Here is Verse number 100: Homophobic Housewife

Topic: Homophobic Housewifes

With a glance through the kitchen window
She looks through the glitch to peep at the people
that she don´t see as equal
or else God would have mentioned that in the Bible 2. the sequel
her sunday mass of church goers has convinced her about the veiws
on how to threath these sinners, and she choose to follow these confused
beliefs and avoid any inner journey, to try to accept to see the truth
Cause nothing is stronger than the words, from others
nothing shall interfer with what i heard, from others
We are suppose to love eachother
or the opposite sex, that is God´s words, no others
So if the milkman or the postman act a bit different
you will see the doors closed in every picket fence house or appartment
but you know somethings wrong, cause the curtains are not properly parted
and If you look close enogh, you will see a startled
middle aged woman, take short glimps towards the doorstep
to avoid any contact with these men, or women, are utterly important
and remember to clean the door knob, and throw away the wash cloth after you have used ´em
These words goes out to all men and women that share this opinion
We are all created equal, who are you to believe anything different
and preach these ludacris words and claim its the truth
and make other people belive it too
you are the ruiner of all good
and the evil force is so much closer to you
for sharing those views

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23 Responses to Here is Verse number 100: Homophobic Housewife

  1. invadingnola says:

    This is potry at it’s finest.. honest, intelligent and memorable..
    I invite you to visit my website:


  2. You nailed it. I wish I could have come up with the idea first. Funny and thought provoking at the same time. Great poem.

  3. omegetymon says:

    There are many organizations that could use this to facilitate some public brainwaves.
    “D”/ om

  4. kewsmith says:

    Lovely words. I wonder sometimes how people define love when they hate some much inside?

  5. MesAyah says:

    Thank you for all the kind words about the poem.

  6. Mihir Vatsa says:

    haha. Homophobic Housewife- the title adds to the finesse of the poem.

    Much enjoyed. I hope people out there hear you as well.

  7. Great rap. I’m glad to see anti-homophobia in this scene.

  8. i don’t know where you live but i live in the state of florida.
    people who live here including myself are 100% evil.
    we may preach wonderful things but they are all a lie.
    we may do certain nice things but only for the wrong reasons.
    we say we love jesus but it is a lie.
    many people consume dead flesh and blood.
    many people are slaves.
    do not be confused by people who lie to you.

    • MesAyah says:

      I live in Oslo , Norway, and face a lot of the same issues here. Double standards and preaching a life they Can’t live up to themselves. But the words sounds nice on paper.

      Confuisious tries, but Can’t trick me:)

  9. Excellent Prose. I’m sure it touches many people’s hearts and circumstances. Popping over to say “hello,” and thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Here, where I live, in a city, in the state of Washington, USA, people are very open and accepting. My husband and I feel very fortunate.

  10. MesAyah-

    It makes me feel good to know there are still people out there who love to live and let live. There’s so much hate out there and so much evil sometimes I wonder how I can find the strength to keep on moving. Reading poetry or music like this makes me want to stand up and clap. Thanks for sharing it~

    Any kind of phobia has a base in irrationality. For the most part I feel like it’s based on things we don’t know. The worst kind is the stuff where people understand and see but still find it possible to hate. We’re all different, but we all bleed. It hurts when some people’ll stand up and look down on those who haven’t got legs to stand on and laugh. It’s double the pain when those same people claim to believe in love and peace.

    As a firm believer in love and peace, I can’t pick a side that claims to advocate ’em both but plays practice to the old double-standard of ‘Except those guys.’ If you can’t love ’em, respect ’em. If you can’t respect ’em or love ’em, avoid ’em, but if you look down on ’em, you hurt yourself and them both. There’s no such thing as too much courtesy, and it’s just (un)common courtesy to be polite and friendly to the people you meet, no matter who they take to bed. It isn’t our business and we shouldn’t pretend it is, but we do.

    Thanks for sharing your work, MesAyah, it truly is art.


    • MesAyah says:

      Bows in gratitude

      Speechless and uncertain on how to respond to such a comment.

      So I stay humble and say thank you very much. it means a lot to me that I make people feel.

      Phobias are also based on ignorance and lack of interest of trying to understand, and as you say, those who don´t understand situation, do not understand themselves either, and are often victims of their own moral and doublestandards
      So we have to treath them with love as well, and I do that by sharing words, so they hopefully understand more about themselves, instead of preaching.


  11. ctprice says:

    Hey MesAyah!
    Thanks for writing and following my blog. I would be really interested to hear this poem from the housewife’s point of view….to see the human side of her fear, her own insecurities, that make her act the way she does.

    I love this powerful line: “remember to clean the door knob, and throw away the wash cloth after you have used ´em” There’s so much disgust and violence embodied in the act of throwing away the wash cloth. It’s a small action that speaks loudly.

    Thanks for writing. Keep it up.

  12. StevieD says:

    MesAyah…. this is my first venture into your world…. The title of this piece intrigued me. The content caused me to think and consider. I hope to really hear your voice and learn more of your artistic ability. Thanks for following me….as I start my virgin journey into the world of blogging!

  13. adurnablue says:

    MesAyah……. i agree with StevieD ….he pretty much nailed what i had to say, buy i ‘ll add that i love this piece, and its mad funny, in a serious way. You can tell a true poet by his ability to plant depth and meaning through humour, though its probably just my twisted sense of humour 😛 ooohhhh and thanks much for peeping at my blog, but i’d really like some comments, sorta new to the blog thing but i can tell that its the start of something potentially, awesome 🙂

  14. wesner3 says:

    I love the title. That’s all!!! 😀

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