The 100th verse Celebration!!!

It is with great excitement i write to you today, the first milestone is reached, 100 verses out of the 365 has been written and the journey has been a fantastic travel so far. And I must add, there will be no more celebrations and milestones until I reach 365 verses the 3rd of November 2012 from now on. I just fel that the 100th verse, a 3 digit number of verses, was something I wanted to celebrate, and then I move on towards the end. Thats why I’m gonna celebrate it with style throughout this day

I never thought that this would expand to what it is today and all the feedback and love that you have shown me, have warmed my heart for a lifetime, and I am forever grateful.

The 100th verse will be posted later today on my website and also shared here on my blog. There will also be posted a competition that will run for the next 48 hours, before I pick a winner out of the ones with the correct answer.

But the first little suprise today is that I have made designed some exclusive new t-shirts and tops for both women and men in my store. The colors are just samples of the variety, so if you want a different color, you just have to let me now and I will design one in the color you want. It also have selected verses at the back, for the women tops and t-shirts I have selected “The lonely wolf monogamist” verse on the back, while on the mens t-shirt I have selected “The Wanderer” and “Dreamcatcher”.

You can go in and order you t-shirts in the store here

BUT it does not stop there, as a part of the celebration you can buy my previous EP’s hardcopies in my store, for wholesaleprices, that means bothe of the for 10 dollars, or 5 dollars per EP, an extremely low price. I will have that offer through the rest of today and throughout the weekend





So I hope you will enjoy this little gift from me and I will keep you updated throughout the day and will post the competition in a couple of hours

Peace Love and Unity


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1 Response to The 100th verse Celebration!!!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th “birthday” in this endeavor! Hope you’re having as much fun blogging as I am. I like your attitude.
    Peace, Love and Unity right back to you–

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