Summing up week 5 of 365 daily challenge

This week also included a recording from one of last weeks Alphabetic Alternatives Challenge

MesAyah – Alphabetic Alternatives

Day 35. 7th of December 2011

Topic: Boredom

Can´t take it much longer, have to keep on writing
have my life filled up with objects, but nothing that´s exciting
look out the window for some answer, all I see is…..Nothing
Bored to death, while others would accuse me for bluffing
If someone threw a Love life sign , in my face right now
I´ve probably would have responded
with a Drake Punchline
the emptyness that tries to fill an empty chest
ends up in and empty chest
that once was filled with treasures
Supressed them cause I thought I needed pleasures
but Life is only measured by how much that you treasure
the experience you have, and let that be a lesson
Life can be everything, or just a black hole
It can be enlightment, or a dark soul
it can be righteous, or sparkling cold
you can be a fighter or don´t even try at all
But before I overload my mind with hatred
I have realise that life must be filled with something greater
and I have been sitting on my fence waiting
Cause life was nothing when I didn´t fill it with Accesories that I myself Created

Day 34. 6th of December 2011

Topic: Obsessive compulsive dissorder

My head spinning in circles, my toes stepping on big squares
my hands washed in circles,
without touching the sink I try to avoid the big stares
Climb down the stairs in a certain rythmn, If I fall out, I climb back up towards my kingdom
counting backwards from 42 , to release the zodiac thats been nesting up my freedom
I see grand openings through prism visions,
I measure peoples breath by inhaling their split seconds
before I franticly whipe their breath of my lips, that hasn´t been kissed in six weeks
cause I see the marks my girlfriend leaves,
on the tip of her glass, its the germ fest I percieved
I revieve numbers, I recieve messages
from something greater than, the measurements that we posess
I only need to divide them up in four quarters on my wall
And I am sure I can break the code, that gives  meaning to it all

Day 33 5th of December 2011

Topic: What is freedom?

I sit firmly while I try to ammend some thought patterns
Search for Saturn´s knowledge prior to the freedom fighters
cause these images are so arcane, Ice and dust inhaled
we fight for something so frail, that just one mindset, can make it all fail
Set our minds to selfdestruct by, deducting freedom into two lines
one that breath life, and one that preach lies
but you can´t split it apart, cause we see that free lies
in the beginning of the freed mind each time we inprint it in our spines
so please let me be the first to scream out, that no freed mind
needs to follow or to gain followers
If you put pride into your cause, but push it towards others, you need to swallow it
If you have this huge need
of getting your beliefs pushed down the throath of non-believers
you are so off course of gaining freedom,
recieving it or preaching it, that you wouldn´t even believe in it
To be free is to find peace with yourself, not your selfishness
no need to find evidence, you just listen to your inner self
that voice that yell´s innocence, this pure influence
I´m feeling is just various forms of saying
the path I´m on suits me, and there is no way I am failing

Day 32. 4th of December 2011

Topic: The Dark Season

I´m getting tired more often
It feels like the afternonn around 11 o´clock in the morning
my head is worn out, I can feel life on my body
like someone is draining my energy, constantly and purposly
then put darker thoughts inside of me
the only cure that I can see
as helpful is a glass of whiskey
or a couple of cold beers
I drain my sorrows with alcohol without any sorrows actually beeing there
the lack of sunlight
dries my chambers out and darken all perspectives like
a person that is left to die
without any hope left inside
I try to do the best that I
Can is these situations
fighting against the darkside without any Jedi Masters pressence
affected by it
my head writes notes on paper
so you can read my mental health as pure entertainment later

Day 31 3rd of December

Topic: Aint no mountain high enough

Theres no limits to these visions
You can search to try and find a distance
but you must give in cause,
the infinite can´t be mesured in excistence
my grown senses, playing checkers with my resistance
never skipped double, my gameplan´s so persistent
i reach for the stars, maybe land on a windshield
seeing clearer through it, reaching the skies through a windmill
you can always think your able to see what its all about
but all and all, you cant even sense what goes around
In YOUR own life, easy philosophies like, what goes around comes around
I am the limelight to your lifeline
cause I rhyme tight and I flow through your backspine
and reach your medula ablungata in no time
There is no mountain high enough to explain how great I am to your mind
and how its elavated since your first read these line

Day 30 2nd of December

Topic: Meat Eaters

Tender and juicy loins
the groin of this pig seems so delicious when it join
the image I have in my visionary positions
But not at all as boring as a missionary position
The blood that squirts out
make me more than cautiious around
the issue of puttin teeth around
this lucious tenderloin
that i grinded trough a meat grinder
i defeat my fear against defeated anger
towards these animals
I cant believe i just ate som pig genitals
and actually enjoyed the taste of it all
if you didnt now, pig genitals, are pig balls
I am the kid that enjoys everything he put in his mouth, No joke
and  I mean everything, No choke
I am a meat lover…….Yes Homo

Day 29. 1st of December 2011

Topic: Nail Polish

The package said to strokes and the finish would look perfect
I´m Kinda nerveous now, after five, it looks like a finger nail reject
like my hand points finger to it, and then realize it is its finger
lingers it slowly in its palm to hide the hideous disfigure
my hand tells my brain, lets keep this finger a prisoner
cause i cant go around showing this until it  undergoes a proper fixture
it looks kind of like a mixture
of the leg of a sliced chicken and a beaten beaver grinded in a meatfilter
My hand hides it, while moving my body towards a mirror
just to get a closer look, so the situation can be a little bit clearer
Scream!, my brain message me to scream out
this must be my hand sending his message so he can let his frustration out
I try to talk him out of it, but nothing seem to persuade it now
New orders are beeing sent: Pick up that meat axe
I shout back, please don´t, we could fix this pretty fast
Relax, it says, this will be over before you can say, dead hand of the past
Then my other hand reacts, slicing of the fingertips
I hope you learned your lesson, MEN NEVER WEARS NAIL POLISH

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