Week 9 of the 365daily challenge , Summary of the texts

Here is the sum up from week 9


Day 63 4th of January 2012

Topic: King Alcohol

The dark demons whisper seduction to my eardrums
my dark matter made a nest on my shoulder until my blood pumps
I can taste the greatness,
sliding on my tastebuds
wanna let the glass tip kiss my lips,
with the drops of gold I get excited with
I cant stop the voices
They all call it temptations
My king and master call it tasteful
I call it reperations
damnation of my soul, its like a sedation of my braincells
Its armageddon for my head, without the crying in the credits
but everytime i am suppose to create clever
the brown stuff talks to the paper
so much better,
I could never, continue my endevour
if the single malt didn´t talk to my possesor
Now its time to call out the professor
for a journey to the center of my earth so I can stay clear of this forever

Day 62 3rd of January 2012

Topic: Babyhands

Two small  hands waving to us gently
the fingers almost twinkle while it scratch its own belly
so lively, so energetic almost spasm-like
its amazing that a couple of centimeters can seem so much like its actual size
on a monitor
cant put words on what I felt when I saw the legs crumble together
and kick and jump around, before it met the hands again i could sit there forever
on top we saw the cute little head move
Í was moved by the movement, it was almost like it felt the groove
cause all of a sudden it started moving in rythm again
up and down round and round, all the joy it must contain
I´m gonna play music for him/her every day
introducing genres layer by layer
and everytime she/he puts music on walking down our home street
I will think of this day when I first saw the lifesign and the heartbeat

Day 61 2nd of January 2012

Topic: Patrick the pagan pig

He is so outta context, his complexity witholds no boundaries
Patrick thought he was just a pig living in harmony
until christianity and other religious fairytales came huffin and puffing on his front door
Little pagan pig, little pagan pig, please let in the lord
or i’ll huff and puff your paganism out of this world
this stuck little pig, didn’t understand a word
so he stood there frightened behind his white sheets
While the huffs and puffs from the religious winds took beliefs
to a new level. “please don’t intervine with our divine dreams
please little pig, we mean no harm with our deeds
we just want you to narrow your beliefs
from your nine different Gods, into the one that we belive is real
well, by we i mean us that believe in the true God,
not the other five that stands around this house that try
to infiitrate your mind with more lies
Patrick just stood there more stronger in his faith
and said: You can huff and puff as much as you want, but just wait
you will see that my beliefs cannot be bent
This so called paganism, has given me all this strength
when I see these visions of your it leaves me with an answer that is obvious
a path of only one would narrow the options
I have, to understand the world that I live in
so I am glad I can have a broader image of life
So they killed him an roasted him over open fire that night
cause they could live in the fear of him beeing right
elimination was a better way out than to fight
cause actions are much stronger than words when fighting paganism

Day 60 1st of January 2012

Topic: First day of the year

Its magic in the air, on this forst day of the year
a hope for soemthing better, is what we pray for when its here
we give ourselves promises for change, jsut a few can stay true too
cause when the record is set, its just another chain of the same issue
but we need that hope, we need that faith to
get the strength to put another year in our account of missuse
But I do see a brighter future coming for 2012
even though not for ourselves
but for every one thats fighting for freeing the ultimate self
a war thats not fought with guns, but with knowledge
internet gave an infinite supply if we want it
to see the world, and get your own reality checked
is what I ask for in order for you to get my respect
the time is here, we just have to savour it
without getting sold on some saviour shit
we need to find out how we should behave for this
and the find the truth in our own sacred gifts

I wish you all a happy new year

day 59 31th of december

Topic: 2012

2012 its the new era
a new atmospher, what we got through with erros
i touched the issue before
like what we been through in the image of God
i see it as a new atart, not he end of an accopalypse, the wind of the world
i feel i´ts the wrath of ourn saviours
tha devours our state just to end the labour
that we push upon our own state
the human beeing of our own state
own rate
that we judge our own people towards
the lights that see our wreckage of God
please let that reckagem become and save that
we can save to become our own God on saviour our own strenght
to become whta we want
I want it, i need it, just share the trtong purpose of my own verdict
sit togehter with my own life
an recreate my own lifestyle

Day 58 30th of December

Topic: The story of Adam and Eve

The tree of knowledge wasn´t ready for the mortal
to rule over good and evil, was not a deed we humans could rule over
to be a God like creature, while the serpent sneaks up and whisper
if you only take a piece you will see the bigger picture
and use the knowledge to build your wisdom
to see that the universe even got the smallest particles within them
but if we fast forward for a minute, and see the world in our image
we still struggle with that same issues, we just call it politics
we the people should let the politicians handle difficulties
sorrounding issues we would probably missuse for our own good
Now who is playing the God role for no good
we see the need of sharing knowledge cause it feels good
the evil happens when they strangle all that seems good
We have to understand, we will never get all answers
but as a mankind we stand in a position to seek a knowledge that advances
and build it slowly instead of feasting from the apple
cause thats the only way we can get closer to the battle
between what we think and what we actually search after
our own reality and understandment, must be shared well crafted
between individuals, both ways instead of debated by the master
or God forbid, just close of every form of searching for the answer

Day 57 29th of December

Topic: Time is relative

I am caught inside a timeframe, time stand still for hours
only few minutes on my watch though, but intensity expand to hours
we are not able to understand the difference,
between actual minutes
and the specter of time we actually spend in it
time is more than just the image of a clock
ticking is the sound of our heartbeat that knocks
the doors open, Time is everything around us
we can stop it if we want to, to preserve the moments
that we care for, intensity in a box, given presents
for the pressence of beeing present
is more important than using time as a refference
of always showing up when others decide for us
why is it that boredom should preserve more time
when exitement and joy are preserving our mind
to create our own kind of a joyful life
happiness creates time, not the other way around
so I enjoy the silence of a timeframe as a create mine

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