Kjartan Gaulfossen/Erlend Smithee – Avreise (departure) first video from their release Sirkla (Circles)

Weekend is the perfect time for music videos and enjoying music.

This time it is my fellow labelmate Kjartan Gaulfossen and his producer Erlend Smithee that has release a good video to a killer track, It is in Norwegian, but i know that you will still undertsand the schemes and the feeling to the track, and you get a little sneak peak of Norway.

Kjartan Gaulfossen/Erlend smithee – Avreiese

Their new album Sirkla is out 1st of March and is released through Bonsaiety Records and Mesotopia Productions



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6 Responses to Kjartan Gaulfossen/Erlend Smithee – Avreise (departure) first video from their release Sirkla (Circles)

  1. thoughtofvg says:

    nice-norwegian really works well for rap. Its also quite fun for me personally listening to it, picking up bits of the lyrics by using German and Swedish language as help. I don’t speak a word of norwegian unfortunately, but some is little like the two languages i mentioned. Do you have the norwegian lyrics written somewhere? I can usually have a good go at reading norwegian even if i don’t speak it. Thanks for the post!

  2. infinine says:

    Damn, I’m beginning to think I like just about everything you guys do. We are starving for something fresh and original here in the States, at least I know I am. If you are able to scroll the Norwegian words at the bottom of the video or print them out on this site, I can go to http://www.translate.google.com to get the English translation. Thx. Keep our heads bobbin’ Kjartjan and Erlend and thanks for sharing, MesAyah!.

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