Competition 100th verse Celebrations


Like mentioned earlier today, I am holding a competition due to the celebration of the 100th verse in the 365 daily challenge.

All you have to do is to answer  the 5 questions below wich are fairly easy if you do some research on the blog and on my website. Ansewer the questions in comment field below, I have to accept them, so I will keep them hidden until the comeptition ends in 48 hours. I will then, so its no question about the fairness of the competition, pick the winners while filming it, so You will see that there is fair competition. All the names will be put in a hat, and I will select a 1st 2nd and 3rd price.

1st place: And exclusive 100 verse Celebration T-Shirt. You choose the color and verse yourself, and I will design it for you

2nd place: Free download of Life in Soulitude and Paradise of Paradigms EP

3rd place: Free download of my latest single Bridge over beloved waters

Questions are as followed:

1. Where does MesAyah Live? city and country

2. What is the name of the label MesAyah is signed to, and wich artists on that label has he collaberated with in his music?

3. In both Life in Soulitude and Paradise of Paradigms, MesAyah chose to work with only one producer through the entire cd. What are the names of those two producers

4. Give me the name of the person who has given the most topics to me so far?. You have to check my facebook page to answer this question.

5. How many Releases have MesAyah had, EP´s and mixtapes?


The winner will be chosen on sunday, it will be either chosen from those who answer all correctly or between those with the most answers that are correct.

Good luck to you all



p.s You can also send answers to remmber to name it Competition and to have your name attached


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  1. Congratulation, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. To claim go to

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