“MesAyah – Bridge over beloved waters” – single in sale from 28th of October

MesAyah returns to the music scene.

After being away from the music scene for a while MesAyah returns back with a new single called Bridge over beloved waters. A musical collaboration with Daniel Rønning Stokkan, a very talented musical Genius.
Ever since MesAyah and Daniel Rønning Stokkan met, they have planned to make music together.
When they finally sat down in the studio and started playing around, MesAyah had found his man, and his sound. This is the first result out of five singles that will be released before the big album release in May/June 2012.

With this single MesAyah clarify his role as a distinctive lyrical rapper, a poet accompanied by music. And with the playful instrumental it touches so many other genres at the same time, MesAyah finally get to play with his long lost love, Progressive Rock music. This release can be considered Norway s, or maybe the worlds first Progressive rap song. A song for both the listener and the LISTENER.

“Its sickening how little do we know about abilities, i built it with agility and lyrical obscenity, affiliated with the visibilities of open minds, and realized what true abilities i have”



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