365 daily challenge week 16 summary

Here we go again, another week is over, we are now 4 months into the challenge. so hope you enjoy this weeks post as well


Day 112 22nd of February 2012

Topic: Image and gimmick of a rapper

Theres not a scene in the music biz
that has the same emphasis
on image as for rappers and the gimmick they are dancing with
either, you are gangster or street, west or east
alternative, crunk, old school or breakable beats
you have to live and breath this image to the extreme
at least in pictures, in videoes, and covers of magazines
You claim for bitches and hoes, but got none of those
you are bradley adams, still married to your high school rose
You are a weed smoker, preach your lyrics as your seventh sense
alternative to the bone, diving into different sents
Shouting out different,
and freedom, but cant deal with the indifference
of your actual life, you are Adam Kent,
handing out brochures for the local real estate agents
but your manager told you, that image will never sell
so write about the moon cycles, sun strikes and 2012
and call your first album, “I will see you all in hell, 2.0 heaven sells”
I got a couple of words to your image seeking figures
it is the soul of the music, and sadly agents, that sell records
so make music that your heart will listen to
that will always be the number 1 marketing tool
it will be a longer run, but you will see it to
that your listeners will love you, for just beeing you

Day 111 21th of February 2012

Topic: Agenda of a politician

If you are under the illution, that this grinning well suited caracter
is a caracter who fight for you, and your barrier
ÿou have to carry to much of hope inside, to even be able to carry it
No wonder you scream change, cause the strength of your arms are vanishing
as well as the length of em axpands, by the hour, it feels embarrasing
to think a president will represent you
to think an elective is the soul of the youth
that elections are speaking the truth
instead it seems like they are bending it, he is just in it for the pleasure of amending the views
that can buy em four more years, in the pressence of few
If you have no recoginition of this, I need to teach you a lesson or two
If you live to worship the president stool, you are just a depressing old fool
beeing used as the presidents tool, to promote that the represantitives rule
every rule and law for you,
that there is no need to think, or worry, we have politicians to choose from
up on a pedistale, populistic, with a premise and perspective as far away from freedom
you can come
but you cannot hide, but you can play a part in the re-run
or shall I say the re-make cause they switch the actors, every fourth year, for a sweet sum
of money, they tour the country and one lucky winner, can rule the future of our history
without looking backwards

Day 110 20th of February 2012

Topic: The human mind

The myth of its mysteries
the mind can show you paths beyond your own abillities
make images so real, you believe in them
create voices, that speak a truth so beautiful it feels like a heaven sent
melody, and you just feel like a manikin
carrying a soul, your just a shell, your nothing more than a human beeing
let yourself go to those melodies, but never loose charge
the´s when the devils advocate makes his mark
the reality at heart, beeing battled at its ark
the mind plays its tricks with you, It can guide you into the dark
Your heart was only allowed to take one equal, so it took love
riding on its heartbeat, i carried on above
to give that glimps of hope,
let the violins improvise a sonnet, just to show
to keep in touch with your melody
that´s your only true reality
if it plays an off key
you only need to tune it right, to get the reality back to its sanity
People will try to interfer through life, but as long as you see
the notepad in front of you, you will expand above the trees
and your abilities will live its true colours

Day 109 19th of February 2012

Topic: Humbleness

The gratitude i feel inside is bulgin
the need of showing it in public is indulging
but I choose to keep it to myself
stay humble with the prices in my room, kept safe up on the shelf
look towards yourself, I bow in your pressence
the essence of these emotions are ever so present
The person with the abilities, keep it at heart
the one searching, starts at the finishline to break it apart
just to claim he was the first over the line, to show that he´s smart
and filled with a talent, calling all stations, to tell he´s on top of the charts
but in the bigger picture he will alwyas fall short
he judged himself even before he stepped inside his own court
and at the end of the day his trophy room will always feel empty
he strives for the price, not what´s in it, its the status that´s tempting
his pride is non excistent, its just business, he needs plenty
the humble talent appreciate every trophy in it
he knows where, why and how he got it
he put his emotions in the win
he knows where his been
he begins every day with a thank you

