MesAyah Introduces Exclusive members club

Good evening

After the following weeks I feel that I have gotten to know thousands of new people in here, through the world of blogging and sharing material with you. I love sharing my rhymes with you every week, and you have given me so much joy back the last couple of weeks. So I feel I wanna Give something back to you too for your lovely support.

Therefore I have started something on my website called Exclusive members club, wich is basicly a place where i give you a lot of gifts and opportunities and discounts and so on. As a member of this exclusive club, you will on a monthly basis get:

    • Free Exclusive songs and preleases of album material on a monthly basis
    • Weekly exclusive newsletter
    •  20 percent off on merchandise and albums
    • Free entrance on venues when I am in your town
    • Exclusive videoes every month
    • exclusive recordings of verses from my 365 daily challenge ( wich will not be publicly released)

All this can be yours for only 2 dollars a month, wich is organized through paypal, and you give your e-mail adress to me, and I will put you in to the exclusive club group. The first gift you get when you submit is a good one, it is Free download of Painted Perfect, and All my prior releases for free as well, so for 2 dollars you get gifts worthy of 10 dollars. And after that it is a daily exclusive recording or prelisten of albumtracks. Hope you will join me.

Just push the subscribe button either here or on my website and paypal takes care of the rest. and I will send you the link to the track and the albums.

Best RegardsMesAyah

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4 Responses to MesAyah Introduces Exclusive members club

  1. Slinging this through Twitter. Painted Perfect is awesome!

  2. infinine says:

    Good marketing strategy, keep up the good work. I’ll get at this when I can, meanwhile, I hope you can find a way to hook up with some local colleges, coffee houses, poetry readings, open mic slams or other venues in your town or the surrounding area to read some of your stuff from 365 Challenge or do your other stuff and pass the hat or have people put money in a jar for you. You could also use the press release to announce this as an event, it’s usually free to send it to a local community paper. You could even just decide to do something in a park or public area for free, put up flyers with a date and time and have a container for people to throw money into. I hope I’m not offending with these suggestions, I don’t know what your level of performing is. As Dr. Dre would say,”keep em’ bobbing they heads”. : )

  3. MesAyah says:

    Thank you.
    I hope to get some followers in this exclusive club, I think it is an honour to make personal poems and tracks for people who love what I do.
    My next thing on the Agenda is to get out there with my readings, I will bring a musician with me and try to hit as many joints as possible to perform an ambience spoken word feel to it. music and words that strikes the heart:)

    I am not offended at all, I thank you for all the suggestions


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