365 daily challenge week 14 summary


It is that time of the week, we are once more ready for a small little upodate with a summary of the verses I have written this past week. We are closing in on a 100 verses now, only two days until I reach the 100th day. I will have a special little post and som fun stuff for you as well on Friday, so with no further blabbering. here are the verses


Day 98 8th of February 2012

Topic: Musical box

I can´t keep away from the temptation
of quoting one of the greatest
when i deal with these sentences
on this topic, it brush through my soul
“Play me Old King Cole
That I may join with you,
All your hearts now seem so far from me
It hardly seems to matter now.”
I play around with it, try to expand my musical experiences
this musical box is used to flirt with all of my seven senses
and I use it to flirt with all the temptations
so we play a huge part in producing peoples changes
together we can be something huge, him and I
eye to eye, with a musical gemini
armed to our teeth we make the lyrics emphasized
with a rythm and a beat from a box i turn the weel on, mechanized
movement of my arms, the charming tones expands
and this mucal box warms up the man

Day 97 7th of February 2012

Topic: Creative Process

Commanded by the voices, conversations with my novices
the unfinished visions, turned to dreams, then to sentences
my pen is burning, learning from the experiences
the tension between the pen and paper, builds up as I write my verses
The curse and joy of beeing in a process
the love I feel, and lack to share it, at least until the verse is processed
under this spell, almost posessed by the Idea of creating lines compressed
into messages, in each of the sentences on paper as i carress them gently
the entry of another idea, another view on life enters friendly
Sometimes the wordflow doesn´t reach up to its standards
then I have to rethink its structure, and maybe let the Muse be angered
My brain doesn´t need to be pampered, It needs the truth and that shall never be tampered
Towards the end I excerpt a sample
Say it loudly to my self, to see if my emotions are being tangled
If it is too easy to untagle them, I sit myself down again
to reconstruct emotions and play a part in every one of them
I´m not happy until every letter plays together to contain
the message that I bled out through the vains of my mental stains

Day 96 6th of February 2012

Topic: Bikini

Laying in the top drawer, has a dream it wanna pursue
but everytime it touch skin, it feels trapped without a curfew
If only she knew
the tension she drew out, everytime she dressed up for and blew
kisses towards the mirror
the skin she revelead as she drew it nearer
I think she scared it a bit, then it saw things clearer
she stepped into its bottom part, no longer close to even fear her
It felt like a wearer of a crown, or at least like glittering jewelry
it was nothing in this world that was even close to be called cruelty
it felt the top parts beeing lifted, felt like a modern day foolery
when she struggled to button up the top by fingering with its promiscuity
she spoke its language fluently, embrassed it with a soft touch
it could sense her bloodrush from her skin, and liked it very much
wished to stay forever as she dipped into the salty water, brushed
clean by the tidal waves
The night just fades away
as she slips into something more confortable, it could lie and watch her for days
as it dries up on the bed,
ready to be tucked into the drawers again, it will be left there in a daze

Day 95 5th of February 2012

Topic: Restless

Tingeling movement in my entire body
wanna do something, the silence is killing me softly
The internal scream is building up, but I don´t wanna bother nobody
I see in the timeline that its plenty happening, but nothing that satisfy me
Don´t wanna move from the couch
but GOD do I wanna move away from this couch
It builds up my grouch as the movement in my crouch
starts jiggeling, cause I can´t Face that I´m a Slouch
when it comes to going out, when there is nothing to do, Really
Ideally I would live on the floor of each floornight, daily
Mainly because i don´t have to move around so much, and still do things freely
and satisfy every need I got, and not feel silly
I just want to be fed with opportunities
Not feel like I am taking act in a mutiny
everytime I try to face reality, brutally
and truthfully, i don´t believe it will satify my needs of unity
but I do think it will kill of this restlessness pretty usefully

Day 94 4th of February 2012

Topic: Silence

Its like an empty box of nothingness
helplessly in love with the emotional distress
caused by this commotion sorrounding the utter silence
I somehow find myself in the center of a silent nest
where i groom my thoughts and test my sorrow
with hardfought rest i bless tomorrow
some call it sleep, i call it dreamstates I borrow
that takes me flying to the top of kilimanjaro
and back again, find myself in the image of a sparrow
that sings a song of survival from the tip of an arrow
but I can´t here the melodies
an entry to the ectacy
I felt when the the tendancy of complexity
was fighting with my solemnity
Here I am in the center of the crater
Rising on the silent waves, A creater and debater
of what we really feel when the silence hit you in the center
And in this condition, there is nothing greater

Day 93 3rd of February 2012

Topic: Roam until the day is gone

The morning sunshine rise above the surface
nursed by a soul, that hurts me, but doesn´t no what hurt is
Building a bridge over sea level to breath, but only seem to burn it
A roaming beast of burden, but the burdens never buried
No cure for the emotions that I feel now
It burns inside my ligaments, i kneel down
my heels touch the spanish steps, trying to heal myself inside my own town
while the clock is ticking towards a revelation that will frown
upon the next day
but i refuse to stay, here in Rome on my knees until the end of days
I let my music just fade away, and let the memories stay integrated
In debate with, the mental state of human kind that stood still and never went places
I hope they hear my screams, when I start to vent my cases
And rent the the space between your eardrums, No Copy Paste it
more like, produce, create, erase it
then re-produce a better ending towards better placement
When the next generation,
Roam until the day is gone

Day 92 2nd of February 2012

Topic: the open door

There is something exciting about this picture
Picture yourself a half open door with lights poppin from its glitches.
The glimmering light gleams a beam of hope
Redeemed inside the dreams at the end of the road
The pathway leads towards an open soul
Hidden behind the only shield he holds
Thinking about the piece he sold
to get to this seductive role
He plays to lure the bitter cold
Citzens, both young and old
To see a bit of what the future hold
If you sneak upon it, and look inside
The stories told gets changed in time
There are nothing like the story told inside your mind
Almost like It’s painted blind
So you still wonder if there is something hiding in the shadows
That we don’t understand or recognize, cause we are hiding inside the frames of what we know
So we just let go
And let the lights fade and die out
Cause we much rather doubt, than dream and imagine the things about the unkown



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