Winner of Day 50 Competion: Bert Calderon of Wailing Wolves

Day 50: Competition is Over, after a load of good suggestions I have found my winner. Bert Calderon of the Wailing Wolves Band came with the topic of New hip sound, versus old roots, so I wanted to take memory of some influence from that congratulataions Bert, I will record this before new years for you. Topic: New School vs old roots wailing wolves edition

here is the verse i wrote for you, And I will as mention record it by new years


Never thought that I would make a track versus something new
when All I’ve ever stood for was progression from what we once knew
but when the old roots are beeing violated chopped screwed
by hipster tweeking new school fools
I feel the records must by set, and bring it back,
just to school them fools
I remember solo’s giving shivers through my bloodveins
masterminds create shit, straight outta their basements
when the e-string could be the difference in a context
and the vocals just left you in amazement
with a pressence that was amazing entertainment
Zappa, Freddy, Marvin and Gabriel
All delivered some mad technical, though probably on chemicals
songstiles, combined with a vocal that left em on a pedestal
that no lil,  lady or young can dream of is achievable
yes its hip, yes its cool, but it will always be a replica of the old roots
and not even half as good
if they just chop and screw greatness in the way they do
They will never feel the roots of their music


Check the rest of the 49 verses on my homepage


Peace and Thank you again for all the good suggestions


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