Summary of Week 6 of 365 daily Challenge

Day 42 14th of December 2011

Topic: My Mother

Its been 21 years, since I last saw you
Its been 21 years, since that ambulance came to the rescue
saw it as best to,
crawl into my safe shell for my own rescue
9 years old, I understood
drew myself away from beeing around you
Like my brain was on autopilot to deal with all the issues
now its 21 years, the autopilot is off on this date every year
But I know I have to function for my sorroundings and my peers
for 21 years I have memorized my tears,
And I let them out with the same pride as I´ve done every year
Commemorated you mum, wishing you where still here
So I could show you the type of life your son lives right here
and in some way I think you always been present
cause the past affects the present,  and you are the essence of my pressence
And today its been 21 years, I turn those tears into a smile
with your face inprinted on my Iris
See you on christmas eve, with the brightness
from a candlelight, that lights up the kindness of your heart for eternity

Day 41 13th of December 2011

Topic: Bonsaiety Records

Alternative for rapgenres,
Indie, car racing through sterotypes and rare dogmas
Animal farm, a fauna for the mad rappers
Bonsaiety, where original and madness crashes
most of the artists kept their original names
originated from other artforms, with original stains
on their pencils, sharper edges
a smarter edge when they hand over a message
Stop the presses
deliver everyday topics, with a wider preference
so you can still obsess over our insider reference
That will enlighten your pressence
Multi-talented, more than rappers
painters, producers, photographers and actors
No label is even close to match us
It´s just an amzing mash-up
a rooster filled with diversity, come on
check us out on

Day 40. 12th of December

Topic: Ocean Melodies from sea shells

Play that tune right, let that muse fight
while I write music to the oceanic moonlights
melodies of  big seas roaming through a tunnel
fumble in the darkness, reproduced by mussels
the seashells keep on coming
I let seashores dance on my eardrums, drumming
stumble over stories told by seahorses, hummin
MesAyah in a symphony – The forthcoming
The waves rumble through its speaker system
a serenade to my sneaker kingdom, with fading rythm
Accompanied by the ocean´s long lost wisdom
but still with so much knowledge within them
Won´t brag I found the meaning of life listening in
dreaming with a masterful mind, I found the original sin
for how to kill the musical thrill
forgetting its roots would be like crushing every sea shells´ dream
keep on listening while the sea shells sing

Day 39 11th of December 2011

Topic: Sky diving

The chain is connected, we stand there like birds on a wire
ready to get some air under our bodies, I am so aspired
inspired by my lust for dangerous living, and the lust for beeing admired
the plane lift us up a little bit higher,
we are now above the skies, I look at the new parachute I have aquired
We getting ready for the massive 3000 feet free fall
we all stand up now, ready to bounce off the pedestale
it is preferable to jump first, cuz then the airtime feels extra long
The door opens, at this moment I feel all alone
tested the jumpsuit several times, its floatproof and functional
I am untouchable when I jump out, the thought patterns are multiple
Bloodrush to the brain, free as a bird , nothing is comparable
The thought of me landing soon, is nothing but unbearable
My mind is so clear right now
I saw life flash by several times in a row
Plant my feet on the ground, already feels like several years ago
It is so good to pause and just let it go

Day 38 10th of December 2011

Topic: Lady Gaga

I´m here tonight to talk about a replica
just to share the truth with the rest of ya
If you ever seen madonna
and every stunt she ever pulled,
there is no need to pay respect to lady gaga
A mix of the 80´s and 90´s queen
mixed with a bit of Mercury , but never quite reach that Ivy league
The shockwaves should be silenced by the media
If you cant hear that fernando, is a rip off of La isla bonita
there is something wrong with all of ya´ll
If you don´t see the sexual drift is stolen from the later years of freddy
you should be embeded  into a faded project that left earth for a century
so please leave this copycat
I aint having none of that
If you got something to add
This is my challenge shoutout, please let me hear from ya

Day 37. 9th of December 2011

Topic: Nymphomania

Let the load go on the sheets this time
an incredible feeling when I release my pride
somehow, I can´t get satisfied
by the feeling of beeing satisfied
so I get ready for a second time
theres only seconds since I second my decision by
looking at my cock, cause the the string attached
got closer to its breaking time
but I thought, what the hell, It will last at least one more time
I turn back to the lady I picked up for the night
whisper in hear ear with a light voice like
I want to swallow you breath and bite of you obbsession
like I was posessed by a devilish supression
she looks at me with pleasure
thats all I need to jump over her tender loins with aggression
I know I´ll give her all it takes
but she will never be able to return it in the same way
cause when the next load fades into the pillow case
I will be ready for next fase of our sexual parade
And I´m the one who has to walk the walk of shame
while she can talk about the night she spent with all her friends,
I wish that I could do the same without  feeling a bit ashamed

Day 36. 8th of December 2011

Topic: Cartoon loving adults

Enjoy the flickers on the tele, some mad facial expressions
voices and the moral tells the story as I enter my obsession
noises of their vocal chord, make every second of this inception
By the way, You should listen to my mickey mouse impressions
I´m so glad I have this affection, that I have to to spend my seconds
on something that´s an extention of my dream state reflections
I really wish that Scrooge could´ve affected my adolecence
so my adulthood, could´ve been utterly refreshened
added a constant in my life, like  arithmetic progression
I would have been a transformer, Optimus Prime with a shapeshifting transgression
I could isolate my mad aggression towards a mad impression
of a mad invention
made by this mad scientist with bad intentions
This dimension
is so much more exciting than our own existing images of life

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