week 13 365 daily challenge summar

Here is week 13 summary, been ruff since I am travelling and my cell doesn’t cope well wit my website creator. But everything for my fans here they are

topic: acta law

like a sneaky serpent,
this version got its greedy servants,
play the SOPA chararade like it was really urgent,
people all over the world screamed for better service
while this Acta threaty was signed in complete silence.
the countries of the union signed this
completely mindless,
this act make sopa seem like a good assignment.
it is pretty much like dealing with a bully in class
he seems so bad
until another kid comes in playing that part
so much harder,
and leaves the bully look like an Angel in comparison
and all this went on in front of our faces, but we were to busy screaming, that ruined our chances
and now it seems like EU countries need to deal with the consequenes
a life sentence of more control from the mind centers

Topic: minus 30 degrees

Mustache covered with icestickles Frostbytes on the fingers inner burns needs to be threated by staying inside, cuz you need it Three layers of whool, fleece then a jacket mittens and a whool hat, but still you can’t jack it If you are lacking these skills you get more than chilled and in worst case scenarios, it might get you killed Keep in motion Drink all the the warm potions and its like lotion for your soul that fought against the cold from day one after the creation from the black hole created from zero point energy Not even and Ice age could stop this progression Real life symmetry

Topic: pacman

Try to chew over too big of a challenge. Two challengers chasing me back around the corners, I can’t manage To shake em off, cause their determined to shut me down They can’t accept a pacman showing This kind of knowledge on surviving the codes of freedom But he is constantly on the run though Someday he hopes he would know what real freedom is all about and show it to the world of needy people It’s like his driven by a higher force Literally in the hands of God Playing with this game he love Lord of the Arcadia, 80’S version of Lawrence of Arabia Playing with his purpose Leveling and elevate, but only behind glass and never hidden from the surface He leads this pacman towards the revelation But the reoccurring genesis never seem to end

Topic: Norwegian Winter Wonderland

Wandering slowly on the white carpet wonder if this icy surface has slopes with a mighty circuit up here in the mighty mountains, my life seems circular I just have to re live a certain amount of events in order to be a worthy worshiper of the Mountain king Listen how his dauther sing it lures me in, seduced by the melodic sin she harmonicly use in order for her to win me over, and to marry her and make her queen of the new order Luckily she didn´t trick me over the border so I re-order my thoughts and but then I here the recorder It is either “Fanitullen” ,Google him, Or my Post traumatic stress dissorder So many suprises hiding around every corner I don´t wanna leave this winter wonderland I wanna become one at this motherland of the forfathers that build the land we call Norway, so as a last demand I wanna come back next year and relive this fairytale life of mine

Topic: Oompa Loompa

I´m A lyrical oompa loompa, make mindsets vanish Move minds while i manage small disadvantages My words represent small green characters The golden ticket doesn´t keep you safe from the ,damages Balance on the average No more than adequate I activate and navigate Your soul, graduate If you didn´t listen to my muse and manager You will vanish out the door with poor life management I´m sure that you can manage it ,just breed in the wordchains Please, inject my soul in your bloodveins Feed from the foodchain, you find in the factory But dont take advantage of my truthful hospitality Got the perfect puzzle, believe in your ability You have what it takes To take over this factory Once you proven worthy, I will hand you the golden Key If you are wise you will listen to me

Topic: Thunderstorms

Silence sorrounds the horizon, the sky is black, and the clouds builds up the anger of a bison Pace of the wind is rising , make the atmosphere enliven the life of human nature, making itself ready for some lightning You can feel the anger brush through rush through the first blocks, and leave marks in the fields of gold The Hailstorm shows, the next elevation in this story told about the thunderstorm that turns cold towards society when it rolled over the city center Snowball sized penetrates the windows of the shopping centre While the rest of the building prays that the storm center show mercy towards the rest of its walls, but must surrender and end up as a huge crater one of the heaviest thuderstorms ever created made people questions their own creator Humans are often luminated when they are tested And the questions always turn against their own perspective towards what they cant understand, but can’t seem to respect it

Topic: Dreamcatcher

Like a meltingpot of hopes I stir around my stew of thoughts Need to be precise ,when I fight to reach my goals in life But the dreamcatcher is Icy cold, and the safety net is in a bitter strife with everything that is mighty old, and traditions worshipped like an inner light One small dream that intervined with a lifetime, the screams on the outside, can only be silenced by the dollarsign or else the dremcatcher will state, You had it long enough, You’re here in overtime I here to take what is mine, please return to your common life and don’t look backwards, you are just doing your purpose on this earth of mine The voices are getting louder I try to tell em to stop, that I only need a couple of more hours To fulfill the mission as a poet, instructor and a musician The vision is so clear, I ask for its permission please don’t catch and throw my dreams away, I need my addiction To follow my long fought ambitions

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7 Responses to week 13 365 daily challenge summar

  1. Mr Progress says:

    I really appreciate your work. Keep doing your thing!

  2. Malcolm Miller says:


  3. simon7banks says:

    I like “Lord of the Arcadia…Lawrence of Arabia”!

  4. Good stuff! I particularly like the one about the ACTA law.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog! I hadn’t heard of the 365 day challenge before reading your post. It sounds exciting — I think I may have to try it sometime in the future! 🙂

  6. Yousei Hime says:

    Just as Caitlin, I thank you for visiting and following my blog. I swung by Youtube to check out some of the videos there. Not my music style of choice, but I can hear and see talent and professionalism. Best of luck to you. Keep blogging. It will be an invaluable resource.

  7. notestowomen says:

    Hi Mesayah,,

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I have been checking out your blog and will defenitely be stopping by again. Keeping on speaking out against the horrible reality of incest. Continue to be the voice of its victims.


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