4 weeks of texts out on my homepage now. Here is week 4 sum up

Day 28. 30th of November 2011

Topic: Hairless Husky

It was enourmous, kind of out of proportions
a beast of burden, hurten by distortion
this furless, creature-like beast of mine
used to be this sweet and cuddly friend that I
Took everywhere
That was back when he actually, Got hair
the sibirian blue eyes, that i used to admire
now looks like two pieces of sapphire
sowed on a fleececarpet
released on sale on a fleemarket
But hey at least its a free market
and he is the example that marks it
but what can you do when you love this creature to death
even though it would be best
to pay him the last respect, and actually show him some respect
and release him from the suffering of beeing this way
and release yourself from keeping him alive this way
just because of your own selfishness
you refuse to let him leave this place
when the time actually passed ages ago,
but you would miss him to much

Day 27. 29th of November 2011

Topic: The masters and the puppet

“You WIll never make it”
the voice penetrates my eardrum
I stay holsome awaiting the next perpetrating “truth” serum
I fight the seven serpents sailing the seven seas
I swim in circles while trying to save the remains of my severed dreams
“Look, this is our framework,
Now start working inside these frames, living inside these walls we put up
cause we can no longer put up with
you always trying to step out of it
there is no other life than what we offer
to often we see characters like you with hopes of
living outside the boxes
accept your destiny, grow old, then you deserve to live life
instead of your perspective, to live life like
you want to, and seek excitement, peace and quiet, whenever you like
to do so, its like pissing on the graves of those who made this life
possible For you”.
I look deep into my masters eyes, glearing from my shouldercap
“I refuse to live a life like that,
I stay true to all that I believe is right
I rather die
than settle down with something almost decent
I believe our mission is to outlive the dreams
from a previous age and make new beliefs
implemented into the brains
of those who are destined to outlive ours
The weight of these 20 bars
are now lifted from my shoulders, Reach for the stars
This aint over

Day 26. 28th of November

Topic: Alphabetic Alternatives Part 3

Take the two topics, then tamper the truth told
terminate the trust, then take tracks to the twofolded
underrated unveiled under umbrellan unity
unified under unstable unextepcted  UN-secrecy
vent, vote, value validate
violence vacillitate voltures viciously vaccinate
with world wide web woven willfully
we will wait while wars wake wackos´  wastefully
Xanadu x-rays Xavier x Xanax
xerics xena x-rated xbox
younglings yawned yesterday
yet yestermorn youthfully yowled
ziolism zooms zeros
zombies zaps zen-gardens
and be careful, don´t estimate functional heritages greater inside justice,
knock messages, not prophecies, quit rambling sumptuous thoughness
undermine violence, words xericly yells zen-place

Day 25. 27th of November 2011

Topic: Anger

I am filled with this crushing bloodrushing emotion
It feels like someone´s pushing my temples in, it all happens in slow motion
I am filled with devotion and see no other option
than to scream out in fury, with my indoor voice of course, I don´t want to cause any commotion
I am not exactly in my zen spot
belive it or not, I am at the mall, pushing a shop cart
trapped behind, this shop-o-holic retard
that screams out every second, so hard
Look GER, they have another sale, quick give me your credit card
my eardrums wees out an airbubble
I try to get passed her, but her ass stumble
back and forward in excitement, so now my blood bubbles
Her husband looks at me then starts to cause trouble
and now I am stuck in Isle four with mr and mrs Huxtable
And all I ever wanted was buy myself some music for my own pleasure

Day24. 26th of November

Topic: Alphabetic Alternatives part 2

Jacked justice jammed jesus joining jesters
jaculates just jokes justifying jokers
kindly killing knowledge, katabolic keepers
kept Kant´s keys , karma kicked katharsis
levetate, laborate, lift life-living legends
life lives long, lethal legions learning lessons
minute made metaphors meet man made messages
meaningful masterful mythical malevolence
nursing novices needs, none needs nihilists
nourishing nursery nihilating nonviolient nonsense
put power patterns pillared, preventing progress
process projects, perfection passing prospects
qualified queens quote quails
quantative quartets quibble questions, quantum quatation quells
random rabbling, respect responsabilties
requiems reflect, reelect reliabilities
sincerity shall succome slanderous slogans
spokesmen shouldn´t sacrificse self spoken
solid senses so swollen senators stays selected

Day23. 25th of November

Topic: Mindsets

your mind is a beautiful beeing
nutured on knowledge and feelings
it grows like a flower powered by truth and meaning
See life through the eyes you wanna se it with
be the way you wanna see yourself through lucid dreaming
Life is a state you all should be in
Knowledge means human beeing
The squareroot of guilt and consequense is newsreading
I call it cause and effect
cause it cause and upset
and make you cautious against the opposite side
and what they represent
put the focus back on to yourself
Don´t let anyone tell you what you can´t do
you have the ability to do anything you want to
we´re not born with abilities, we build them
Rome wasn´t built in a day or by millions
They had to place each rock, with great devotion
And each meant equally much ,and represented an emotion,

Just like you do

day 22. 24th of November 20011

Topic: Alphabetic Alternatives part 1

asteroid anologies annihilate and answer
apocalyptic anecdotes as alliances advances
been brought back but banished by bureaucracy
beliefs bent backwards by banking billions behind battlefields
came crushing cause captains cooperated calmly
chemicals came closer, capturing calamity
death destroyed democracy doctrines
desperately dissolving demographic desired dreams
economy evaporated equality, economy evaporated eternity
eternally expanding evolutionary emergencies
fantasising fiction for federal fraternities
forcing friction for families fighting for fading freedom
gave glaring gifts, guns gained genocides
generated genesis,
gave gracious gentleness
Having higher hopes, hindereding helplesness
helping homies hinder hell having heavensent
important information integrated into influence
I inform informants in invented imponing instruments

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5 Responses to 4 weeks of texts out on my homepage now. Here is week 4 sum up

  1. I haven’t finished reading all of the challenges yet, but I thought I’d pipe in and say that this is awesome!

  2. I savor, cause I found just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  3. I was looking at your posting title 4 weeks of texts out on my homepage now. Here is week 4 sum up | MesAyah – Life through the mic and wondering if you SEO optimized it? I’m a beginner to blogging and my blogspot blog needs some SEO guidance. Could you kindly e-mail me at Staines@uf.edu ?

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