365 daily challenge summary week 17

Good evening

I have had to put it mildly a rough week, and this weeks poems has an effect from that, but I have produced a verse every night even though I was basicly knocked out from the Injury and the effects from the tetanus and pollio shot

but here are the summary of week 17

Day 119 29th of February 2012

Topic: Restraint

It´s coming more an more restrictions
from the outside, we are close to eviction
from our own cities, at least to an extent
cause the laws of free trade are invading our business
lets call it voluntary restraint
A topic not up for debate
new laws are beeing sent by fax from brussel to our head of state
and beacause of our placement of the EEA
Between the constitution and the laws of our state
we are forced to ammend our laws from whatever Brussel would state
If we should choos to refuse what they send, the can choose to refuse our freedom to trade
with states of the union, so who is the hero now for working through this agreement
I guess that person, we don´t need to mention by name, didn´t see through the agreement
of beeing able to trade with countries in the union, without beeing part of it
But then again, she didn´t think that Norwegians would vote against and stay out of it.
So we got no saying in the decisions, but please don´t take this as wanting to be a part of making those decisions
we just have to see if we can find a sollution, where we are less needy, and more needed
so they can´t afford to cancel our EEA agreement
but the most scary part is that we now have a law system that is forever tainted and infected
by the laws outside of Norway, and it would take decades to untangle it
but we need it to work

Day 118 28th of February 2012

Topic: Happiness vs Sorrow

two contasting feelings, that needs to co-exist
you can´t experience sorrow if you don´t know what hapiness is
You can be the happiest kid
without even knowing this
cause the emptyness that strikes you down, hasn´t really ever hit
so you can walk on sunshine, be dancing on clouds
but reality hasn´t appeared yet, So you are bouncing like a clown
on how you see life, but cant face it, when the frown is turned upside down
on the other hand
you can walk around, boiling with emotions, of the dark kind
you call yourself a marked mind
that you left life behind
cause the excitement of life is a stage you forgot and left inside
the mind of your past beeing
you can´t see the life, cause its not excisting
not a single time during childhood, you heard any kind words
the frase, I love you, is as distant as I know you, but it doesnt hurt
You feel empty, cause the events hasn´t happened yet
I wonder how you get, when you first get the words i love you thrown in your face
Both ways, you will probably feel great,
cause the aspect of your life and emotions, contains a wider range

Day 117 27th of Ferbruary 2012

Topic: Cucumber

it took its watery body, dragged it forwards
bragged to his friends, i could strike a pose for hours
easily bent backwards, slightly bent like a flower
“I could get a 100 likes on the mall, just for posing under an hourly shower”
But the machine and need has caught up with me
in the past the majority grew my future
now they are fed up, the wanna profit, and people wanna feast on me
I used to star on markets
now everywhere i go, I nearly depart, cause they all want to part this
beautiful slim, slightly bent body of mine
but instead of paying to see me, they pay to have me inside
of them
But I wish I could go around earning an honest dollar again
istead of beeing sold cheap to pleasure all the women and men
who is out for an easy fix on vegetables
instead of threathing all vegetables with the respect within them
I´ve seen friends tossed around in sallads
I´ve seen friends beeing garnished as a side dish, with garlic, dancing to ballads
for a fried chicken, to please the sins of a proud villain
who felt bad for not using all the veggies in the kicthen
so he killed every soul left within them
just to believe he extended his own life times a million
If you gonna eat me have some decency and make proper meal from me

Day 116 26th of February 2012

Topic: Pain

For a second there time stopped
my jaw dropped, first I though it was my sock
but the noise I heard, was the noise of my skin pop
Pulled it off, No blood yet, thats a good sign i thought
the moment after, it started dripping on the floor
but not a lot though, just enough for it to come out again, after I wiped it off
Went in the batrhoom door, my wife went from beeing carpnting assistent, to a nurse on the bathroom floor
Damn damn damn you Ikea
Im not a fan fan fan of you bolts and screw from Korea
but most of all I am not a fan off my own stupidity
to step on a cuttler side i already prepared, so it is with great humility
i write this verse, with a slight drop in confidence, and a huge drop in mobility
make me question my abilities off building the easiest of facilities
that the plausability of stepping on exactly that bolt,
made me rethink the option of buyin a closet in the first place. no joke
So leave me alone with my pain, provoked

