Final mixing stages of Paradise of paradigms EP

Good morning

I´ve been sitting all weekend with the final mixing on the Paradise of Paradigms EP, this EP will be available for free download for those that are either on my mailinglist, fans on Reverbnation, or registered members on my homepage. this is an exclusive release, not released for the public, only for those who really care about my music since it is a weird musical journey into a different mindset that divides the listeners from the LISTENER. I will get back to you with the release date and such sooner rater than later.

And how can you Join my fanlist, you may ask?

Register as member here:

Register as Fan:

Send your email to me in comment and i will add you to my list.

Once you are on my list you will get all my exclusive releases and also some tracks for free every month

So don´t hesitate to join, i will be waiting patiently

Peace and Love


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