MesAyah – Perfect World (Music Video)

Its Official

MesAyah from Bonsaiety Records has released his first music video, for the track: Perfect World.  In cooperation with SMI (støttesenteret mot incest) this kickstarts the next phase of the Perfect World fundraiser, which is collecting money for this organization and funding of new schoolbooks that will put the spotlight on the problem so we can reduce the numbers of children that are victims for the cruel actions regarding incest.

The fundraiser works like this:

You can either wire money to: SMI accountnumber 16004033225 and mark the payment with Perfect World Fundraiser

You can buy MesAyah – Perfect World on Itunes  and the money goes directly to SMI

You can buy The EP Life in Soulitude and 50 precent of the money goes to SMI

Or You can buy Items from the Perfect World Clothing line and the money goes to SMI (excl. Manufacturing)

So give from the bottom of your heart and i will show much gratitude back to you

Directed by: Martin T.B Thomas and Harald Engan

Final Cut: Alexander Føsund

Photo: Joachim Nilsen

Produ.cer: Espen Stenersrød

Father: Ketil Blix Gaare

Daughter: Caroline Erika Sevland

Mother: Christina Alm Ungher

Lover: Trond Teigen

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2 Responses to MesAyah – Perfect World (Music Video)

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  2. bjpramann says:

    Thanks for your follow! I love your music video; what a hard topic. Most artist wouldn’t touch something like that with a pole, I’m so glad to see a brave soul bringing real topics to the table instead of brushing them under the rug.

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