365 Days of Challenge Sum up of week one

Started this a week ago, I get topics from my fans, and I write on their topics her is a summary of the first week


go in here an keep yourself updated: http://mesayah.com/fr_16barsdaily.cfm


Day 1. 3rd of november 2011

Topic: War in the world
Heavy tears from childrens eyes
Barrel of a gun whipes´em off, as they´re ordered to stay inside
Their parents are ordered to stay in line
eyes wide shut, as the gun pops, silence strikes
smell of gunpowder and geneside
another child is left behind
his lucky if the newstory will get a single facebook-like
cause the attack was considered a succesful strike
his parents didn´t choose right,
so he is just a victim on the “other” side
the right or wrong doesn´t make a single right for him
he lost the rights to live
cuz of the blood they spilled
Day 2. 4th of November 2011

Topic: Pencil Sharpener

Final Touches on the make-up
just to make up,
for the last time that they met
felt they shared something special like the skin that he shed
when his body touched her thin waist
and let the razor sharp blades take a part of him
she built his self esteem, she couldn´t belive
he left the minute she was finished with ,the work she did.
all that he left her with,
was the pieces of her lost love in the bottom of her own lid.
Long lost, but never forgotten
strong hopes, but not to often
she couldn´t help herself from wanting what he offered
She knew she acted like a blockhead
but even if she tried she couldn´t block it
she was an open wound and had nothing to cover with
So she takes cover in her dreams
and dream of the returning image of the pencil

Day 3. 5th of November 2011

Topic: Financial Crisis in America. Letter from a rich guy.

Dear America,
I am really conserned
I thought we lived by the motto: a dollar lost a dollar earned
Why should I feel sorry for the people in the world
that hasn´t learned thier lesson, its really absurd
I know that I deserve
this position that I posess and serve
can´t believe they have  the nerve
to lecture me about the wealth that I preserve
I am Sure they´ll do the same thing towards me
This is my constitutional right in the land of the free
Home of the brave
I am the hand that feeds, some of these slaves
and I pay them well
They should work much harder for that minimum wage
Just like our forefathers did, Back in the days
I don´t understand this rage
they feel towards what i stand for and desire
I built this up from scratch, from my My dad´s Empire
why should I be punished as a tax paying headliner
I feel no need to share my wealth, with mexicans, gang members and Liars
This is Eye for and Eye
Dime for a dime, and I´ll die before I share my dollar for the socialistic mind
Best regards.
Mr. John “Americas Saviour”

Day 4. 6th of November 2011

Topic: Tainted Tofu

Meatflavour and fish stank
Soy texture, I will be serving up that dish now
Not a single animal was killed for this delicious meal
but this is my personal appeal
Nothing to personal but still
to many have sufferef through this painful Ordeal
we had som casuals, about a 100 human beeings
Cause the soy didn´t sit right
Sit thight, cause this story is a bit like
wrestling vs fist fights
One of them just doesn´t excite or look right
please let me go through
the process of making this homebrewed all new Tofu
so you, can understand that all this No good, non food
is not good
First mix soy beans with some lime jiuce, then you add water
Thats about it, just that line has tainted my aorta
This tainted Tofu business should be closed down and stopped by the border
Before more people must sacrifice their life from tainted soya

Day 5. 7th of November 2011

Topic: Sociopathic Waiter

My waiter had the darkest eyes
his iris played hide and seek inside his eyelids
When his eyes twinged and lips tweeked
I got suspicious, cuz all I asked for was an extra minute on my decision
He mumbled something to himself about, Idiot and only five dishes
before i got to reply, he was back into the kitchen
When I finally decided to go for chicken
He smiled weirdly and in an overly polite way he replied to me, “I´ll Have it specially delivered.”
Wich left me even more confused and bevildered
He returned with a fantastic plate of dinner
“I´m Sorry for the delay Sir, I just had to spend 10 extra minutes,
to prepare this wonderfil Filèt, hope you enjoy your dinner”
He spent the next couple of minutes, circling my table
like he was waiting for a response wich made me unable
to finish my dish, he just looked so dangerously unstable
” A thank you would be nice, a sign of yourself beeing grateful”
I didn´t know what to do so I just chocked on a mouthful
and mumbled,
“Check please”
It was a huge relief, to get out of my seat
and I left the waiter a fifty dollar tip, on a five dollar dish
cause i don´t wanna meet, this sucker on the streets
” Sir, Now you have to pay for your deeds,
I thought you cared about my cooking like i cared about your needs”
That beeing the last words I ever heared, and his wierd smile was the last thing to i´d ever see

Day 6. 8th of November 2011

Topic: drivers that doesn´t blink when they turn

It starts itching in my upper lip
I´m stuck behind a driver with
the most irritating habit.
Everytime i think,
Yes, this is it, he forgets to blink
and turns left when I am just about to pass him
Thanks to the reaction of my limbs,
I am able to climb, just barely past his rims
And he yells through his window
“Watch where your driving you fuckin imbecile”
Does it take that much of an effort
to take the step out of adolescence,
and actually face reality, and press
the lever on you leftie
Thats baby talk, for left hand I just left it in your lingo
If you have the impression that i enjoy,
To risk shit, I´d rather play bingo, or casino
Or even get in debt with a mexican amigo
Than face the bumber of the car of an irresponsible bambino

Day 7. 9th of November 2011

Topic: Botany

I study the seed of life, deep in the need of light
the soul cannot flourish right,
without nursing every night
You need to dig further down the dirt to find
the fertilizer for your mind
I found it  in Nursery rhymes
comitted a nursery chryme
when i tried to feed my soul with herbs and wine
to force out what I left behind
The flowers sprung out, when I guarded my inner thoughts
I fought with myself, but now I garden the winner of the sins i caught
and grew them into 16 bars of deminishing fraught
I sought from the real source
and with this incredible force
I let the seed grow to something more than just a flower

©Bonsaiety Records & MesAyah
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