365 daily challenge week 15 summary

Hello again my beautiful people

It has been a very busy week, with a lot happening, it feels like I gone through a lifetime this  week together with you. but we are now back to normal, another week has passed and I share with you this weeks summary of verses. you have already read one of them

So here the are

Day 105 15th of February 2012

Topic: Moon

It always sneaks up, with the stars
give that extra shine to the sky, so we can see them better from a far
from a distance, it looks so peaceful
if we look at it through skywatchers, that image seems decietful
cause the movement on the surface
the romours of a perfect
apperance, merged from reporters and journals
but if we look behind what the moon writes in its journal
we see that even the perfect image has its flaws and is far from normal
These skywatchers that lights up the stars,
seem to direct  the lights so far away from what they actually are
that what goes on at earth is underneath par
so we are always on the run, to reach upwards and be a part of the bizzare
filled with so much vanity
that it would be fair, to call it´s existence for insanity
with this control, the moon got its control over humanity
when the cavalry march on and deliver us the fantasy

Day 104 14th of February 2012

Topic: My valentine

it is easy to get moshy on topics like these
that you talk to much in images and cliches with ease
instead of actually talking about how you actually feel
and what kind of needs your loved one fullfills
So I´m gonna leave it straight to the point. strickly towards emotion
talk about how you make me feel, you are my love and devotion
you are my brick and support, a life without you is out of the question
A massive explotion of lust and commotion hit towards me, when I first felt your emotions
you struck my heart, the archbow of amor, seemed to struck it real hard
cause the arrow has escaladed all since the start
and I love you more for each day that pass, my love will probably go off the charts
the day we grow old together and we supposedly part
My mission is to love you, up until we met, the mission was to actually meet you
the first time i greeted you, I didn´t quite reach too you
but after almost five years I can say, I grew on you
so please take this words in the nicest of ways
i know I sometimes use words that doesn´t state what I actully say
please accept these lines now on valentines day
forever my valentine, wife, mother of my child, I will love you forever, till the end of time

103 13th of February 2012

Topic: Spring struck

I can hear the birds calling
singing in the horizon, humming for a new season
the white carpet is still sleeping on the ground beneath me
but the sun comes up a little bit earlier, and stays until early in the evening
meaning, that we are leaving the darkness sleeping
in a distance, in addition to this, I can barely hear people speaking
whispering softly, trying to remeber how it was to be meeting
others, and conversate, been sleeping away their social life
alcohol has been the subsitute for most of the time
and feasting to keep an open mind, and pleasure themselves over an open fire
but all of that is over now, we look towards the warmer side
and everytime it arrives, it fills us up with lust inside
There is no end to the possibilities
we have all the abbilities
to achieve what we seek for, when spring hands out her utilities
and arm us with warmt, joy, laughter and capabilities
there is no way stopping us now
the wqarm front is backing us up
and we rise towards summer in no time

Day 102 12th of February 2012

Topic: Footsteps

Another cycle round the timetable
moon stars and the sun switch places
we call it life
Ät least on paper
I’ll never be a paperchaser
I’ll be hunting down the messenger
¨not for answers, but to tell him to keep his secrets better
underneath the symbolism, messages are so clever
I’m Forever
Grateful that I never
ran away on a train to catch heaven
or the rainbow
You need to open your eyes
there is no treasure at the end of the line
I think I’ll end this real quick right now
with an oedipus refference, followed by a Drake punchline
You can’\ outrun fate, destiny
When one peace of the puzzle fits, find the rest of me
puzzle it together, lifeline meets basic story
But at the end, the picture is the same story, HIS

Day 101 11th of February 2012

Topic: Coldness

This phenomenon comes in so many different characters
sometimes dressed as winter, or as stormful barriers
most of the time its dressed as  man, and occationly as corridors
the fact is, that it affects us, and we step away from it and treath it like a foreigner
you can see it in stale looks
fading from pale to hide the shades of a false crook
that took away the love from its closed book
to tell the story of a frozen heart hanging on a cold hook
This is how we treath coldness
and how coldness treaths us back, its ruthless
when the truth is, we should make it feel useful instead of useless
we should use our knowledge to embrase the cold
we should acknowledge that its bold
enough to seek us everytime it snows
or anytime a man turns his back, afraid awayfrom a lonely soul
to afraid to show his empathy towards this old
equal man, who sits there every day and night
seeking for some warmth in life, but no one seems to serve him right
this knight in shiny armour, just turns away, he is freezin, cause a storm arrives
so he thinks about himself first, survival of the stereotypes
We need to leap towards the light, to embrace this greater sight
to help and heal the coldness, with a global warming that might work one night
for a greater purpose for this earth
a new birth of the firth
of fifth, a new beginning on the verge of paradise