Day 108 18th of February 2012

Topic: Running away

No more time that matter
Broken down and shattered
Walk on broken glass
The stream of blood, the golden passage
The human salvage, open up to the damages
sacrilege of the soul
I know that I can´t handle this
So please
Let me just run away in peace
The pieces of my shattered soul,
are puzzled in the bigger scenes
can´t handle living on this way
I am an open prey
For predators, so I am running away
Can´t look back in time
Im at the prime of my
Inner revolution
but the answers are not inside
Brush through the surface
Rush to a certain
Destination with covering curtains
So i can cover my traces while i run

Day 107 17th of february 2012

Topic: Panda´s with no sexlife

There´s an issue with the black and white
the option of no choice, gives no excitement
and the grey-zone is more of a mental placement
than actual captions of life events
the sexual aspects are non-existent
the reproduction organs are as extinct as their own existence
wanna add something extra, but their spices are to blend
and their pick up lines are overused, and their libidos are lent away
On the jungle telegraph, you might here them say
things like: I would like to Pan Dat prey
or, you know what they say about Panda´s with big black spots
If not, I will tell you a couple of facts
and then they actually tell those facts
And as a man I don´t want a female telling me what to do
I much rather lay here in the grass and chew on my bambo0
I don´t have the time to waste the next 30 seconds with you
or even worse, a couple of minutes, so please let me enjoy my non nutritious food
Cause lets face facts here, you don´t like me and I don´t like you

Day 106 16th of February 2012

Topic: Fading Voices

You meet them at every event
they sneak around, looking for someone who represents
someone close to someone close to the ones who can present
their music to someone utterly important
They go through the crowd, stop in front of you put on their friendly face
“yo, I don´t know if you know us, but let us just state
that we love your music, we need to connect,
We are on some mad lyrical shit , have your heard it yet?”
then they go on and go on, whisper rhymes through your ear canal
some mad aggressive shit too, spit shall hit you before the rhymes do and its not even lyrical
I can´t believe they called themselves avant garde
when their rhymeschemes are straight up AABB, with some forced multies hidden inside
that make em loose track of the accapella beat they thought the had
when they leave you there hanging
they finish the conversation, with, We´ll send you some beats in the morning
but you know they wont be calling
the last you will here of their voices is when they are fading
in the next room, we are on some mad lyrical shit, have you heard it yet, before the door is closing
Please stop!


Until next time

Peace Love and unity


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16 Responses to 365 daily challenge week 16 summary

  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    All are lovely but especially like the lines

    “rappers and the gimmick they are dancing with
    either, you are gangster or street, west or east
    alternative, crunk, old school or breakable beats”

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. StevieD says:

    Lovin…..Topic: The human mind, Topic: The human mind and Topic: Running away the best!

    • MesAyah says:

      Glad they where heartfelt Stevie. Good news about Running Away is that I have recorded mixed and mastered the track today, and will be available online in a couple of weeks, so you will get the context of it as well

  3. kewsmith says:

    Nice words. I like the bit about ‘the soul of music’.

  4. Nice bro thats real talk, man I gotta get caught up on your post but I dig your style. Man check out my poem ‘Age of Poetry’ I think you’ll like that one.

  5. 90dphillips says:

    You’ve got some serious rhythm and flow, your words come out very musical.

  6. Yoshiko says:

    Interesting and breath-taking poem. And I would like to thank you for following up my blog.

  7. Rivenrod says:

    Deep breath . . .

    Supreme effort. Well done.


  8. R says:

    I don´t have the time to waste the next 30 seconds with you
    or even worse, a couple of minutes, so please let me enjoy my non nutritious food
    Cause lets face facts here, you don´t like me and I don´t like you

    -I love that. So true!

  9. kerenmulia says:

    Love the poems! Especially the first two… I feel like you highlighted the backgrounds and tangible aspects of both topics, directly and indirectly! Awesome.

  10. Rudolph_Consuegra says:

    “The Human Mind” and “Humbleness” were my favorites. Thanks for the follow!

  11. Enjoyed reading all of them, but Running Away struck a chord. I have felt that pain before.

  12. simon7banksS says:

    I like “the human mind” particularly. Lovely language and thought. Less keen on the politician. Not all politicians are cheats and we’ve seen what the alternatives to politics are like.

  13. Manju says:

    ‘The Human Mind’ ‘s awesome!!Thanx for following ma blog..:)

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