365 daily challenge summary week 20

Hello again, another week is over, and what a perfect timing it is to post on World Poetry day:)

Hope you will enjoy this weeks poems as well

here they are:

Day 140 21th of March 2012

Topic: Professional intimacy

The limits they were so clear
We have to get the product done, the emotions must be left here
our senses were in top gear
but the fasade was painted clearly, and it wasn´t room for what we share
The result was more important than beeing selfish
envious, feels like 100 degrees celcius
just standing close to you, but our faces
are so focused on the progress of this project
can´t let the fear of failing, force out the unecessary
when the groundbreaking results are on the break of failing barely
But i got lost in it so bad
I got lost in it so bad
with the boundaries that we had
I wished that it was me who pushed the break pads
But I am glad that we both did
the result in the end, was both georgeous and vivid
just like our life long relationship, the best there is
Pure friendship

139 20th of March 2012

Topic: Kony

It started as a farse on the internet
a result of when the the human mind intercept
with the message sent, related to the feelings it may represent
I saw a wast majority scream change in my timeline
I saw others scream of rage while they tried to throw out their life line
But also a few with a retrospective aspect
that yelled: Wait, take a step back, read behind the lines, then gather your aspects
Where were you when this awful events started to happen
Why was Uganda on your lips all of the sudden
the power of the mind and emotions, led you to open up and pushed on your buttons
I agree that the story is horriffic
but the message of it all aint exactly prolific
and the cheap shots they use, and their narrow angle
shouldn´t be enough to get your thoughts to mangle
what it should do, is to enforce yourself to go deeper to untangle
the story behind the story, and find out more about the actions that are handled
then you are at a point to take action

Day 138 19th of March 2012

Topic: Chocolate

A little piece of delight
flavored, milky and brown, I know i will like
I might laugh at people who just swallow these bits
its a piece of art, each flavour is made with the intention to hit
the tastebuds, your emotions, waking up from your dream state
just don’t take it as far as making chocolate your dream date
then you have eaten to many
and it is no longer healthy
you should learn to appreciate all good, but only taste it
when you are ready
to be driven out on a journey
filled with hunger and devotion, to recreate the same taste
that sent you back here in the first place
or else its just a waste of time, and respect the uniqueness
the mystique lies in bewteen the sheets of sweetness
and it is here the consumer will reveal its weakness
while the personality of an enjoyed soul shows his true self
The chocolate is more than just candy, it is the ressurection of its self

Day 137 18th of March 2012

Topic: Beeing Drunk

an intoxicating feeling of forgetting
letting your mind go, in that true sense, just to catch your breath with
its a feeling I often fled to
wich led to, social events, friends, and a brain with no creative virtue
a twenty twenty tunnel vision, eyepads in the size of a unicorns horseshoe
And an inner voice that screams: What more can i do for you?
The inner dialogue is escalating with some pace
I embrace the fact, that this state has taken me to this place
without feeling displaced
And it is at this stage i wished that i went home and replaced
this last beer, with water and escape the dry mouth tommorrow
I am glad I´m on a break now, there is no sorrow
left in me of taking a year long break from alcohol
and it is fun to experience your friends, socialize on alcohol
My body feels like a temple, and my mind is on a pedestale
feel like i am a horse head in front of where I was, a year ago
And the result is right in front of me, I couldnt have written this a year ago
and read my life since i stopped 77 days ago, a creation of
pure inner thoughts with no hidden influences to show for

Day 136 17th of March 2012

Topic: Key hole

Reveling of a secret, you can see it if you peep in
let your eyes roll through the room, until you find what you are seeking
If you only had the key
you could have revealed all off its mysteries
but you are stuck on the outside, wondering about the inquires
that hides inside, what type of histroy hides in this room
the object in the center, kind of takes the attention and grooms
your mind, it wanders around, you wonder, you assume
that the fumes you smell will enlighten the gloom
of your mind, and you pressume that its a deeper meaning
behind this door, it will reveal the picture within it
if you only had the key, if only you had seen it
in close contact with the object, your inner voice wouldnt be screaming
If only you had the key, you could have answered all your dreams
you could have edited all the scenes
and finally found the key to your inner urge and screams
if only You had the key, that fit the key hole

day 135 16th of March 2012

Topic: Bicycle wheel

The metal sticks, are connected with the rim
the wheel of fortune, recolection of a dream
Rolling forward,  pass intersections, swinging in its gleam
the light that strikes the bike it rides, is leaning to the screams
the golden glitter, thickness of its body weight
shapeshifting exterior, the tension that it recreates
equiped with an armored plate
in case someone wants its gold in weight
or better yet, wants the key to be the head of state
never underestimate the powers of this  wheeling creation
it can overcome and deal with the most incriminating abominations
but after days of standing in front of standing ovations
its getting pretty sick and tired of the mass maipulation
of its name and reputation
So It silently retreats back to escape this public solemnization
makes a few modifications before turning in
Another day have passed with the sucession of the rim

134 15th of March 2012

Topic: Earthquake

Rumblin sounds, vocal chords of the earthmovers
inserted all their strength into pushing opposites towards eachother
the floating magma of ther souls
are boiling over its boiling point, while their opposition tries to make it cold
attacking with no intention to fold
their redemption song is played in d-minor, they refuse to be overthrown
their cause wont get sold, thats when two worlds collide
thats when the two sides meet, just to divide
further apart, creation of  a new tide
The richterschale breaks records, the aftershakes make marks worldwide
seismic waves makes an impact on the way we experience life
we need the global plates to stay awake , to feel alive
This human earthquake didn´t just shake us on the outside
it even took a bite off, and shook our minds
grabbed us by our spinal chord and got injected in our spine
But it wouldn´t be a revolution if one global mind had nothing else to fight against
you need a rumbling crowd to be able to even scream change
so please join hands and fight you battles





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31 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 20

  1. simon7banks says:

    I like “Professional Intimacy”. You’ve taken some of the dead language people use at work and made it poetry.

