MesAyah´s Online Store is open

Good Morning

I hope you all had a good weekend so far. I spent mine resting, writing and getting ready for some new releases.

I am writing you because I wanted to inform you that my Online store is now up and running again, The online store is not based here in Norway, but it is based in America for that reason that most of you, my fans and followers are also based there. So you will not have any trouble with shipping and waiting for a long time in shipping.

In this store, you can buy speciallt self designed  Hoodies, T-shirt, Tops and hats.

Merchandise like Drinking bottles and Handbags

And off course ringtones, hardcopies of my Former EP´s and also digital releases if you don´t want to use Itunes Store for that.

If you have any inquiries regarding color of sizes, or any suggestions of design youi want me to make for you, I will gladly do so. You can then reach me via email on: or

I am looking forward to be hearing from you

Peace love and unity


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3 Responses to MesAyah´s Online Store is open

  1. Spread the message Brother from the streets of Oslo to the rest of the world cause it’s yours
    ~Keep In Touch~

  2. E A M Harris says:

    I wish you luck with the store.

  3. Flapperfolly says:

    You know how to Facebook! How do you find software to load up your online store?
    The journey is sweeping up fans–keep truckin!

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