Day 100 10th of February 2012

Topic: Homophobic Housewifes

With a glance through the kitchen window
She looks through the glitch to peep at the people
that she don´t see as equal
or else God would have mentioned that in the Bible 2. the sequel
her sunday mass of church goers has convinced her about the veiws
on how to threath these sinners, and she choose to follow these confused
beliefs and avoid any inner journey, to try to accept to see the truth
Cause nothing is stronger than the words, from others
nothing shall interfer with what i heard, from others
We are suppose to love eachother
or the opposite sex, that is God´s words, no others
So if the milkman or the postman act a bit different
you will see the doors closed in every picket fence house or appartment
but you know somethings wrong, cause the curtains are not properly parted
and If you look close enogh, you will see a startled
middle aged woman, take short glimps towards the doorstep
to avoid any contact with these men, or women, are utterly important
and remember to clean the door knob, and throw away the wash cloth after you have used ´em
These words goes out to all men and women that share this opinion
We are all created equal, who are you to believe anything different
and preach these ludacris words and claim its the truth
and make other people belive it too
you are the ruiner of all good
and the evil force is so much closer to you
for sharing those views

Day 99 9th of February 2012

Topic: Bewildered Love stories

It´s the same every time, you wanna find a hand to hold
but everytime it warms your soul, the hand is turning icy cold
the more you try to heat it up, it moves towards the heart section
you want her to feel the blood rush, but her veins are frozen, no affection
then she might fall out and say things like, there is no connection
left between us, you are on the windy narrow road, while I am on the intersection
waiting for my next direction
I am waiting for my next injection, waiting for a new obsession
that can teach me how to fly again and reimburse my ressurection
that I lost by taking risk and fall into the wrong direction
so now its time to say goodbye and let me have a life where i can worship my perfection
The words sting and demolish every respect you might have had left
and everybody knows, this is where you take the last step
and walk away and prep and weave your own web
to protect yourself from everything elsk but yourself
but you don´t, you just couldn´t stope
you saw hope when its not
you saw love in the most peculiar of places
you where just so bewildered, that the best for you was in none of those places
so I hopw you one day will find peace and evolve from the ashes
of burnt love


Peace love and unity


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13 Responses to 365 daily challenge week 15 summary

  1. yoga-adan says:

    interesting daily doings here –

    nice touches esp i thought on the valentine piece –

    “My mission is to love you, up until we met, the mission was to actually meet you
    the first time i greeted you, I didn´t quite reach too you
    but after almost five years I can say, I grew on you….”

    thanks! 😉

  2. nymuse88 says:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts so I tagged you on my blog: http://ohmymuse.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/ive-been-tagged/

    So others can enjoy them as well! Take Care!

  3. My favorite was the Feb. 13th one.

  4. 1stjoeyanna says:

    Enjoyed this thoroughly!

  5. Irene Lefort says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be victorious in your 365 verses challenge. You are on a very good way there. May the muse remain with you throughout your lyrical journey. I am also working had on sticking to my 366 challenge for this year. 🙂 Take care and Cheers!

  6. A.B. Thomas says:

    It is quite the challenge you have taken on and with such utterly delightful creative product. I enjoyed reading all of this week’s entries but I have to admit that the write on homophobic housewives did give the edge of my lip an estra arc!

  7. Thank you for visiting my site and kind enough to click the follow me button 🙂 Hats off…so gifted….keep inspiring people 🙂

  8. this is some awesome verse, keep flowing and thanks fir following

  9. C. Guidry says:

    Wow, you have a fantastic imagination! I don’t have time at the moment to read all of these, but I especially like the one about the moon. The idea of the moon writing in a journal is fascinating…
    Thanks for reading my blog; I just posted something new. I hope you’ll check it out.

    – MoreThanADalliance.

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