365 daily challenge Week 10 summary

Day 70 11th of January

Topic: The Old man in the corner

How did I end up here
after 80 turns, is still sit on the same spot I´ve had for the last 40 years
Been sippin on the same beer for a couple of hours now
must admit that the fizz is starting to die out
Just like my energy
I use to feel electric, now the electric is placed inside of me
and the energy died right after that surgery
right along with, empathy, sympathy
and the melody inside was silenced mentally
I don´t think anyone would realize what that melody meant to me
I use to dance to it in my dreams,
but i knew it would go away, Eventually
I see tables filled with melodies sorrounding my corner spot
I wonder how their sounds like, and If they recognize the sounds they got
They look to busy with grasping for the life they want
instead of opening their eyes inside themselves and start the golden haunt
They probably read a couple books, taken life under the magnifier
Still remember when I first saw life in the white eye and almost caught on fire
released from all the prior stages
I have flown through dying ages
Now I am on the last stage,
Where I can see that hope floating on younger faces
So all that I would change
is that the finish lined could be much greater

Day 69 10th of January 2012

Topic: Fear of emotional contact

I am glued to the tarmac, i wanna attack
with open arms.
But it feels like a force is holding me back
been watching him for hours
all alone in the corner, but I don’t have the power
Its like i’m drawn back to the babylon towers
divided in half by the language i speak loudly
and the language of the voice I have inside me
Collision of the conflicts, Treat him like a convict
Vision of a mystery, but I can never solve it
I can feel my soul glitch
Programmed to ignore this
but there is something in my heart that wants to hold him
tell him that its alright, this game will not be folded
your hand will always carry aces, if you just enforce it
But most of all, I wanna say I saw you
Your pressence is applauded
But to afraid to even go over there to applaud him
what if he just gonna ignore what I am saying
or maybe he just thought the same thing
about me,
I just cant let that happen

Day 68 9th of January 2012

Topic: Roots

The family sign, glimmer brightly in my family photo
try to find the origin of its roots so I go back and search for
relatives, events and the past that i know
To find the answer in the leaves that will lead to my plateau
The wind whisper answers bout my past – True lies
The ocean writing letters bout my last – true fight
the earth argue vastly bout my last chance – snake eyes
So i vision roots burning in a fire – Demise
I realize
that the life that we live is the real one
I can search years of my life just to find some
facts about another persons actions,
but none of it affects what is actually happening
My roots are nothing more than things that I do and admire
and that is why my family sign is burning with the fire
It keeps the message of my family – alive
Cause the Stenersrød´s has always been the best to – survive

Day 67 8th of January

Topic: Most hillarious line from Skeez-tv Battle

I don´t know how to say this in a nice way
so i won´t
I just have to lay it out straight
I´ve seen more confidence in a mole than in your face
You should be ashamed of yourself,
your a disgrace for the word disgrace
You wont let your mind go and belive a word in a sentence
unless you are handed evidence, that is 100 percent evident
If something is just a little bit clouded, You say, I have to crosscheck references
You are the picture in the dictionary under deference
as long as the stated sentences are written by your “President”
To present to my readers how uncertain you are in life when it comes to checking references
You are so uncertain about pussy you have to right-click on it to check its preferences
So please just man up, make a bold statement or two
make the mind circulate around at least one unfimilar topic for a day or two
make people hate you, then love you for what you are
and start moving up from the gutter and reach for the stars

Day 66 7th of January

Topic: Sacrifying everything for your image

You probably seen em around
and probably even met em
you know those guys who can´t walk around
without a certain amount of attitude in them
they need it in the clothingline,
their shirt should be folded like
a rough style, but with a hint of soft inside
A facial expression that screams of an asshole
And a vocal expression that screams of everything but bashful
has a reply ready for everything people say to him
he memorize em every day, just to fit in
that friendly superficial shit that means nothing
but pass as conversation in the social scenery his in
everyone thinks he´s a hell of a guy
but if that image vanished, he wouldn´t last a day in this life
cause he would be haunted by the man in the mirror
Image of a gimmick, a false winner
True lies are still a lie no matter how it is delivered

Day 65 6th of January 2012

Topic: The four corners of a mind

I search for all of them
all four of the corners that connects my brain
the sense and sensibility, need my medulla oblungata
and every sense of it needs to feel like could rid the mind of blabber
every man needs to feel attached to
something or someone, to be able to gasp through
the obstacles of life´s truth
to create something brand new
and evolve from that point on
revoke from the fight of, or fight from
the dark passage that easily attach to the dark throne
Past on by the past of
every ghost that hid in my closet
I was close to the clashes, but managed to deposit
the truth for all of us, and came out as a prophet
I came, I saw I conquered, and return with a huge profit

Day 64 5th of January

Topic: Bad Communication

I left the message on the desktop
it couldn´t be much clearer than that
“Can u come and see me after dinner, I got something to discuss”
After hours of waiting, I picked the phone up
no one answered
so I thought I go over to your place and just show up
three knocks
and a doorbell rape that sounded like the killing of fifty peacocks
I was all steamed up
anger filled me to the boilingpoint of a bloodrush
In mere frustration I went for the doorknob
and to my suprise the door was open
so I found myself on the floor in the hallpath
Not a second to soon, you enter the room so suprised to see me lying there
I don´t know why, but I felt a sudden change in the atmosphere
so i yelled out: “Didn´t you get my message that i wrote”
That was you? I spent several hours finding out who it was, so what do you want?
“Well I just wondered if you where free tonight?”
And you replied: No Actually I am just about to head out
If you just signed your name or messaged me instead
I would have replied instantly

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  1. my husband and I genuinely really like your web site and think you must have way more subscribers than you do! incredibly superior job and keep working!

  2. my wife definitely loves your web-site and she wanted me to come and let you know just how much she enjoys it.

  3. sly says:

    I really liked this site and what I read here, This is our purpose in life so let’s write on.

  4. spill71 says:

    OH! I love your writing!!!

  5. Kris Kennedy says:

    Cool writing…interesting muse…like your willingness to put “it” out there…

  6. Thomas Davis says:

    This is obvious read aloud poetry. It most reminds me of jazz and syncopated rhythm, but suspect it could also be rap, though I know a whole lot more about jazz than rap. Entertainingly good work.

  7. sandrabranum says:

    I love your work. Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

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