Day 115 25th of February 2012

Topic: Framework

importance of a pretty frame
make images burn notice over an open flame
the framwork proclaim its greatness, abstained and renamed
the beauty of the artwork, no one noticed it was the same
he framed in december, he just switched its place and its name
to fit the message for its statements
the importance of proper placement,
is the basic of the framework
that makes something go from basic, to great, onwards to amazement
you will find a lot of ugly frames, stuffed in a lot basements
cause the artist seems to forget that even a pavement, can be painted perfect
or different, just disconnect from the serpents
that tell you that the uncertain, probably isn´t what your searching
so you purchase the idea of special effects
and create images that neglect the real message it represents
infected by too many effects that affects the frame of the object.
So please keep the framework beautiful, and by beautiful
i mean truthful
to the picture you are presenting, in its most naked way, it is the most useful tool

Day 114 24th of February 2012

Topic: unmotivated violence

They meet up at the local bar again
Tim and his friends, are playing mental games
with the guests, trying to throw stares at em
Tim is in the background, on the look out
if someone looks in their direction or straight back
He will tell his friends that
They wait for the perfect victim, the one who had a couple to much
even better if his girl just broke up, and he is aggrivated, sat off by a light touch
they are a thight bunch, that walks over to the victim of the night
speaking loudly next to him, build up for a fist fight
small comments, small bumps, not looking to bright
give him the set off confidence, to think he can do this right
he takes on the role as the dark night
this well planned fight club, turns in to a rough sight
one of Tims friends, takes a big bite
of his chin, while he lies on his back, beeing held down thight
When the police arrived, they say that he attacked first
when the sad side of the story is , that he reacted first
to the action of a hurd
that planned this motivated bar fight, ever since the last one occured
It is so absurd, to even think they exist in this world

DAy 113 23rd of February 2012

Topic: I never learned to write properly

I never learned to write properly
I learned it through imagery
To use my emotions, to imagine the inner circle, and breath it out as poetry
no certain patterns in the stanzas I write
No certain schemes in my wordflow, more emphasis on the underlined
A picture says a 1000 words, so imagine what my imagery can describe
Not a lot of influence from other writers, I haven´t spent hours reading what other poets write
No common knowledge on them either
If you ask me deeper about Cocteau, Poe or any other
I probably look at you as a huge question mark
But when you read my verse afterwards, you will se where I put my marks
You probably find the connectors, you probably see the messages
that can relate it to other poets,
but I am telling you now, these are my lines, my rhymes, my essence
The negative factor, is that I am never certain, if I created something good or bad
Cause I don´t have the knowledge that i should´ve had
but then the feedback arrives
and I see that I may have created something fresh, just by using the image in my mind,
in the right way
when i write




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20 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 17

  1. The Voice says:

    “Happiness v Sorrow”, “Pain” & “Framework” were all fantastic.

  2. I really connect to this. Writing should be spontaneous and original, in the moment…not like some people practice it and decide for hours on what word goes where. You’re a natural writer.

  3. As always an thought provoking read.

  4. Irene Lefort says:

    I love Cucumber! 🙂

  5. my favourite, ‘restraint’. very refreshing view of Europe from all the way down here in Australia. good luck with that one…

  6. Rivenrod says:

    Restraint touches a nerve . . .

    Excellent work.


  7. simon7banksS says:

    I particularly liked “Happiness v Sorrow”. To be fully human, we must experience both.

    You could get hooked on this “have a nasty, painful accident – write a lot of poetry” thing.

    If it’s any consolation, I have not only stapled a newly printed document to my thumb, I’ve stuck a garden fork in my foot – well, in the side of my big toe. I was gardening in a bit of a hurry (very bad idea), jabbed the fork down, felt something but not really pain, let go of the fork, saw it standing there with one prong going right through my shoe, thought “This can’t be real. It must be a dream” and changed my mind when I saw blood welling up through the hole in the shoe. I had a tetanus booster too.

  8. E A M Harris says:

    I like 118; ‘the excitement of life is a stage you forgot’ seems so true of most people.

  9. sagarika says:

    your poems are very good. hope i could write like you…. among all i liked happiness vs sorrow

  10. Guy d'Truc says:

    I love your cucumber. It looked light and crisp, but tasted of beets.

  11. beth says:

    Cucumber = awesome concept…really enjoyed that! 🙂

  12. headsink says:

    I wish I can write about enjoying things in life even cucumber.
    I wish my pain was real, not some nonsense i don’t understand.
    You really need sorrow to understand the higher state, but there’s a limit to it.
    Your poetry remind me of a normal state of mind I missed.
    I will seek help this Monday.
    Anyway cheers.

  13. redjim99 says:

    Some funny and interesting stuff here, some of your spelling threw me, but not badly 🙂 Thanks for visiting me. Unmotivated Silence is my favourite.


  14. maggie says:

    Amazing! I love reading this aloud. Will do so again. Then again!

  15. wow, you wrote all that and it was a bad week!

  16. AMAZING!!!! , You deserve to be followed, I am still a beginner at “Blogging” ,but you are the best, Hope you like my poems (A)

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