365 daily challenge Week 2 sum up

Here ære the verses from this weeks 365 daily challenge

Topic: Killer hamster

He tries to chuck me with his teeth, they are sharp as needles my buddy Peebles, spent the weekend chasing me down to the deep end while i defend myself from this beasty hairy creature I think he descends, from something deeper than the grim reaper himself it´s that evil look he sends, when I see what he intends like he understands I´m on the breacking point, of my common sense his mission is to cause me as much pain as possible And he finally got me cornered, I fell over the only obstacle In the entire room I assume, his ready to consume me ,while I meet my final doom I can already presume the writing of my tomb “This Dude should have known, breathing creatures done by fools”

Topic: Piece of bread

I serve on my plate this loaf of light tanned, delightful white bread crust is so easy to bite over, its almost right to say its a whidespread romour how overexcited I am with this faisty bun of delight flavours I smear some mustard at the bottom i see how the bread blossom as the grinded mustard seed with caution enter the crumbs and moist the awsome wheat that is the basic ingridient in this feast i am about to stick my teeth in but first I need som meat to pay this lunch the respect needed so I place to pieces of roastbeef and let it sleep together with some onion and greens and then toss over some pepper and garlic to seal the deal Now thats a meal!!

Topic: Homelessness

I´m playing checkers on my cardboardbox the ruthless reality feels like hardwood when it lknocks on my front door and i open up the provisorical entrance I made cutting halfway through this sentence “we protect and serve all of our citizens” This slogan from my company feels so limited cause the effect of beeing let off seemed so imidiate I was out on the streets in less than a week but it seems like a lifetime, and right now I am stuck in the prime of my life planting lies in to my mind so I wont fear the hours between when the light dissapear and the darkness derives in the horizon I´ll try my best to fight my way back into common sense, but the government only see the face of a homeless but i will get my home back, no matter what it´ll cost me when it comes to causes

Topic: Obese Evangelist

I´m facing battles with the iron fist like a carpet over our beliefs it lies heavy on the mind of this lying obese evangelist he undermines the natural search for answers an actor, acting in the role as an answerer of all questions, that doesn´t have an answer he chants out: We need a healthy environment filled by our master while his chin and cheeks dance an environmental wardance as he preach about disaster there is nothing healthy about this previous pastor. In fact, he is the walking image of a natural disaster so please don´t preach what values i should live after. when you cant even value your own life it would be so nice, to hear you wease out, I´lI need to live like my mind needs to feel like, so i don´t need to fill up my body with food that cover up the lies that i feed out to those who think they need that. And that is why I eat like this that is why i look obese to cover up the lies i give to people that i wanna please when all they really need to see, is that we are here to live our needs and after that it´s over

Topic: Cat O´nine tails

I´m playing witchcraft with the instrument while hitting up Argento Its like a hidden arpeggio in the storyline, a mix of the memento Dario, let the characters play with murders in the scenario The Barrier of a blinded man, get acceptance from this fairly young and restless journalist on a mission to solve these cases but as the nest up this case its more disturbing than they could imagine a life and death journey, where they balance on the margin of a knifeblade, where the murderer is marching towards the next murder, while they chase him where he started This Italian Hitchcock, gave his audience a shock so they censored this master, beacause his images did talk a craftman at work, the cat o´nine tails you should all see it if Suspiria derailed from the track of your mind and you didn´t catch all the details

Topic: The akward detective

He eyed me from a distance and almost instantly he slid across the building to slip me these questions “I see your not wearing your pants right and why is your sweather so tight?” ” I don´t take to light on fellas like you, you look frighten do you got something to hide?” He turns to to the right starts walking around the room I´ve rented collecting elements to build a case from the unexpected “a string of hair? Men have hair, testosteron is produced by men, test…. test…., testing chairs to sit in, where should I sit, where? pronounced the same way as wear wearing, I think we are dealing with a crossdresser hear!” He gives me the Colombo stare Do you like to dress up Sir? I answer him, off course not then he smiles, pats me on the back, i got no further question you are free to go now, then he´s out

Topic: Broken Button

I push it repeatedly but nothing seems to happen no sound, no tunes, right now, nothing else matter I stay focused on the task I have in store for this I wish i´ll make this button lit by fixing it with magic tricks all I wanna hear is music, but it vanished half as quick as I managed to say, I look forward to meet the manager of this new exciting management You cant even imagine, the thoughts that surround my planet my biggest chance so far, I´m filling up with panic I tried it all, tried calling for support before anyone answered, the guy was moving towards the door I begged, I plead, I was even down on my knees but nothing helped, I had to watch him leave I didn´t have anything left in my pocket but the downfall didn´t stop there, cause i found out what caused it the button was never broken, the cord just wasn´t connected to the socket

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