365 daily challenge summary week 21

Greetings my faithful readers

It has been yet another week, a week filled with too much work, and not by far as much time for beeing creative, but I have still taken the time every night to write, but no music this week what so ever. I can feel it inside me, that something is missing from this week, so I cant wait to get back in the studio.

Hope you are excited about the new verses, Gotten some pretty neat topics from my fans this week, so it was easy to be inspired, feel free to share topics as well, so I can write on them.


here are the verses:

Day 147 28th of March 2012

Topic: Hidden Meanings

There must be something hidden here, there is nothing as simple as this
I read the lyrics loud, we have the miss that rhymes with kiss
the boy and the girl that argue over an angry riff
just to make up over rolling strings and end up in eternal bliss
I tear my head open. I am going to crack this code
maybe the writer is pulling strings around the hope
of chasing that one goal
and achieve self absorbing grattitude towards your floating soul
or maybe the kiss represents the meaning of all good
it should be easily understood, that it actually could
and most likely would
kill of the evil, and reincarnate it as Robin Hood
Maybe the riff represent an inner scream
from the boy, maybe the relationship aint what it seem
underneath, the emotions, you can see a torn open dream
that left him crushed to the ground, and this girl is the only one that makes him feel
I try to persuade the sentences to show me the hidden meaning
before it strikes me, Maybe the writer is just boring
and plain stupid, and didn´t choose to give it any more thought than that
Damn, I just lost 3 hours of my life exploring this universe, now give it back!

Day 146 27th of March 2012

Topic: Drug addicts and dandy lions

he thought he smelled the war of the roses
the blue one on his shoulder
his lovely herion, suddenly turned colder
mark of the beast, he just wanted to hold her
a firm grip around the belt, thightened, all his best cards are folded
the manic addiction, infiltrated and pentrated by his lengthly followed vixxen
slowly developed a sick sense of a sixth sense
he escapes reality, while his presence presents it as non fiction
and the needle speaks his common sense
thats when
the dandy lions comes to life
like a ray of sunshine, it glows up what hides inside
the empty shell filled with a poisonous  mind
the addicted version of dr.  Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
it is almost like salvation, or even a revelation
to see these flowers bloom, they´re beautiful, a constant admiration
he just sits their listening in on his inner conversation
but the images they fade away, in balanced and rythmic formations
he finds himself alone again, shaking and shivering
he wants to get back on again, chase the dandy lions, and what they are picturing
so he chase it once again, with the needle that deliver it

Day 145 26th of March 2012

Topic: The Socially accepted reality

A wet dream for the white picket fence movement
only daylight exists, night time is something they have heard about in romours
Dreams are something that you experience in this time span
in a deep sleep, you create magic, and let the mind expand
then you forget it when you wake up, let the day come
and move on with your overly rated life form
also called dayjob
cause as long as that paycheck is in your hand
you are socially accepted no matter how foolish you are
or act
as a matter of fact
behind your back
people probably say: Well at least he got a job, we can like him for that
The socially accepted reality happens between 9 and 5
after that in moves to the livingrom and is: “BROUGHT TO YOU LIVE!”
the television are buzzing like a bee hive
until you dose of from the boredom and buzz like a bee……hive
If you manage to make this the cycle of life
you probably end up with a suburban, dog, kids and a wife
you probably don´t like
with a trip abroad, as the focal point you look back on
and then it just go on and on and on and on……..

Day 144 25th of March 2012

Topic: Bureaucracy

He takes a quick glance at the paper
then put it in the already overfilled: Take a look at later
together with already outdated sheets
about the state of emergency regarding, birdflu, antrax mailbombs and orders of retreet
dated back to 2003
but at least, those sheets where just fear spreading make belive
or a raise of hope for a new type of democracy
He moves his outbox to the table right across the hall
one the way back he stops and dust the frame of his “employee of the year” picture on the wall
dated back to 2004
eight years later he still as proud as before
even though he had a lot more hair, and a lot more to live for
he still appreciate the papermill that is lying on his desk
but it would relieve some stress from his chest
if people just could use the internet
for these tasks
so he could relax
and maybe just make it, two rounds around the office to fax
his boss, the numbers of todays costs
So he could be much more polite in the two phone calls
he will make today
or maybe he should just take em later, its not like someone is waiting
“hmm cofee sounds good”