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    Hey! So glad about your Kony verse (finally, there is someone!)…
    I was wondering if you write your verses one a day or all seven at once?

    • MesAyah says:

      I fel that it needed to be said! And when someone gave me that topic, I was overjoyed

      I write one each day, that is the rule i put down, and i post them on my website daily, and you get all seven in one go here on my blog.

  3. Casey B says:

    Great poems- thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. gigoid says:

    MesAyah…. it’s been great to watch the evolution of your verse, from when you started to this week’s output. In my opinion, it’s getting better all the time… you’ve always showed a lot of creativity, and it’s maturing, showing signs of more discipline in your mind and this process… keep on keepin’ on…. 🙂

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you, I am glad that you are noticing the progress, that I actually evolve from this challenge, I can feel it myself as well, I can put much more energy into the mind instead of on the actual writing now after 20 weeks, it feels great

  5. Really liking the Kony verse and the Earthquake verse. I like your more political stuff – it needs to be said, and it needs someone to get the younger generations thinking instead of chasing the celebrity carrot.

    I also like your more humorous verses 🙂


  6. irenelefort says:

    Happy Poetry Day to you too! 🙂 I am going to enjoy a piece of chocolate now; let is melt slowly in my mouth. 🙂 Cheers!

  7. lbtk says:

    So much talent! Thanks for sharing such moving pieces. Can’t wait till the next installment. Sandy

  8. Ok…you’ve convinced me! When I lived in Atlanta, we used to gather at this local cafe called Marlee’s on Tuesday nights and light up the mic with spoken word. I was issued a 30 day challenge but, I never could focus enough to do it. But you’ve inspired me with this. Thanx!

  9. kaycee says:

    I love the Kony Poem. Made a lot of sense.

  10. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    So much variety! I’m impressed!

  11. Lindy Lee says:

    Stimulating thoughts in a personal rhythm all your own…

  12. Terri O.A. says:

    Very nice moving poetry…..the bicycle wheel was my favorite. I think I know what you were trying to say! Poetry gets colored by the mind of the reader though….have a good week!

  13. kkmeow says:

    yes yes & yes!
    so glad you did one on kony.

  14. clinock says:

    thank you for following art rat cafe, I am honoured. been away for awhile but now exploring sites i have missed – so much to explore in yours so need time but what i have seen blows me away. your words are honest and touch my heart.

  15. KC says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the follow…hope you enjoy my stuff as much as I’ve enjoyed yours so far.

    I’m impressed, btw. If it’s not a rude question (just an ignorant one 😛 ) did you grow up speaking english?

    • MesAyah says:

      And thank you for following back, I am enjoying reading yours as well.

      No i didn’t grow up speaking english, but I was exposed of it from around age 10 or so. How come?

      • KC says:

        Just something in the rhythm scheme you use a lot. It’s more lyrical than most english-speakers/rappers. I’m always impressed by bilingual people, but even more so when they show such talent in a language other than their own. 😉

        Also, kudos on the video…very nice, very disturbing, and a great cause. I will be sure to go back at the end of the week, when I have money again. 😛

      • MesAyah says:

        I think that is the beauty of billingual writing, you add a new melody from your own origin into a new one without making it wrong, I Love listening to music with that speacial touch in it. So I am glad that you enjoyed that:)

        Nice and disturbing are to very describing words of the whole consept of it, I wanted to have the disturbing part lying inside the perfect surface where we hush down the disturbance.

        You are welcome back at any time:)

  16. Tony Single says:

    Mate, I am impressed by what I read here. I am enamoured of the lilting style of your words when I read them in my head, and the variety and depth of the topics that you cover is also appealing. I love chocolate, so that’s a winner for me right there, but I’m also moved by Earthquake and Being Drunk. Thanks for following me at my blog; I would never have known that your blog even existed if you hadn’t!

  17. Wow! A poem a day? And such good ones – impressive!

  18. Angie says:

    Thank you for following arthurmapes.wordpress.com! Your work is so creative!

  19. iamlenise says:

    I loved ‘Chocolate’ …How true..haha 😉

  20. bookcookiez says:

    I love the Earthquake poem/rap! I don’t usually listen to rap but yours are exceptional. You are really talented. 🙂

  21. infinine says:

    Whazzup MesAyah! I did a little performance piece which was inspired by you and the Trayvon Martin case here in the U.S., check it out and thanks. Peace.

  22. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    Oh yeah!

  23. ramanan50 says:

    Find do I people so dear.
    Who can write Queen so clear,
    With toughts on Life sublime.
    Wish more were here to chime.

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