music, these last five and a half month has given me a totally new meaning.

By this I mean, that the focus needs to be put where it is needed, I wrote music the same way i was writing poetry, instead of producing poetry into my music. I lost myself in the middle of the music, the imagery, the emotion didn’t match eachother, and didn’t match what I was expressing cause i spoke in a different context, in a different concept as well if you wish. So i said to myself, what if I go on with a challenge, that will force me to write one verse daily, on topics, to see if that can help how I am conversating through my writings, and so the challenge was born, on November 3rd 2011 a baby was born.

It started out slowly, with a typical rhymepattern, i still wrote poetry in music stanzas, lets call it an old habit, and I struggled with the words, and with the topics, and how the imagery could fit into the patterns without seeming forced or too obvious. But as the days went by, it became easier and easier to write, I started to connect to a voice, that kind of proclaimed what to say, or what to write without thinking about how I put it down, it just flowed in there like it had a meaning inside my head without even knowing it. No matter the topic I was given, the same voice just painted the picture for me, and I felt every word and image of it, and could slowly start to put music to it, not hip hop beats or anything like that, more ambient tunes, more dreamy and heartfelt music, and I could say one line, and just wait, and smell the word, taste the word and feel the word, and it would feel just perfect. It felt both weird and refreshing the first time, and I new that I had found a totally new arena for myself.

The next mission was to test this out in my music, how to put the poetry into the music instead of writing poetry as music, and thats when Painted Perfect popped up, what if I create a track as itself was a masterpiece in the name of my own life, and let that be the imagery to produce, but the words themselves are connected to my context  and focused on what I am saying, and the first thing that popped in was colours, I will write my life in colours but as a musician, not as a poet, and the first line popped in: Black and blue, or green and white, I control the scenery, paint flowers into pistolfights. And boom there it was, so simple but still, with a poetic undertone that I wouldn’t have been able to write before the challenge started. That was a huge eye opener for me, and since then there has been to other tracks made so much easier in a way to digest than my writings, but at the same time that undertone always present in the lyrics. Those are coming on the album in December so you have to wait for those two. If you haven’t listened to painted perfect yet, here it is.

Here I come to the essence itself of what attracts me when I read words, that is one thing I need and that is: Imagery, Imagery, Imagery. Without that it is just words in a line, No imagination triggered, no feelings evoked. I want the writer to reach deep into my soul, grab me from the inside and lead me through beauty, sorrow, pain, love, anger, hate by touching every bit of feeling I have inside and poke me with their images. If someone bleeds I want to bleed with them, If someone grieve, I wanna understand their grief, and love their grief, and participate in it before I am revealed with a secret that wil make me free, that will probably leave me in tears, but I will feel just amazing. That is what I love aboutb words, that they can through strong images, evoke those memories and feelings you have inside, and let them take you on a journey through your emotions.

I always wanted to do that, and now I am finally allowed to through my writing. To attempt something I never managed through my music in the past, but hopefully I am on the right path now,  to let the words speak by itself through images. And you as readers allow me to do so now, and for that I find myself grateful.

Hope you have enjoyed this short little mindbender of mine, I just felt for sharing something with you tonight, since you follow me in such great manner, and for that I thank you.

Peace Love and Harmony


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56 Responses to “Words from a writer” -the importance of an image

  1. This is a very inspiring and insightful post. Keep up the great work here!

    Mark Blasini

  2. Always a pleasure to get some insight to an artist’s creative process! Good luck on the rest of this journey — sounds like it’s been a wonderful one, to date!

    • MesAyah says:

      It has been, but off course it has its ups and downs as anything else, But I couldnt even had dreamed about this when I started, it has crossed beyond all expectations.

  3. Jane says:

    I needed to read this today. I feel like in a similar place right now except I’m caught between a corporate life and hippy writing heart. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one and I feel inspired to go harder to make it happen. Thank you.

