Sum up of week 8 in my 365 daily challenge

We are now into day 56 in my 365 daily challenge, that means the mark of 2 months of writing, that you can all read on my website: Here is the sum up of last weeks writing, week 8

Day 56 28th Of December

Topic: The fall of communism

The last breath of the iron curtain, sweaped over the nation
the fear of the iron fist, was slowly kissed away by the perestroika generation
the effects of glasnost, images of Reagan and Gorbatsjov all over
joining hands, just to show the cold war was over
start of a new era, the fall of an empire,
no one thought would ever fall, a massive fall for an entire
nation of people, whose been lead to belive in a system they have aquired
and the rest of the world didn´t dare to belive this was the end of the “red fire”
some called it a late christmas present
others called it a gift of lessons, hidden behind myths and legends
build up with time and effort, to hide the real message
of the events that wasn´t even close in pressence
I am still not impressed with what came out of these events
it just gave more power to an elite both in control and wealth
the fall of the union is to me a result of fear reaching a boiling point
that the love message of glasnost was overlooked, when politicians where joint
together to build a future for themselves, and once again use their nations misfortune
for their own advantage, the only difference was that the gapbetween them had a bigger margin

Day 55 27th of December

Topic : Flu struck

Feels like the million march is stepping on my forehead
got a million thoughts buzzin around, and all of them are morbid
the fever fantasies play hide and seek with my sanity
and make me scream out, or did I dream that?, at least it was filled with profanity
Please stop!
The advil hasn´t quite reached out,
to those parts of my body that i breached out for missing sympathy for its sick spouse
Why can´t you just leave me alone
I thought we where done with this shit… years ago
I don´t have time for vomit or muscleaches,
on a mission of conquering something else than suffered pain
with my bloodveins bulging on my neck creating massive chains
of images that just symbolize the state im in
I am writing diaries and poetry on a daily basis
no time for riding diarrhea waves
in between womit sessions that illustrates
the state I´m in, instead of creating massive anticipated rhymeschemes
so excuse me this day of dying slowly instead of writing topics that intervene
with my rhyming skills

Day 54 26th of December

Topic: Political Campaign

The painted smile is flirting frantiqly with camera headlights
chosen slogans squirting out, from his mouth like quoted headlines
with the campaign manager pull the strings in the background
a puppet show with the puppetmaster taking control over his backline
Its all lobbying, moneytrade and keeping the polls high
whatever the public wants, we are all for that
until another side or the progress report tell em to switch sides
you don’t need a solid case to get elected, you need funding
you don’t need secure voters, you need those who are fumbling
in the darkness, looking for any answer that will keep their prospects bubbling
and keep a straight fast to make your lies seem like words they can be trusting
play the fear card more than the hope card
play any card, just no the truth card
cause that can damage your career so hard
cause it would make people demand what they can’t handle so far
that will result in a revolution the political stage is not ready for
and release the pitiful truth they kept behind closed doors
that all they ever wanted in this world was control
and lies was the only way they could achieve what they where searching for

Day 53 25th of December

Topic: Sports

It starts at a young age,
parents get their will and force their kids to play a game
That frantic cheering on the sideline or on stage
is a substitute for their own lost longing for fame
” I am certain that he can be a star,if I give him the support I lacked from my dad”
He could get so far, if I give him support and push him just as hard
and get him to believe that he can never adjust his guard
or leave it down, that would mean it would leave him scarred
for life, and that he would dissapoint us all
that this is his only chance to be someone all could call
a hero, a star or a someone to admire
that should be enough to aspire and inspire
him to get his goals sat higher
than the sky itself,
and thats everything that sport should be about
thats what drives all parents to drive them to sport camps
just to hear their kids name named next to Champ

Day 52 24th of December

Topic: Christmas Eve

Did not think it would come this quick, but now it’s here again
the day of celebration with family and friends
we start it off with some christmas brunch and television
traditional shows thats been screening for ages is my definition
of a real christmas exhibition.
after that sequence I am off to the cemetary
to comemorate and remember the family
that no longer can be here to celebrate with me
Lit a candle for them, and talk to them briefly
summing up the year so the know how I’m doing
before I go back home and get ready for the evening
it is feasting season on the table when we are dining
Meatballs, sausage, ham and some roasted pork
served with sauce, potatoes, and some cabage on my fork
for dessert, som ricecream with strawberry sauce
I always have to force the last serving in, but its for a good cause
The next hours or so, I see the anticipation in the kids eyes, waiting for claus
And when I finnaly arrive, they are a little bit cautious in their approach
when i read  their name out loud.
I can’t believe that after 7 years they still don’t have a clue its me underneath that suit
but at least I keep their spirits true
At least for another year

Day 51 23rd of December

Topic: Potato Sallad

Big chunks of potato swimmin in some fat cream
vegetables and herbs drissled over like magic seeds
the magic could seem to end long before the magic hits
the tastebuds of your mouth, never imagined it would tast like this
Explotion, tasteful, bathing under a swelling toungue
moves further down the throat, How no Idea where this flavours’s from
never been so wrong about a flavorish feast
never put my teeth in something so delicious
Turning this heavenly dish into a mission
the cream leaves a taste of long lost dream
and I turn into a beast
the instant someone try to steal my feast
move and talk like Gollum, in the corner
My precious,this is mine , this is the  new world order
I turn Illuminati on this shit I sacrifise lambs to the potato god
Just to savor the flavor from this Potato sallad I just had
Can’t dare to think about the consequense of Christmas dinner
when this side dish made me ready to kill every other sinner

Day 50 22th of December

Topic: New School vs old roots wailing wolves edition

Never thought that I would make a track versus something new
when All I’ve ever stood for was progression from what we once knew
but when the old roots are beeing violated chopped screwed
by hipster tweeking new school fools
I feel the records must by set, and bring it back,
just to school them fools
I remember solo’s giving shivers through my bloodveins
masterminds create shit, straight outta their basements
when the e-string could be the difference in a context
and the vocals just left you in amazement
with a pressence that was amazing entertainment
Zappa, Freddy, Marvin and Gabriel
All delivered some mad technical, though probably on chemicals
songstiles, combined with a vocal that left em on a pedestal
that no lil,  lady or young can dream of is achievable
yes its hip, yes its cool, but it will always be a replica of the old roots
and not even half as good
if they just chop and screw greatness in the way they do
They will never feel the roots of their music

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