365 daily challenge summary week 22

Greeting once again my fellow earthmovers

Another week has passed again, been a nice and quiet week enjoying some vacation time, listening to music, doing some studiowork and off course my daily writing excercises.Hope you are having a wonderful time as well, there will be some music up and running again soon to.

Until then here are this weeks summary ( one of you will recognize two of your topics):


Day 154 4th of April 2012

Topic: Moon Babies

We are the children of the moon cycle, 28 days
flesh and soul inprinted into each and everyone of these veins
following the earth in balance with the natural night and day
demolition of a sun God and the life that it pays
We meditate on holy ground, that means untouched soil
reaching mother earth and her untouched soul
share our thoughts with her long lost love
and unite it with the strongest bond
create relations on vibrational stages, rid of evil, all the darkness gone
but we are far from one
we have waited far to long
of bringing feminin thoughts into our fatherly love
we use our knowledge to build relations
our wisdoms to form creations
dependent of them both, to create human elevation
realization of a man lies in the connection
to both the inner and outer world, and how it interfer with his intensions
and not to mention his way of leading his own revelation

Day 153 3rd of April 2012

Topic: The Faded grey

The paradigm is over us,
the changes have been made,  and faded away over some angeldust
No longer a narrow road to take, every road is laid out for us to cross
a forced entrywound in our mind, have erased all the pain that we can cause
the greyscales of a fleshwound is either dead or alive
at best its pale, but most of the time its faded out to white
or contrasted up to match the black if its willing to take the fight
there is no explanation in sight
its either done by the good guys, or it has crossed to the other side
the days of moving between these terms are over
the science of life has been over runned by loud screaming vultures
the times where you could have a sight, then spice it from different angles
and make it into science, or you own life sentenced alliance
with yourself, is now killed of, cause we seem to want the easiest path to the oppsite
tell us how it is, in the shortest amount of time as possible
Who is the enemy, who is our friend, give us straight facts, nothing plausible
A black and white society is no longer worth fighting for
its the grey scales that paints the walls and the direction to the door
that give me hope to stay on in this world we claim as ours
so please help me get the scene in place, before i can scream ACTION once more

Day 152 2nd of April 2012

Topic: Syntax

If I didn´t know this game, would write I this sentence wrong
I would put the adverb in front of the noun and describe it with the verb, all day long
madly men do more jumping than a singing song
and people would just laugh at me cause I didnt get the syntax on
I see a lot of weird stuff when I google on the internet
people just throwing their words into sentences
that ends up in a terrible mess
without any consensus with the sentences they write
and not to mention the senseless images the make when they are updating their site
“I am who you not think I am”
I am man a yet, but not by stolen  the hand!”
Man, What are you trying to say?
I pray for the days when people can produce words in a line perfectly, without saying
this may been, the weirdest verse i wrote so far
and by far, the wrongest of them most, but you will understand the message of it by far
and thats the weirdest part, your perception of the language feeds the message
and make you understand even the most complicated incomepetent refference,
as long as you read it in its context

Day151 1st of April

Topic: Undecided

She had heard both of their voices, seen them debate eachother
one spreading the word a little bit better than the other
she was really keen on the words of freedom, but couldn’t bother
to read behind the sentences that spoke the true matter
instead she rather chose to digest the fear and words of the big brother
a typical description of an undecided voter
lost her brother in war, and a single hard working mother
got her own dreams smothered
years ago, and still haven’t bothered to chase another
Now she lives the alternative lifestyle
but so close minded that the herbs are the only answer in her life right now
She has screamed change for ages, but nothing seems worthwhile
A picket fence writer, a selective fighter
if someone says something she like, she will follow him blindly, right there
Will never find her peace at heart
a fresh start for her would be enough money to fill her shopping cart
with no struggle
And to get there she will vote for the one who doesn’t bug her to much
no matter what he stand for, as long as he can give her a better life with a small touch up

Day 150 31th of March

Topic: Enthusiasm

Max was a one of a kind
as a matter of fact, he was one with the time
had been waiting for a decade, to the sounds of the chimes
Wind made them play his tune as soon as he stepped in to find
the answers that laid their for hundreds of years
he acknowledged the excitement, and threw off his fears
tear open a specter of new answers of the atmosphere
a connection between the stratosphere, that the connection was near
and hopefully the final piece was just around the corner
he could wait any longer
he was bubbling of excitement, from the results bubbling over the benzen burner
picked up the cup and turned her
He knew he´d taken his research a little bit further
just wait until the world know about the discovery
finally I can prove the connection of our galaxy
And with great excitement he shared the message with the world
a tirade of words, mesmerized the crowd, and their minds burst
into tears beacause of the beautiful connection back to where we once where
the frash start was finally here