    • MesAyah says:

      Glad I could provide you with something that you needed:) As long as you dont loose yourself, a combination of a hippy heart and corporate life is very managable, I work as a teacher besides this, music, theatre and everything else, But I neeeeed to do this, or else I would loose myself in my own life, and then I am just as good as dead

      So hang in there Jane, and make it happen

      • gigoid says:

        Mes Ayah, and Jane…. It warms my old heart no end to hear that the culture of the hippies is still alive in today’s youth… As an original hippie, certified in Berzerkeley, California in 1968, I must mention though, that the word is correctly spelled, “hippie”, both in the singular and plural sense. Hippy is what hippies become at my age, when our hips tend to spread a bit wider than in our youth…. 🙂 Don’t mean to criticize, but to us old-timers, it is a point of pride, so to speak….. May your muses keep you both creative and prolific, and never leave you blocked and frustrated….. Blessed Be…..

      • Jane says:

        Oh gigoid thanks for explaining the whole hippy/hippie thing. I love there’s a proper spelling. I’ll spread the word 🙂

  4. Asni says:

    Your creative journey is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Painted Perfect is awesome!

  5. karmicdiva says:

    You’re a true artist. We all have something more to learn about our medium and it’s so exhilarating when it comes together in form.

  6. wildfleour says:

    I take it as a compliment that you are following my blog. Thank you.

  7. thoughtofvg says:

    It’s interesting to read about how you have been slowly turning into more of a writer than a musician, as for me, my writing is helping my music to develop. I have always thought that there is a distinct link between music and language-and these experiences seem to back that up. Good luck on your continuing creative journey 🙂

    • MesAyah says:

      That is off course the side effect to it as well, it will develop my music in a good way as well:) But right now I feel more developed as a writer than a musician, but we will see what will happen in the future:)

      Thank you for taking the time to read:)

  8. wildfleour says:

    Thank you for following my blog; it is a compliment. I will also be here to follow your posts. 🙂

  9. gigoid says:

    Very good insight, little brother…. I have watched as your writing has evolved over the last few months, and commented recently that I like the changes you’ve made, and the obvious advancement your poetry has displayed over that time…. growth is always a wonder to observe, and I’ve enjoyed watching you grow… keep on watering and nourishing that soul, and it will continue… take care, and Blessed Be…

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you so much. It is with great pleasure I have read your comments ever since you started following, It is always appreciated to get feedback like this on a regular basis. As I have said before, It makes me very happy that you have witnessed a growth and advancement over these months

      you are a very appreciated reader for me

      Blessed be you

  10. A gutierrez says:

    Good reminder about the importance of imagery, and the time and work that it takes to get there. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Abby Rae says:

    I did enjoy! THANK YOU! 🙂

  12. I feel what you have to say.

  13. I will say a nice insight from a good artist.
    I have used to think many time that why they always start from the music and why not think first about lyrics then go on to compose metrical rhythm for them.
    Good Wishes!

  14. suncolor says:

    impossible not to feel the force of what you say. impossible not remember moments i was carried by words. oh yes by music just as much

  15. What you have is passion, and compassion too. Yes, you bleed with others and cry with them. That is humaness, and I think these lovely attributes are reflected strongly and beautifully in your works. You are talented, MesAyah

  16. You are undergoing evolution process as a complete artist- mind, heart and spirit…enjoy your artistic journey!

  17. Great post. Some very interest insights and a nice tune to boot.

  18. rale c says:

    Great song. I’d like to do a remix. Let me know. – C.

  19. kaycee says:

    Imagery, Imagery, Imagery.
    My writing has suddenly just improved. Thanks to you.

  20. simon7banks says:

    This is very interesting and I mean to return to it. Two thoughts. The origins of poetry are almost certainly in song and rhythmic chants. The best poetry is written drawing on much conscious thought, but not managed by conscious thought at the time.

  21. jzrart says:

    Music and words are the same … expressions of life’s experiences and thoroughly healing. Thanks for following my blog and keep writing!!