Day 143 24th of March 2012

Topic: Mindfulness

I work present in the here and now
mindfull to the exact point of return, but keep it on the down low
working hard on showing no signs of returning to the state of
letting the flow of occations rule my life cycle
Raising awareness, without raising the bar,  or riding on the tidals
this aint a chase for any title
This aint celebrety chase, or the chase of beeing an idol
This is all about staying true to how life works i practice
that no matter how malice it may treath you, stone cold and callous
have an open mind and stay true your throne in the palace
be aware, stop and feel, enjoy the moments
live life with no regrets, but still keep the stupidness in a distance
there is a difference
between carpe diem and beeing plain stupid about what you choose to fill your life with
If it feels right, it probably is
If there is a slight doubt, follow the gut feelings
And that is beeing mindful

Day 142 23rd of March 2012

Topic: The Andes Mountains

Like a spine it crawls around the land, sorrounding it with beauty
the minded man will tell his lamb, to be frightened of it´s duty
So many lives are lost, when nature calls upon the raging frost
that the chain has stopped to count men that passed away racing to the top
The range of it all, can fear the most daring of the crop
Everytime you think the chain will stop
it continues with another block
of stones
in a distance, if you are silent, you can hear the mountains roam
and whisper
even chant the song, of fallen soldiers, like guardians of its dome
Not a single man has ever dared to call these mountains home
From North to south its borders go
inside flows its volcanic souls
that flows over with eruptic cause
bulging out from its rythmic jaws
the magma floats and waiting for
another chance to destroy what we think is ours
The Andes is a great example of Nature fighting for its cause

day 141 22nd of March 2012

Topic: Lobotomy

There is a new desease that spreads around rapidly
The socialized lobotomy, driven by status as celebrities
the everlasting childhood dream
make teenagers act stupid while they´re chasing their airbubble streams
They are on some daredevil themes
crossing between something barely legal, and uncivil means
while their brain shrivel softly to a nutshell
I try to quell these activities , to keep em outta hell
no good and evil stuff, just a place where the human state ain´t so well
so I play the poetry card to try to build some brain cells
The influences fight me, it is a long fought battle
of ignorance, culture, and lack of substance and matter
To force em take another step on the elevated ladder
lyricly re-arrange the patterns of their blood spatter
Mentally I tear down posters in my sleep
Try to build speach bubbles that preach out what I see
Place em in the sky so they manage to see
the message of a brain, words and lyrical peace


Peace Love and Unity


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28 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 21

  1. The futility of chasing dreams that exists only in the drug addicted mind. The Drug Addict and the Dandy Lion says it all. Kudos!

  2. adurnablue says:

    Here I shall die, in bliss and comfort…………..I read your work and this come to mind…. uh topics, hmmm how about: Moon babies, Skin deeper, life’s a bowl of……., Two nights in – insert place- and Empty shadows ….. hope these bring you inspiration 🙂

  3. gigoid says:

    Stay on it, bro…. your verse gets tighter and clearer each time I see it; good evolution.. some really good imagery here, and a lot of hints of power to come….. good work.

  4. Drugs, always a good theme for poetry, nicely juxtaposed with the dandelions.


  5. Magnificent ! Im mesmerized and fascinated by your intensity of images–words made flesh! THANK you !

  6. Nice, tight verse… startling imagery… I like very much!

    Usually, when I try to write verse, I end up with a story… which is not a bad thing… but when one really wanted to say more with less…


  7. simon7banks says:

    Yes – I liked these, particularly “Hidden Meanings”.

  8. riendire19 says:

    I am in love with this.

  9. Loving the ‘mindfulness. Got the Buddhist thumbs up from me!!

  10. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    This some really good stuff, and I mean REALLY good. It’s honest, relevant and hits right in the gut. I’m impressed.

  11. Mars says:

    Okay, this is just…forgive the lack of adjective…awesome. An obvious product of creativity, time and genius combined. Keep at it!

  12. alpajews says:

    Hi MesAyah – I really enjoy your voice, I look forward to reading more!

  13. Person next to me says: “Oh God No! not more rhyming poetry!” I say: “This is music lyrics.” “Yeah. But it doesn’t have to. I know music that doesn’t rhyme.” “Depends on what you want, doesn’t it? How you want to fit the rhythm, the beat.” Then I read on. It locks in, then it breaks free. This stuff is delightful. Is there music to it?

    • MesAyah says:

      🙂 thank you so much for that Paul:) yes there are music as well, not to every verse here though, but I make music too. you can check it out on http://www.mesayah.com . The 365 daily challenge is mostly about writing, but two of the tracks on the website started its career in this challenge. And there are two tracks on my upcoming album that you can read here. Running away and Footsteps from week 17 and 18 i think. 🙂

      Hope you will continue reading my verses.

  14. Unsungpoet says:

    I really really dig your insights here…Some truly dead-on, awesome points and so cleverly put into verse…

  15. roseshadows says:

    Love your work! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more!

  16. am blown away by your work… beautiful they are… following your blog to get updates on ur posts… 🙂

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