365 daily challenge summary week 19

Hello my fantastic readers

Another week has passed, a week that saw a new track coming out, and my first national news coverage was published on Friday, and the cause was this 365 daily challenge. Things are starting to happen. So thank you for yet another lovely week together with you guys

here are the verses:

133 14th of March 2012

Topic: Injustice

She looked over her shoulder, had nothing else to hope for
the fading past has taken over, in this circle she feels so small
bound to be a victim
feels sickened by the system,
the eviction notice was a closed call even before she was told she got evicted
this selection of destinies
roll of a dice, inception of a bad dream
injected in a collection of mad mens greed
the recollection of a happy life died while her man still plead
on his knees
to be relieved from the painful grief, of leaving his wife and kids in a dying need
of a home, but now they are left on the cold and lonely streets
The pain from this unjust story crawls into the bonemarrow
like a pointed arrow, shot through the heart of our everyday hero
carrying on with her painful sorrow
while the hawks are flying over her head, waiting for tomorrow
so they can feast upon her losses
to please their own bosses
and take advantage of the situation no matter what the cause is

Day 132 13th of March 2012

Topic: safehouse

Hide between these four walls
No safety net to be praying for
wont dare to open up the door
the construction material is all that he’srelying on
afraid to face the danger, so much safer in this sacred place
hide away hissinful rage, and race against the human race
embrace the evil like it was his friend, he even finds himself to sing its grace
disgraceful behaviour, but he can’t face the destiny, he cant face his end of days
hw’s speaking with his inner voice, show emotions through his outer shell
leaning towards heavens gate, dance with the devil through the gates of hell
the voices drive him closer, Hope that this will end well
but the safehouse isn’t safe no more, someone rings the door bell
this is the final curtain call, Now its time to share and tell
the sacrifice he made, and the obstacles he tried to quell
Used the protection of his own life, on behalf of others
no he has to pay the prize, it couldn’t go around unbothered
the slayered souls are back again
the reverend throws his hands, this is the end of his game
there is no other soul to blame, so he bows his head in shame
And the darkness strikes quick, and the fire blows out the flames

Day 131 12th of March 2012

Topic: Photographer under fire

In the center of the firing line
his camera stays objective, while the firing squad takes its time
he is usually on the other side
of the lense, but now he is caught dead center, its flashing while
he tries to walk out the backdoor
but he is caught up by the brigade again, and they make sure
to let go of the button, as soon as he steps forward or
turns around,
the scandal that he wore
around his neck, was to preacious for the others to let go
they just had to ensure, that they had secured
the true story about the colleague that stored
information of homeland security, devestating for the government
better yet, prime time for the journalist and the cameras their superiors sent
they couldn´t just let this go, they had to feast upon it
get every juicy detail, so the world could dream about it
revealed under the plea for knowledge
released under the need for disadvantages
so the people could get a scapegoat, and so they did
but this time it was their own kind, that gave them their bid
for justice

Day 130 11th of March 2012

Topic: Starbucks

Just when I thought we had enough
Chains from abroad, corporations, that import the thought of convinience
It was just convinient that Starbucks thought, Norway seems like a nice region
to start a new franchise, they love brands they only see outside their own region
Please, I plea to all of you Norwegians
that think its great that we can finally pose on facebook with a starbucks cup between our fingers
Have a sip, have a real good taste, and realise, it tastes like shit
It is limits for what a brandname can take away from the taste, thats why they flavour it
But not even buttercream, syrup, or chocolate can hide behind the fact, that the cofee taste like rotten piss
I am a coffee lover, I love coffee beyond the word coffee
And if its something that americans can´t teach me, it would be, how to make coffee
or sallads
There is just something wrong with the picture,
if we take the flavour away, and add some sugar, I´m sure that it will taste better
Thats why american black cofee tastes and looks like almost clean sewered water
Espressos looks like oil rafined tap water
so I plea to you Norwegians out there
We are top 5 barrista country world Wide
Why do you go out and buy
Merchandised, branded coffee, when the real deal is either inside,
your own home or at a coffee shop nearby
Please explain to me why!