Day 149 30th of March 2012

Topic: Crime Noir

“It was a dark and windy night, I spotted him from a distance, i´ve seen him before
I gently open the door and ask: “Do you know the way to the dorm?”
He looked at me suspiciously, he knew that I knew him
with a constant look over his shoulder, he resentingly lets me in
he constantly scratch behind his ear, and rubs his right ear lobe
like he was nerveous about something, hiding the truth about the business of his job
He turns rapidly: Sir, I am sure we met somewhere, please enlighten me?
I turned my head sideways, looking straight into his sweaty face, he smiled to a certain degree
I knew this move, he tried to get the upper hand, but I saw through his little scheem
I new the next move would be dangerous, like picking fruits of a poisiouness tree
Stayed in eyecontact with him before I said: “That is right Tommy, You seen right through me”
It is me, Frank, from Belle Vue, I have been waiting thirty years for this day to come
It was you who killed my family, and my revenge will come upon
You, and everything you stand for, please step away from the closet, and show me both your thumbs
He hesitated for a seceond, before he raised them in the air
it was as clear as daylight, the thumb on his left hand was no longer there
He lost it in the fight with my baby brother, and the proof I needed was right here
I could finally erase him from my memory, my salvation was near
He looked at me, with sorrow in his eyes he said: “I never meant to do it see”
I countered his look and said: “Well that won´t bring back my family”
And without thinking, I shot him dead, a moment of regret turned into peace a second later
I could finally walk as a freed soul again, without the weight on my shoulders

Day 148 29th of March 2012

Topic: Mental Breakdown

my minds grinding and churning
thougts flipping and turning
can´t face the truth that lies ahead, so I leave the bridges burning
filled up with all these disturbing images, the inside of me is hurting
just give me one second of peace,
or at least one second where I feel, I can revert things
a living proof of a diverting story, gone bad, none of it is awarding
regardless of the situation, I have tried to keep my life to the according
Manuals I read on it,
but I am done with sorting out these bits
I´ve painted this jigsaw again and again, but now none the pieces seem to fit
even though I control the brush, I can´t match the images I assosiate this with
taking blows to the head now, crumbled on the ground, I man up for the last hits
at the breaking point
I have this conjoint feeling of coexisting with the focal point of my existence
I read my own lips as the image of myself is saying
I am done, let me just sleep







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15 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 22

  1. Abby Rae says:

    Moon Babies! Love it!!!!

  2. I like Syntax. That was so clever. 🙂

  3. Moon Babies is amazing – I love it!
    Syntax made me chuckle. 😀
    I really like the rhythmic pace of The Faded Grey,
    and loved the grittiness and punch of Mental Breakdown.

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  4. I couldn’t choose just one! You’re very gifted! THANK YOU, Deborah

  5. simon7banks says:

    I like all of these – so true. “Who is the enemy, who is our friend”. Reminds me of Wilfred Owen’s First World War poem: “I am the enemy you killed, my friend.”

  6. Here is an array of thoughts … in these lines I have found a comprehensive world of innerself.

  7. poetart says:

    Wow.. where to start! These are all rich and evocative pieces of writing. Loved the first one Moon Babies.. ‘flesh and soul inprinted into each and everyone of these veins.’ Sublime. 🙂

  8. spoonbeams says:

    I’m just a baby at this so your follow is quite an encouragement. I love the spread of your thoughts.

  9. G.D. Hardin says:

    Kick a flow for the Sunshine Award http://wp.me/pJRaR-Dw

  10. Uncle Tree says:

    I think you’re on a good track.
    You passed me so fast,
    you may not get this note
    until tomorrow. Just breathe, baby.
    You got a long way to run.

    Congratulations! 🙂 Nice to meet you!
    Have a fine Easter weekend. Peace, UT

  11. Thank you for your likes on my writing, its very encouraging. I’m finding your style of writing is very good too – very lyrical, as is becoming.

  12. I really like the Moon Babies poem. Such beautiful symbolism. Mental Illness was moved me too. Our minds can be so chaotic. Good stuff!

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