  22. Yep…words and visions go hand in hand I feel…we are very ‘synesthetic’ as a species and the more we get synesthetic and learn to explore that, the better artists we become! 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂
    Love & (de)light

  23. To me, words always images, symbols of our own mind and emotions:and thus,words lead to Imaginations called poetry, music,arts,etc. Very glad to make a friend with you from a distant place …

  24. Really cool lyrics ! Thank you for following my posts as well. I have written poetry for over twenty years, and I still find inspiration and gain knowledge everyday from new sources, from other writers. It is great to have such a talented new friend to learn from and exchange ideas with. Good luck with your work, MesAyah…..Jeff Littrell

  25. Kim says:

    Hi MesAyah……..thanks for the “follow” on my blog. I am honored that my post “An Unborn Child’s Plea” reached deep into your soul and grabbed you from the inside. Thanks also for sharing your thoughts about writing, especially your comment on imagery and how without it, writing is just words on a line………that’s something I’ll keep in mind when writing poetry. Good luck with your 365 daily challenge…..it seems to be a great way to develop your writing skills……..shalom!…Kim

  26. virginiajim says:

    Thanks for the follow, MesAyah. I listened to your musical piece. I’m 71 and still liked the hip hop approach, but as it progressed found the repetition and finally the length to be unappealing. The lyrics were clear and meaningful, but more variety would help. The music was also appealing, but became tedious perhaps because more variety was needed. I’m no musician and sadly can’t offer solutions, which makes for a poor comment. Thank you, however, for an excellent effort.


  27. Thanks for the inspiration, as I am having a hard time turning my spoken word into songs..i naturally think in metaphors, but have a hard time expressing my emotions without the subliminals in my writing.

  28. willmeneke says:

    i am impressed that you like to write and you challenge yourself-so much these days is lost in the computer age and so many have turned away from the written word which to me is still the most powerful expression -i spent 20 years locked up in my Troy hiding my feelings away from even myself-it took my Helen-a woman who finally unlocked feeling within me-not a Trojan horse-to show me i could love -and this let loose a flow of words i have not been able to stem the torrent
    Keep at it and best of luck Will

  29. Debbie Hope says:

    Love, love your blog….deep, enticing stuff of life….how domi follow you?

    Debbie Hope

  30. prosingon says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I must admit I’ve never been a big fan of the rap music scene because it seems to be so vulgar and violent. You have opened my eyes with Painted Perfect. It seems that the rap genre is a “perfect” way to recite poetry. Thanks for the education. lol

    • MesAyah says:

      Glad I could teach you something new today:) RAP do actually stand for rythm and Poetry, but it is used so wrong nowadays.

      • prosingon says:

        Well now I’ve learned two things today. I didn’t realize that RAP was an acronym. In the bygone era of hippies if we said, “Let’s rap” we meant “Let’s talk”. Language is an ever evolving thing. Thanks again Oh Talented One. lol

  31. Diane Scaiff says:

    Poetry & music: I think they have chased each other’s tails since they began. You are right – so much depends on the image. And thanks for following me.

  32. mazdboss says:

    Without the written word, Nothing would be true, because what you bring to paper flows from your heart. We are blessed indeed.. ~j~

  33. You started this writing project at the beginning of a significant astrological set of events in November. Focusing on the details has been an overall theme for this 6-7 month period. The end of this month is a major release-point for all projects we’ve been incubating.

    Follow your instincts. Your song, Painted Perfect, is great. Thanks for finding my blog of mythos, paint and poetry.

  34. ljclayton says:

    Yes, imagery’s the thing. Very best and thank you.

  35. patsquared2 says:

    Love your voice – literally and figuratively. And I want to sign up for your blog but cannot find the subscribe function. Can you help?

  36. Well done! At the heart of every good song are good lyrics.

  37. lessandragr says:

    Good article. I shall follow along on your journey as a singer, lyricist and poet. Thank you for the follow 🙂

  38. Corinne Shields says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am very new to this blogging thing and so it was lovely to hear from you. Your site is packed with really interesting stuff. I shall return.
    Corinne at soulsnet.com

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