365 daily challenge summary week 18

Another week has passed. We are back on track again. I Hope you have enjoyed the track release and the members club benefits that I have put up for you this last week. There are more to come in the future so please stay put and join me into the future:)

here are this weeks verses:

Day 126 7th of March 2012

Topic: Cannibalism

I´m not gonna approach this as a cannibal holocaust
or build and nest a story that will reveal a massive hoax
I wanna go natural, reveal the flesh and blood
a flash flood of images, that grows beyond and above
the true desire of this topic, lies in the creatures that show
an interest for eating their own flesh and blood
If I were a cannibal, I would eat poets
or eat portraits in neat portions
and drink it down with the bloody tones of a stolen
drumpattern and a sampled piano roll, but would never be able to digest B.Dolan
This inner urge seem to get people on the verge
and the forces of hunger merge
and get this thirst and hunger emerging from the surface
with this need that they are cursed with
I have one plea in all of this, and mean no harm
but could you few rappers and poets stop chewing on my arms
and start feasting on your own flesh
find your own rhymes

Day 125 6th of March 2012

Topic: Syriah

It is a sad fate that plays out on an open stage
for weeks now, I have seen images of a childs face
filled with terror, hunted by a mad rage
from a soldier, following the words, that a mad man say
And all I can do is sitting on the sideline and wait
If I was religious, I could sit silent and pray
All i can do now is sit and fight out the violence from my head and wait for a better day
My only response from this chair, that can help,  is writing about this topic every day
not create awareness, but obtain it, when the camera shuts off
the aftermath of the arabian spring, happens when the voices stop singing
the worst geneside since Balkan wars is already happening
hundreds of men are beeing executed weekly, why are we waiting
as a world society that are suppose to be helping
cause the camera light is only the beginning
We have nothing if they shut it off, It doesnt make an end to the killings
it only gives us the rest of not knowing
we need to get off our knees, and give back to these people
we need actions not words, we need respect for our equal

Day 124 5th of March 2012

Topic. Hunger

This Hollow feeling that i carry
I bury my beliefs and needs as results starts to vary
but I don´t wanna pay the ferryman yet, cause I am not ready
to take the last ferry out
I wanna feast on those two penny´s, that is all that I can dream about
I scream and shout
I wanna be more than my destiny, and I want it now, I´m on the route
but cant seem to eat my way out of the pathway, that causes this drought
If I could just reach to those who hope, with my hunger
Fill my lunges, with some fresh air, and breath it on others
then the hole inside , would fill the whole number
of younger people seeing a future from my struggle
That would make me full again
that would ease up all the pain
the feeling of giving others the strenght
to feel, and feeling a need to extend the lenght of their veins
and rid of the vain needs that they´ve been fighting aginst
then my purpose and hunger are fulfilled to
Then the ferryman have earned his pennies and I can pay my way through
sleeping in peace with all the destinies i knew
and all the new destinies i grew

Day 123 4th of March 2012

Topic: Norways Terror Activity

I don´t know how I should put this in a nice way, or even state it correctly
But I am given the topic on this so I write this to you quite directly
you got to be kidding me
look the word up, terror attacks, act that spreads terror through the society
I have no clue on how you put Norway in this category
So i am gonna brake it down thoroughly
too se if I can understand it better
Are you talking about participating in attacks in Syria, Afgahnistan, Iraq?
We can debate if we should be there, yes, but those are military attacks
on millitary strategic positions, not civilians, not an assumption, but actual facts
But I am more than willing to say that we need to get our troops back
Or are you talking about the “terror” in the system
on how the goverment, spread fear, by not following the system
but exploit the resources, needs, and the safety of our people
by giving certain goods to some, and not treathing us as equal
Financially, medically or even on our human rights
This is still not terror, it is ignorance towards democracy, and also indifference when it comes to witholding their rights
hiding behind: We didn´t know, when the fact is, if you really cared, it is publicly known from the start
in a place where people vote, it is actually your duty as a civilian, to check what type of laws are beeing passed
and then you can revoke it, and do your part to fight against it
So no, there is nothing terrorising about this
I don´t know if I covered it all but, please feel free to write back at me
so I can see if I missed some of the history
of this aspect, please enlighten me,
and I take it into consideration

