365 daily challenge week 11 summary

Topic: Silent before the storm hits

times of anticipation, cant wait for the changes
been saving up experience, time to harvest from its branches
My arms are stretched towards the skies with
only one thought in my mind, and I can feel how the child kicks
Determination’s what I call it
Elevation is the potion that i feed it with
A revelation of conciousness breaths fresh air
I solemnly swear that the new beginning is here
The creation of confidence in a man saw the daylight
at night time he meditates the creative process of a lifetime
make love with the body of his mic stand
so they are level in the process of creating beauty for mankind
Its been silent for a decade
And I am no longer afraid
that the storm of lyrics gonna hit hard on the blockade
of mindless music
It’s my mission to fight stupid
So please show your support and join my movement

Day 76 17th of January 2012

Topic: I´m Finally here

Been waiting for ages, there´s no other way to say this
Managed to kill the narcisist in the closet, without the mind of a sadist
I have played with the Idea, and now I´ve finally made it
I am finally here, and the result is feeling like the greatest
went from representative of the stage,
to teach other about stages,
from ground control, to character, to natural greatness
only by playing with mindsets
small mindframes, that build up a small chain
of thought patterns and emotinal mindgames
I am finally here, I am finally home
the thunderdome of happiness, the lightning strikes for gold
the hope was never gone,
it just rested under the forehead of my roaming dome
Its time to rebuild Rome, Day 1 has started
I start with the roads leading to the departed
system of finding out where our heart is
so I start with a brick that represents the heart as the starter
of a mindframe, and build the roof out of pieces of emotional layers

Day 75 16th of January 2012

Topic: Are we there yet?

Armpits all sweaty, the seatbelt’s grinding my neck-cage
in this wreckage of a car, with no air-condition, I’m getting reckless
Can’t believe I only been driving for a couple of seconds
With a couple of kids in the back seat, that doesn’t know what respect is
it’s in the 90’s outside, in the 100’s round the driver seat
a couple of more streets
and I’m probably soaked where my pants and belly meet
It’s one hell of an ordeal when we’re off to see the family
Especially when I look like something donated from charity
the kids are already screaming right behind me
i goes around two seconds between the line we don’t need
when we are driving towards a destination we’re we don’t want to be
How can four words bring so much pain to a driver
how can four words sting so bad that we rather die by drowning in water
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
I already regret that i woke up with a smile on my face
Knowing what this day was gonna put my patience through this test

Day 74 15th of January 2012

Topic: The lonely wolf monogamist

She was born into this world with
views of a lifetime, filled with excitement and releationships
She stayed humble towards her freedom
lived to fulfill it, created creations of a manikin to feed from
the tree of life,
searching for the seed that lies
underneath the surface of every man she liked
but they always played a game of lies
that toyed with her mind, and she always had to pay the prize
by staying single for the rest of her life
cause no one seemed to answer her prayers at night
“I only want someone who sees my freedom to rise
up towards the magical skies, with a man by my side
without fearing the word freedom as a dusguise
of flirting”
She feels wiser than that, but its hurting
that the tears in her eyes, is burning
the cries aren´t heard, but she´s not converting
her monogamist views
she rather stay a free lonely wolf than confused and not truthful
in a relationship that holds no useful

Day 73 14th of January 2012

Topic: Happy birthday

On my way out the door, its celebration time
gonna leave Oslo to celebrate a dear family member of mine
Like to call here Auntie, that is short for Elin, long for kindness
I am always blinded by it, but it never goes away in silence
Now today its your time to shine bright your higness
cause another turn around the sun should always be celebrated like this
As a birthday present her workplace was selected
the best office in the country, and I know she has a valued place in that selection
It just shows, how much kindness and growth
can result in achievemts and the reaching of goals
and that is something this woman is living image of
so I bow down on one knee in your pressence cause
that is the respect you deserve on this day of your own
I hope this will touch your heart and please you
So please let me be the first to greet you
Happy birthday, Can´t wait to meet you
in a couple of hours
Enjoy you day madame Inspire

Day 72 13th of January 2012

Topic: Home sweet home

We are the center of the galaxy
It should be easy to see
how ridicolous that may even seem
we finally got all the proof we need
to rid the world of these “we are supperior” wet Dreamers
we have seemed to belived for centuries
In our own Galaxy
we are sorrounded by millions of planets with huge simmilarities
to what has been claimed the only living scenery
thats proven us with great superiority
over the rest of the milky way
In a couple of days now, we probably here goverments state
be very very afraid
instead of screaming the real truth: This is Great!!!!
That means that religions must expand their horizons
It means that God need a whole new dimension
It means that he created something greater than his own creation
to show humans we are part of something bigger than our own imagination
there is no right or wrong to this
if this should lead to an eternatl bliss
if we should leave to visit these
planets we´re sorrounded with
Earth is still the only place i´d call home

Day 71 12th of January 2012

Topic: Got there to late

The emergency call, was sent out ages ago
the patrol was held up elsewhere, only seconds to go
what they don’t know, is that Frank keeps his “hoe”
at least that what he calls her, she goes by Annie with the rest of her folks
In a deathstrangle
she was just to much to handle
for a guy who puts his pride in straining down women and mangle
their life support, by blowing out all of their lit candles
by showing an example of how a “real” man brush over a scandal
entangled with a death wish
Frank’s blowing her the deathkiss
the redish colour on her face is slightly fading to more palish
Annies last breath exhales a life form
there is no signs of Annie left in her eyes, its like she’s transformed
The police enters the dorm
reacted to late to the alarm
but just in time to see Frank perform
the last violent storm of evil on her charm

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17 Responses to 365 daily challenge week 11 summary

  1. Absolutely pent subject matter, appreciate it for selective information .

  2. I love the Lonely Wolf one. I feel like that girl x

  3. Don says:

    your poetry is very moving; iespecially like the one about visiting your aunt–short name but long on kindness.

  4. I am absolutely in love with The lonely wolf monogamist, you have some absolutely phenomenal talent.

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you very much for those kind words. It seems that i reach a lot of girls with this verse, they see themselves in the caracther, and that is pleasing in a way.

  5. soulsshadow says:

    The lonely wolf… Tempted to quote some of your lines. They just grab my soul so violently but set it free again

    • MesAyah says:

      Please do so. I would be honnored if you did. I have such a pleasent feeling inside everytime I hear someone say I grab their soul, It makes every sacrifice so worth it. So thank you for beeing you and sharing the love


  6. Fairy Sabina says:

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you will share again.

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  8. Jose Toten says:

    A pity, but I debate with this unique blog post. I do take pleasure in your particular blog still and may keep coming again for news.

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