Studiosession with Mounir Sassi from Conurbia

Had the privilege to welcome Mounir Sassi from Conurbia Back to the studio again for a quick recording session for a new track. He laid down three verses and a hook on an amazing Kay-Z beat

It is always a pleasure to get him into the studio cause he always bring that little extra edge into it.

It is always a good vibe in the studio. Coffee is not only needed, but mandatory

Mounir is in deep listening mode, he actually went into this zen state several times so he didn´t hear shit, and I had to play it again and again

Mounir Kept those rhymes behind blankets and a mic thing, called MIC THING

Get that hook laid down

Shoutout to all the rest of Bonsaiety and keep your eyes and ears open

Check Bonsaiety:




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