Day 129 10th of March 2012

Topic : Family

There is so much you can talk about with family
one of the most frequent words i use, is destiny
destined to be related to these people, if nothing else, genetically
It can be delightful, like a bed of roses, or dreadful
if that bed is filled with bloody roses and a dark infected history
a family relation can be a life long dependency
it can also be filled with jealousy, rivalry and a fight for identity
and secondly a penalty for fighting fights mentally
instead of using words orally and fight differences with empathy
A family can be the best institution in the world, for your own safety
if you are treathed equally, respectfully and with heartfelt ectasy
and potentially be brought up with love as your specialty
but you can also be in an environment, where the ectacy is produced chemically
and lies and deceit is an every day tendency
where love is an addiction, and they only care for it desperately
and use any means necessary, to catch the dragon with the recipe
and there is no place on earth closer to hell in these circumstances
so I hope you got your mind flowing through these stanzas
and rise up to fight for yourself and all the families around us

Day 128 9th of March 2012

Topic: Beauty

Beauty can mean so many things
It can be the first fresh breath of air during spring
or the moon during frost nights, surrounded by a ring
so bright, it could make the most painful soul sing
beautiful tones, melodies of regret, with positive strings
that floats through the emotions
that works like lotion for the soul and plays the sequence in slow motion
as you move towards the commotion, opening up to the ocean
of gleeming lights
Beauty can be the first sight
or the last look, or the lost love someone else took
from you, and the pain that in the end creates hope, gives you so much to look
forward to
So I am calling you
Beautiful for no reason, and it would be the truth
Beauty can also be as easy as the way you choose
to keep your hair that day, that you let it loose
so my view of you all of the sudden changed to something new
and your apperance grew on me,
not beacause of the way you looked, but the way your carried yourself around
Like your face got a different sound
and the tones attach too a deeper ground
or beauty can also be everything thats sorrounding me,
and it is the way your orchestrate it, that open up the master key
And that meldoy will open doors for the true beauty

Day 127 8th of March 2012

Topic: Paw prints

Grafitti of the animal planet
a paw print marks the territory, natures own canvas
from small kittens to big lions
the tag sign is the mark of a beast, and its not the size that matters
Impressional art, the scentist call these patterns
I call it expression of the heart, another step up the ladder
carved into the ground, with exactly the right precision
made by an animal with clinical night vision
collision of a lifeline made life signed with surgical incision
what those three paw prints represent
the story of a posture, with bent knees or time spent
on a thight edge, survival of the fittest, with a bad dent
but with so much comapssion sent
through the imagery, so you can read what this pawprint meant
when it was made
it changed how the other animals portraited their mate
they saw him in a different way
and couldn´t wait to see his progression through the next stage

Peace Love and Unity


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15 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 19

  1. ‘Injustice’ is my favourite out of those. Brilliant, dark and edgy! Bwahaha at ‘Starbucks’, this made me chuckle – hope you weren’t hoping for any sponsorship from them!!
    Thanks for sharing your precious words.

    • MesAyah says:

      Hahaaha yeah I have kind of burned the bridges when it comes to that sponsor deal:)
      I better go hard for getting Friele(Norwegian Coffe) instead:)

      Glad you enjoyed the reading

  2. sf ca writer says:

    Great poems. ‘safehouse’ has a great ending, real drama going to open that door.

  3. mothcaterpillar says:

    Love the Safe House! Great Verse! 🙂

  4. I love Injustice. It says and means a lot of different things to diferent people.

  5. Most wonderful words….love em!
    best wishes

  6. austenkeats says:

    Wow these are really good, I’m finding it hard to have a favorite though it feels easy to relate to all of the.

  7. Suphie says:

    Wow!! I wish I had something “special” to add here. ;)) But they were great, if a bit too long; sorry my attention span happens to be that of a gnat. 😉 TAKE CARE! Bye

  8. Suphie says:

    Great!!! 🙂 What motivates you, now, don’t think I am criticizing, to write, though????? You are such a fertile writer!!! The singing part of the writing part!!! Please, write back!! 😉


  9. Suphie says:

    P.S. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeed your comment about “Starbucks” like the lady said; what brought to mind, the verse, “rotten piss”??? 😀 Great phrases, keep on gong!!!:D

  10. Suphie says:

    Honesty, probably??? 😀 Or, just, sheer, poetic virtue!!! 😀 Awesome! Well done!! Congrats, Oslo, Norvege!!!!!

    • MesAyah says:

      Hehe thank you for kind words Suphie

      I think there will take hours to explain why I am writing, but the short version is

      To connect with my inner self and thoughts
      To spread a message and make people feel alive
      to fulfill a need of putting words down to describe my imagery
      365 daily challenge was started to improve my topical writing

  11. Congrats on the national coverage! Keep up the good work!

  12. Reneegede says:

    My favorite: ‘safehouse’. But all are good! Good work!

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