Day 122 3rd of March 2012

Topic: Paddle

It sounds so simple, just stick the wooden stick in water and you move forward
after several attemps, rage takes over, and you start to wobble
in the waterline, you try to remember what was underlined
in the instruction manual when you first started to paddle down
the river, of the stream of life
the cuts and turns you made since then, was an amazing sight
went from absolutely certain, to more unsecure and hurten
then you rose around a waterfall, and fought back through the burdens
many hurdles must you pass on your road towards freedom
and by freedom i mean, the open landscape that close up upportinities when you need em
you used to be able to see clear under water
not the mudstains, clog your eyes, and your inner vision ain´t any better
when you believed in vibrations in the waterline, you thought you found your pathway
but ended up on the same path you took every day, and blamed it on society
you paddled your verse through harmony
and you paddled your worst through destiny
Who would have thought that paddling in between could bring out the worst and best of me

Day 121 2nd of March 2012

Topic: Thoughts

planted a seed in the ground
now its growing around
rooting on thoughts flowing on lips in double sorround
flower the sounds thats sorrounding us now
Can see it bloom from a distance
a thought was born as a misfit, now it grows like a difference
brought up on ignorance, harvested on its influence
now its confident in its deliverence
the thought has flown over the horizon to often
but mankind has stepped in with their precaution
and barried their beliefs in a coffin
and threw the key away, really started to soften
up towards new ways of thinking
the possibilities narrows down, but the views on life aint shrinking
its rising
cause life ain´t about compromising
its all about revising
and finding comfort in you life events
and while writing this I lead your thoughts in this direction like i ment
in the first place

Day 120 1st of March 2012

Topic; Going Abroad

There is something strange happening, when I´m Crossing borders
my posture, my attiude, my visions stretch a little longer
I adress people in a much more appropriate way
I wish I could be an alien in Oslo, just for a day
I suddenly enjoy when people adress me when I pass them
Beeing called love, dear, sir, signore or gentleman
embrace me more, cause the politeness is there cultural code
and my chin rises more and more
as I walk on the main road, and listen to small symphonies beeing roared
Ode to love
I would call it, its like the sounds are vanishing around you, and all you here is magic
The lovely sonnet of Rome, The theatre of Prague
The poetry of London, I can list the beauty of them all
But when I get back home, the same tones are turning off key
the melodies of the city, ain´t balanced with the rest of me
I often tell myself, in Europe even the statues have started moving
while we are on a standstill, culturally, on a human level, we have stopped improving
but when we are reminded we play music that is soothing , so Im refusing
to give up hope, we can once more be proving
that our symphonies can be in tune as long we all choose it
but intil then
i need my yearly refreshment of a cultural vacation to a much more melodic place



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8 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 18

  1. su'eddie says:

    Hey, once more, I have to really salute you on these posts.
    I can only at how much it takes to put commitment and keep up with being faithful to such a schedule… And yes, the poems are really nice.
    I particularly enjoyed Going Abroad and Paddle (which had some tense inconsistencies)…
    Best wishes on all…do keep on. S’

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you!
      Yes it consumes a lot of time, but I really really enjoy the journey I am on right now. mIt is quite alright to have a muse that is really nagging you every day:)
      I feel like I never sleep any more, I am constantly tuned in.

      I am just happy that people around the world enjoys my effort, that really means a lot.


  2. I greatly enjoy reading your verses. The style of your writing and the way you flow from one line to the next is awesome. Plus the topics you cover and how you speak is a rare talent.

    • MesAyah says:

      I am happy that you enjoy the reading, and thank you for the kind words.

      topics is the hardest part with this challenge, since i get topics from my fans, I have to write on so many topics I am not familiar with or wouldn´t write on in a natural music setting. But I love the challenge of it

  3. missgoodlife says:

    Hey there!
    Thank you for following my blog!
    I find your 365 daily challenge very inspiring! Good work! Keep it coming!
    I will follow your blog as well!

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    Applause, applause, applause– what a beautiful poet you are, a gifted artist, standing out, tall and able…

  5. omozino says:

    Thanks for following my blog
    your 365 daily challenge is definitely inspiring to start writing in my journal again cuz i abandoned it for a while.
    keep up the good work
    P:S; loved you track (painted perfect)

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